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Imperial Russian History / The mystery of Saint Serafim.
« on: January 06, 2007, 03:50:50 PM »
Firstly I´m not sure where this topic should go so.. now this is here..  ::)

Reading memoirs of Felix Yusupov I came across a saint named Serafim. It is said that after Aleksander I seeing him Aleksander disappeared. Someone  says he died but there’s also an other storey about him being a monk or a hermit. When opened his chest [by Bolsheviks] the body was missing.  Felix write too that Nikolai Mihailovits who wrote historical documents etc. denied the whole doubt of Aleksander I to be anything else but dead. When Felix asked the reason he thought so Nikolai told that he should not  write otherwise.

The second thing what made me interested is that he actually write that there is going to be a day, after he’s dead, he is promoted as a saint. That day will take a part in summer and present in this ceremony  will be the last tsar. And that is what actually happened in 1903. Maybe just a coincidence but what I’ve red about this saint he really did thing that was connected miracles.

I read too that there are many documents written by Serafim which were burned by the Synod. No one knows reason.

Somehow this made me thinking of Rasputin and his predictions such as Tsar and his family won’t live long after his dead etc. Maybe this sounds stupid and silly but since many of here believes that he was not a saint and was a liar, maybe he had heard the story of Serafim and about this prophecy...

But who was this Serafim? What did he write was so scary that Synod had to destroy them?

Their World and Culture / Travel-bag
« on: February 03, 2006, 02:22:38 PM »
Ii just saw on TV on that when people in1800-1900 travell they used to have with them a litlle bag (it could be really beautiful look outside too) where was intimistuff sucs as brush, toothbrush and other toiletstuff. They used to have a litle dish wchich remains a litle saucedish but it was really for ladyes to make pee without going anywhere. Fonder if OTMA had one .. any photos?

I'd like to give you an information about a good book: "A Walk through the St. Petersburg of the Tsars" made byBengt Fagerholm. I suppose this is transelete to at least to english and russian :) It is a beautiful book, wich include many postcards from the latest 1800 to 1918. This is kind of information or travelbook about Petersburg, but telss things what there used to be with pictures (kind of old travelbook, wich is great cose you can see pictures of town what it used to be.. :P )and there is also explanation of that what there is now. But the basic idea of the book is that you can go and see those things nwday and comparate it to the last tsarz time :).. I like this book, have not yeat finished it, but thought to by it for my own. there is even a mab from that time and I comparated it to my new city mab and I did find the same places :D

There is lot of beautiful postcards, and the collection that Fagerholm has made is the largest of Finland. he has almost 3000 cards and in this book involves 150. There is cards about the sightseen and about the Bloody Sunday and some of the important situiations. This book includes too a basic knowledge about the Rasputin and different peoples. I thin this book is really forth for reading!! I wonder if anyone else have red this and can share thoughts :) ??

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