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I write very big and serious letter on the successor of Russian throne. I hope that my clause is pleasant to you. I hope that you will leave this letter at this forum.

I live in Russia in which history there was Russian empire. Therefore the question on the successor of Russian throne very much me interests. I have read many different materials of very serious authors which the question on successors of Russian throne and Russian imperial family too interests. I wish to tell, that there are many different points of view on this theme. Therefore I wish to tell to you about the monarchic organizations existing in Russia. In Russia many the monarchic organizations, thus each of them has the sight at problems of inheritance of Russian throne.

One of these monarchic organizations supports descendants of grand duke Cyril Vladimirovich. This is Vladimir Kirillovich with wife Leonida, daughter Maria and grandson George. Only the family of Grand duke Cyril Vladimirovich is considered the unique heir-at-law of Russian imperial family and Russian imperial throne. But there are some very serious monarchic organizations which deny the rights Maria and its son George on Russian imperial throne. I wish to tell about their arguments against Maria Vladimirovna and her son George.

First, their ancestor grand duke Vladimir Aleksandrovich was a member of Russian imperial family and the native brother of Russian emperor Alexander III. Except for family of Tsar Alexander III, grand duke Vladimir Aleksandrovich was most close to Russian imperial throne. But Grand duke Vladimir Aleksandrovich had very serious disagreements with imperial family. Vladimir Aleksandrovich married German princess who has taken a new name Maria Pavlovna. But there is one small "but". The wife of grand duke Vladimir Aleksandrovich was the Lutheran and has refused to pass in Russian Orthodox Church. This problem has seriously complicated chances Vladimir Aleksandrovich to borrow Russian imperial throne because Russian imperial throne can be borrowed only by prince who is brought up as orthodox Russian, and still also married to orthodox Russian princess. But Maria Pavlovna remained the Lutheran still long time. Only in 1908 she has accepted Orthodoxy. On a twist of fate, serious and terrible illness of the successor of Tsar Nicholas II was the unique reason of transition Maria Pavlovna from a Lutheranism in Orthodoxy. This circumstance gave the certain chance to son of Vladimir Aleksandrovich and Maria Pavlovna Cyril Vladimirovich to borrow Russian imperial throne in case of death of Alexei and scandalous and morganatic marriage of the brother of Tsar Nicholas II.

Secondly, Cyril Vladimirovich has made the roughest mistake when he married the cousin. Under laws of Russian Orthodox Church cousins cannot marry, because such marriages are very close to incest. Sovereign Nicholas II was categorically against such marriage. When this marriage became the come to pass fact, Sovereign Nicholas II has told, that cannot recognize this marriage and deprives their posterity of the right to inheritance of Russian imperial throne.

Thirdly, Cyril Vladimirovich has betraid Russian imperial family and Russian monarchy. In 1917 this grand duke had efficient Russian divisions of guards and had magnificent chances to liquidate the Petersburg disorders and revolts, but he has come over to the party of revolution. Thus, Russian imperial family has got the Egalite.

Fourthly, the son of grand duke Cyril Vladimirovich Vladimir married the Georgian woman who had very doubtful reputation and not less doubtful origin. Its wife worked in a night club as the dancer. Her first husband was the rich American businessman who was very close to those financial circles which have supported Russian revolution and overthrow of an imperial monarchy. Her native sister was the wife of Stalinist executioner Beria. This person bears the responsibility for sufferings of tens millions Russian people in the Siberian state camps. Vladimir Kirillovich secretly married the Georgian woman in one orthodox (Serbian, instead of Russian!) churches in Switzerland. But their marriage cannot be equal. Thus, Vladimir Kirillovich and his father had no rights to Russian imperial throne.

Fifthly, their daughter Maria Vladimirovna occurs from a left-handed marriage and has no rights to Russian imperial throne.

Sixthly, Maria is a member of Prussian royal family and the German imperial house owing to its marriage for Prussian prince. Maria should carry surname Hohenzollern. In this situation Maria cannot be the head of the Russian imperial house.

Seventhly, son of Maria and her Prussian husband is a member of Prussian royal family and the German imperial house. His present name is George Hohenzollern. Therefore George Hohenzollern cannot be a member of the Russian imperial house.

In-eighth, in case of employment of Russian imperial throne by George Hohenzollern the Prussian royal family and the German imperial house will start to reign in Russia.

In-ninth, the Russian imperial house has almost stopped the existence because almost all descendants of Russian tsars and grand dukes are married left-handed marriages and have lost the rights to Russian imperial throne.

In-tenth, it is senseless to search for the successor of Russian imperial throne among descendants of Russian great princesses who have married the European princes and have taken a new name (and can be, still also send from Orthodoxy to other belief). Such descendants much also should be not less than 100.

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