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Having Fun! / Romanovs Reflected - Fan Fiction
« on: April 18, 2011, 06:15:26 PM »
Gulf of Finland, July 2008 …
     He stood alone, at the stern of the luxurious yacht Standart II, watching the wake churned by the great propellers fanning out beneath the dusk. High summer was beautiful in this part of the world, with its long, sunny days and nights when it never quite got dark … the famous White Nights.
     Of course, he wasn’t really alone. He never was, not even in private, at home, and never had been. He had come to accept the perpetual security details for the necessary evil that they were, but it didn’t make him like them any better. He sighed, reached into his pocket and pulled out his cigarette case. He lit one – his first in days – and inhaled the soothing smoke.
    A familiar gentle touch, the warmth of a beloved hand through the sleeve of his naval summer dress uniform, distracted him. He turned and looked into the blue-gray eyes of Alix - his wife, lover, soulmate and mother of their five children.
     “Nicky! And you’ve been doing so well, too!”
     He switched his cigarette to his left hand and drew her close. “I know, my love. But the past few days have been such an ordeal, even though we’ve known this was coming ...”
     She nodded, the jewels in her tiara reflecting the light from the sky. “That we have. But not so soon and not in this manner.”
     He saw her lower lip tremble ever so slightly so he changed the subject. “So how do they get on in there?” he asked, nodding toward the yacht’s grand salon. “They” were a glittering collection of world leaders, many of them family, gathered together for the occasion and dining on the finest cuisine Russia had to offer.
     “Fine. Fine.” She shook her head. “I’m so glad that miserable Dubya’s presidency is ending and we won’t have to invite him to things anymore!”
     “Now, Sunny,” he admonished, using his pet name for her. “The Americans are the best friends we have!”
     “Well, they might be, but he certainly isn’t.” She grinned. “Wonder if he’s enjoying the company of Cousin Willy.”
     They shared a laugh and he said “A stroke of genius, seating them together. Those two deserve each other!”
     “Oh, it was wicked of me, but I couldn’t resist. And dessert is about to be served, so we really must be getting back.”
     “You’re right.” He took one last drag off  his cigarette and flicked it over the railing into the sea below.
     “It’s a good thing your minister of environmental protection wasn’t here to witness that,” she said, shaking her head.
      Nicky laughed softly. “Sorry! Another bad habit I have to break!”
      He offered his arm. She took up her accustomed place on his right, slipped her hand into the crook of his elbow, and their game faces were on. Nicky and Alix became Nicholas II, Absolute Autocrat of the Russian Empire, and his consort, Alexandra Feodorovna – along with the disliked George W. Bush, leaders of the Free World.

To be continued ... Any questions, comments or derogatory remarks, PM me! Thanks!

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