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Has anyone read this book?  I got it at the Cincinnati Museum (one of the few books that they had left).

It's not the most ACCURATE of the books out there - the cover ITSELF is wrong (one of the posed pics of the IF, but they "cropped out" Tatiana to fit it on the cover - ugh!).  There are also several errors, referring to N & A's home as the "Alexandra Palace."  Rasputin is dealt with in a few sentences, and the executions in 1918 of the IF are given all of about two paragraphs!!

However, it goes into a lot of history about Alexander II, esp. about what happened to the children from his morgantic marriage, which I hadn't read before, as well as Alexander III's relationship with his father and siblings, and Nicholas's close relationship with his uncle, Sergei. (Don't expect a lot about Ella, and what's there is entirely negative!)


The Alexander Palace / Trip to Alexander Palace? [2005]
« on: December 30, 2004, 10:44:51 AM »
Might be "jumping the gun" here, but does anyone know of any trips (that is, within the next year) to the AP?  Bob -- is there any possibility those of us on the boards can get something organized?   :D

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