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Hello All,
This may be of interest to other forum members in Sydney. The Australian Monarchist League is having a lunch for the Grandduchess Maria in Sydney on the 20th of September.

Hey guys,
for all those in Australia, on the ABC on Tuesday nite there is a show called the Lost Secret of Catherine the Great..  Looks okay   :)

The Lost Secret Of Catherine The Great

9:30pm  Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The erotic secret of the world's most licentious monarch.

Art. War. Theft. Greed. Sex. Death. Scandal and intrigue. The Lost Secret of Catherine The Great, airing on ABC TV on Tuesday 31 January at 9.30pm, peels back the layered skin of history to reveal the beating heart of the great Tsarina's erotic masterpiece.

For centuries, tales of Russian Tsarina Catherine the Great's wildly erotic exploits have fuelled our imaginations. But at the heart of these legends was a real room crawling with images of carnal love.

The furniture, paintings, sculptures, walls and ceilings were rampant with the most sensual depictions of sexual congress. Last seen by German soldiers in winter 1941, the room's exotic contents have vanished. Or have they?

Filmmaker Peter Woditsch takes us through both fire and war to follow the trail of lies, deception, art trafficking, greed and desire that circle one of the greatest collections of erotic art the world has ever known.

News Links / St Petersburg Exhibit in Perth Australia
« on: October 13, 2005, 09:50:00 PM »
Hey Guys,
For all those based in Australia, there is a exhibition in Perth that covers  St Petersburg and maybe Romaonov related stuff....A real shame taht it is not travelling to the Eastern Seaboard.
It closes soon though.

St Petersburg 1900      

Our pick    
Spend a day in Russia without the need of your passport.
Where:    Art Gallery of Western Australia
47 James St
Perth,  WA  
When:    10 July-23 October 2005, daily 10am-5pm

 Price:    Adults $15, concessions $12, children $6, family (two adults and three children) $35, weekday seniors $10. Details: (08) 9492-6600


Russia's 'window on the West' city of St Petersburg has endured a long and turbulent history. At the official and ripe old age of 302 years and back to its original name (after time spent as Petrograd and Leningrad), it's been a hotbed of unsavoury social and political activity since founded in the 17th century by Peter the Great. This exhibition plots itself at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, when revolution was a common occurrence.
Largely drawn from the archives of St Petersburg's State Russian Museum and State Museum of Theatre and Music, a diverse range of more than 200 artworks and artefacts capture how the creative world reflected and interpreted the events of these often turbulent years. Among things to see are paintings that move from a folkloric brand of Russian realism to colourful avant-garde experimentation, set designs and costumes from historic theatrical productions, and a lavish Faberge egg. Created in 1903, the egg alone is worth a trip to this exhibition. Valued at a whopping $5.7 million, its decadence is symbolic of the ill-fated Romanov empire.

Part of Perth's winter arts festival, this exhibition is exclusive to the city and is accompanied by a satellite festival of all things Russian. Keep your diary open for the gallery's Winter Wonderland Family Day (28 August) of Russian story telling, food and dance. Na zdorovje!
Kelly Ford, CitySearch, May 2005

Research Russian Roots / Adlerberg
« on: May 29, 2005, 08:49:08 PM »
hello Guys,
Can any one give me any information on the family of the Counts Adlerberg. I think I remember that one was an aide or had some connection with Grand Duke Kyril......and ingo appreciated.

The Hohenzollern / Kaiserin Augusta Viktoria (Dona)
« on: May 06, 2005, 06:16:32 AM »
Can anyone recommend a book that covers the later years of Dona. I am especially interested in the years of WW1 till her death. Any info would be greatly appreciated

Hello Guys,
I was just wondering if anyone can tell me any information on the Order of St Stanislav.


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