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I open this topic almost sure it will be closed down or merged into something else. I have noticed all topics against Duarte Pio and his wife are merged sooner or later. A topic about some of «Miguel thee usurper»'s descendants was also merged recently, as to prove not only pro-democracy posts are removed or merged. But with this last one, a notice was left on the forum stating «moved to...» and the previous posts were all left there.

I can only assume there is no equal treatment to the people who follow the pro-democracy line of the Braganzas and who do not believe a descendant from Miguel the usurper could ever be called «Duke of Braganza». Or a descendant of one of King Carlos assassins could ever be called «Duchess».

I believe these titles must be discussed amongst the heirs of King Carlos' aunts or those of King Pedro IV's sisters. I take no party here. just leave it open for foreigners to give an opinion. I already know the op pinion of Duarte Pio's supporters ans that of the person who signs as «Amelio».

The removal of my other topic is why I have stopped posting altogether. But I open this thread and leave the question:
Who is entitled to be called «head of the Portuguese Royal House»?

I don't think this has anything to do with Duarte Pio specifically, so please do not merge this thread with his and his wife's thread.

King Manuel II died without ever stating who should be his heir.

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