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Dear Alexander Palace Forum friends! I wish to improve my knowledge about Nicholas II and his time and regime by also entering into the "gray-zone" of his power. I wish to find out more about the way decisions were taken concerning the sentencing to deportation and also to death. I often read in biographies of revolutionaries that they had developed a very big hate against the Romanovs and the monarchy following execution of friends and family members. I especialy noticed that a revelutionary who himself participated in the killing of one member of the Romanov Family stated later that he hated the Tsar and his family because Nicholas II had "turned down" an appeal against a death sentence. So I was again reminded that the Tsar as suppreme chief of the justice in his state also had the final decision power to modify any death sentence pronounced by whatever court, into something less hard for the subject. There are for sure examples of such modifications of a death sentences into deportation and jail, fortress etc.. but also those decsisions when the Tsar just refused the appeal of the convict or relatives to spare the convicts life. I think that a research and a discussion in this good forum may help a lot of people to understand what is another background of the history of the Romanovs. Are there available lists, or notes at least concerning the number of accepted or refused appeals for death penalties? Were these tens or hundreds per year? It will be of cause also interesting to discover for what facts convictions were done, too.

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