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Imperial Succession and the Throne / Any news from the Ilynskys?
« on: March 12, 2007, 09:10:49 AM »
How is the family doing? I think I read in an article somewhere that Prince Michael Ilynsky (sorry if I got it wrong!) planned to do some projects in Russia to kind of "rehabilitate" the Romanov name? I don't remember what project it was exactly, or the link of the source (this was a while back), but I think it has something to do with a reconstruction of a tower...or a bell...I'm completely lost. Any news on anything, I'll be thankful for! :D I'm just curious as to how GD Dmitri's descendants are doing! And does anyone know what happened to his collection of lead soldiers?

Scandanavian Royal Families / King Charles XII of Sweden! :D
« on: March 09, 2007, 04:34:13 PM »
Hello! I just finished reading Robert K. Massie's 'Peter the Great'. I didn't know anything about Peter the Great, and was not entirely interested about his life; but since he was related to the Romanovs, and Robert K. Massie just happens to be a pretty darn good writer, I decided to purchase his book. Well I've got to say that I LOVE the book! I think I'd  buy more history books if they were written in Massie's style (I'm new at this whole Romanov/Russia history thing, so I can't plunge into "hardcore" stuff yet!). Anyway, the historical figure who really caught my attention wasn't actually Peter, but Charles XII. His story made the book so exciting (and I usually find "war stories" boring)! The best parts of the book are the ones that has Charles XII in them: whether he was leading 600 of his men to battle against thousands of Russians- and winning! -or exposing himself to bullets just to wave to his enemy, or covering a great distance in just fourteen days, etc.  I know that he pretty much led the Swedish Empire to its destruction, but I couldn't help but root for him til the very end.
I'd never heard of a more fanatic, more dedicated, more single-minded king who could "bluff" his way to victories. You've got to admire his guts somehow.
I don't agree with all the decisions he made, and it's really a shame that he spent so many years away from his country to engage in a series of wars, but I find him interesting enough to collect a gazillion books about him. Unfortunately there aren't a whole lot out there. I was surprised to find out that he isn't at all that famous.

I was wondering if anyone has more information on him, or if anyone has an insightful opinion about him (bad or good)? Thanks for your time! <3

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