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Aloha from Kaua'i!

I am fortunate enough to be traveling to Paris again (I went last March for the first time) in mid-September - hooray!!!  Still am pinching myself, believe me!

Last year I found such a wonderful abundance of books (book in English and other languages) on various Royals - at Librarie Galignani on rue de Rivoli - it was book heaven!  I ended up puchasing quite
a few books there that I'd never heard of before as well as 2 of the Jacques Ferrand books that they had left - shipped all of them home thru the post.

Anyone know of any hard to find titles that might be found at this (or any other bookstores in Paris) relating to either the Romanovs or the British or French royalty?

Just throwing this out here, because I received some wonderful suggestions last year from the forum - for which I am truly grateful!

Janet R.



Haven't heard about this book, but it popped up on my "recommended" list on Amazon today - has anyone else read this book and if so - what are your thoughts on it - worth buying and reading or not?

Mahalo for the advice!

janet R.


Aloha all!

Does anyone have any recommendations for new or used bookstores in Paris, France for Romanov-related material?

I appreciate any and all answers!

Janet R.


Aloha all!

I wonder if anyone else has seen this (IMO very poorly done) series on The History Channel?   ???

I happened to turn it on last night and the last 10 or 15 minutes of this particular segment (which apparently was on "Famous Royal Murders") was on the murder of the Russian IF.

While it gave some same-old, same-old footage of the discovery of the burial and bones -- I was just about to turn it off and they showed a few video clips of the IF that I had never seen before!

One of them was Nicky and the Dowager Empress walking in some sort of procession -- it seemed to be maybe during the 1913 celebrations?
It was very very clear and the camera was very close to both of them -- Minnie looked wonderful in a white dress and big white veiled hat and parasol. 

The other one was some type of military inspection of Nicholas's - nothing spectacular but again it was very clear and the camera pretty close to Nicholas.

The third one was the shortest and most interesting.  It showed Olga A., Nicholas and a group of officers from the Standart on what looked like a picnic -- there was a Grand Duchess sitting next to Olga A. and laughing and it appeared to be Tatiana.  Unfortunately of the three clips it was the shortest and the poorest in quality also.  To see Tatiana sitting with Olga and laughing was really wonderful!  I have seen pics from what I'm assuming was the same occasion because of the hats and skirt/blouse combination worn by both Olga A. and the Grand Duchess. 

The other clip was one that I had seen before -- it was the well known one of the Grand Duchesses playing some game with officers of the Standart again -- in which one of them quite forcefully knocks down one of the Grand Duchesses after running after her!  I'm never sure which Grand Duchess is the one running, but you can see Marie turn her head and look at the camera and Anastasia as well.  Once again, I have seen pictures of this occasion in Beinecke as well.

Just curious as to whether anyone else caught this?  I'm constantly amazed by the amount of video of the IF that must be out there -- I keep seeing new clips (for me!).


Before I order this apparently new book from Amazon -- has anyone here read it?  I apologize if there is a thread somewhere on this, but I was unable to locate it.

I can't tell very much from the Amazon site about the book itself -- anyone??   ???

Thank you!

Having Fun! / Anyone a fan of "The English Patient"?
« on: December 22, 2005, 01:30:08 PM »
 :D :)

Okay, I've always been a big fan of the movie "The English Patient" - truly a romantic movie!!

Anyway, the 2nd lead in the movie, Naveen Andrews, who played the Hindi in love with Juliette Binoche (the nurse) is now here in Hawai'i working in the hit TV series "Lost".

I had an opportunity to meet him a couple of weeks ago in Honolulu - and let me tell you he is just lovely!  Not only gorgeous, but a real gentleman (stood up as I came up to him) and made real small-talk, not just the usual "what's your name so I can write it on this picture?"  Seemed really interested in people and was so gracious and just really a nice person -- he was also happy to put his arm around me and have my hubby take our picture - he seemed really thrilled also that I'd brought along a picture from "The English Patient" as well as "Lost" and asked me several questions about the film and what I liked about it - and told me a few things about filming it!  What a sweetie!  And despite the goofy cap (sorry Naveen, but the cap didn't do you justice!) he was remarkably handsome, soft-spoken in a lovely English accent and at saying good-bye, kissed me, and may I say ladies, he does not kiss on the cheek!
Swoon and double swoon!   I am not a stalker, but he defnitely has a big fan in me now!  

I just had to share my pic with you - if I look a little dazed, you'll understand why!!

French Royals / Louis XVII - Did he die in the Tower?
« on: August 14, 2005, 08:44:09 PM »
Poor little Louis XVII - the ill-fated son of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI - was forcibly taken from his mother and sister after his father's execution and given to one of the jailers where he was brainwashed into saying at his mother's trial that she was incestuously involved with him!  I simply cannot imagine her anguish at seeing him and hearing the obscenities he was uttering.  

Then after her execution - he passes into the pages of history -- most people believing he died of abuse and neglect in the Tower - but many people came forward later claiming to be this same boy.
Echoes of GD Anastasia!   :-/

What is everyone's opinion on this?  How do you think he died?  

Janet R.

Nicholas II / Nicholas and Noah's Ark - Did His Pilot Find It?
« on: June 27, 2005, 03:51:57 PM »

Forgive me if this has been discussed elsewhere, but I wasn't able to find it if it was.  :-X

In the Lovell book on Anna Anderson (not the Peter Kurth one) it mentioned that Nicholas had been sent some air pictures of what appeared to be the Ark on Mt.
Ararat - he then commissioned a party to investigate.

In sum, they brought back pictures of what appeared to be the ark and some small timbers, which were made into icons for Alix, Alexei and the girls.   ::)

Anyone else read or hear this?

Janet R.

I was just wondering if anyone else has heard the story that Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, and Anastasia were "inspected" or I suppose you could say "frisked"
very thoroughly after their arrival at Ekaterinburg from Tobolsk.

I believe I read that they were very intimately searched and after that, Alix would not let them ever remove their corsets again.

How horrible if this was true - also how surprising if it were and they never found any trace of jewels.  This leads me to think that there isn't any truth in this story.

I didn't read this in "FOTR" - but I believe in the Peter Kurth book.

Anyone have any further ideas on this?

The Final Chapter / "Stuffed" bears at Ipatiev House?
« on: September 23, 2004, 03:46:24 PM »
Hello all!

I was just wondering if anyone else has read that there was a "female bear and 2 cubs" that were stuffed and on one of the landings at the Ipatiev House.

In the book "FOTR" by King/Wilson it stated that these bears were passed by the IF on their way to the murder room and that all of them for some unknown reason - crossed themselves as they passed these same bears.

Do any of you have any speculation as to why they would have done that?  I'm not familiar with anything tied to bears in their faith that would have made them give this gesture.  I hope this is the right place to put this question....I couldn't think of any other spot.  I just thought it was fascinating!

Thank you all!
Janet R.

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