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Imperial Russian History / Russian Imperial Library era find
« on: August 23, 2012, 08:48:53 PM »
Just thought some might find this intersting.
It contributes to the idea that Russia in the 1800s wasn't as primitive as some think.

Reading Griffh's latest interesting posts of the Imperial couple's correspondence brought a question to mind.  There was a reference and photos of a visit between the 2 royal couples.  I know of all the inter-relationships, that even Nicholas and Alexandra were not too distant cousins, but it brought to mind the fact that his aunt married her uncle.
Is there any record of what Edward VII and Alexandra thought of Alexandra and Nicholas?  I've seen references of other relation's opinions, but nothing from them that I can recall.
TIA for any info provided.

The Final Chapter / Bombs in the Ipatiev House
« on: November 04, 2007, 01:33:41 AM »
Last Act of a Tragedy has the Ipatiev House On-duty Guard's Diary, the daily record of events.

May 27 Alexandra reports Nagorny and Sednev were "taken away"

May 28, apparently along with ten other people Nagorny and Sednev turned over: Guard's report diary: "Turned over 12 persons found in the House of Special Purpose". - This means that Nagorny was not IN prison the 27, but rather under house arrest until the 28.

June 1: the cook Kharitonov reports something on top of the wardrobe in the room that Nagorny and Sednev used to share.  The guard on duty "When I got there it turned out that eight armed bombs were on top of the wardrobe Kharitonov had mentioned ... The bombs were disarmed in the guard room. ...  I informed Comrade Avdeyev, commandant of the House about it and he in turn informed Comrade Belobobrovdov, chairman of the regional soviet."  Now we know why they were shot.

This mention of bombs being found is new to me.  I've not yet read a lot of the books others frequently refer to here at the forum.  Is there any more info on this discussed elsewhere by any authors or scholars?


Research Russian Roots / Gen. Leonide Novicoff & family
« on: February 04, 2007, 11:51:35 PM »
We have an album that belonged to my wife's great-grandfather who came to the US from Scotland.  His oldest sister, Rosa Yellowlees (b. 1873) md. ca. 1900 a Russian, General Leonide Novicoff.  I assume the Russian spelling is Novicov?  They had a son Vladmir, 1903-1909, and Leonide previously had a son Boris.  They disappeared during the Russian Revolution and the family never heard from or of them again.

Any help with info would be greatly appreciated, including suggestions for possible online sources, I've had no luck so far.  Any ideas where I might find a site to verify Novicoff's military service?  Or any suggestions where I might find a clue as to what happened to them?  TIA

Rosas husband General Nivicoff (sp?)

Sister Rosa. son.. husband.
(front printed E. v. Eggert   Riga)
(back stamped Majorenhof)


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