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The Wittlesbachs / Handbook of Imperial Germany
« on: October 12, 2009, 07:42:10 AM »
This is a selfish plug for a resource that you might find interesting.  While the book might be of great interest,  Chapter 2 in particular has a great deal of information and pictures from postcards of Imperial German royalty. I will put this in three different discussion areas as the areas and royal families are diverse.
They have started selling this book rather rapidly even though amazingly, we just received our copy! A number of people have been very kind in their words awaiting this release. You can buy it for $25 from the publisher online. They have a printer in England which should help the postage costs somewhat. So I guess if you order from Europe they have told me they would print it in England. If you buy it from the online retailers it will cost $30.

The purpose of this book is to provide a one-volume resource for collectors and historians with an Imperial German army interest. The more we researched, the more we found there were more stories, myths and misunderstandings about Imperial Germany than there were facts. Different authors addressed different aspects: collectors, historians and educators all had their own area of expertise, but there was no readily available resource to give a general overview of Imperial Germany. Though it is convenient to call it "Germany," at the start of the First World War, there was still no united Germany, no German army, and no German officer corps. At 333 pages with 183 pictures and over 670 footnotes, this is an attempt to explain the intricacies of how the country worked -- militarily, politically and socially.

If you order it online: When you get to step three the requirement for your e-mail address is buried in the middle of the form. If you do not put in an e-mail address it will hang up. Janet and I are just shaking our heads, figuring that the review copies, and the general public will have theirs before we get ours!

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