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Imperial Russian History / Ivan the Terrible - Bloodiest Tsar?
« on: December 04, 2004, 07:42:21 PM »
I think Ivan the Terrible would be it. Reading about the horrific atrocities his forces committed at Novgorod make your hair stand up on the back of your neck:

"Every day for five weeks a thousand citizens were brought into the main square where they were systematically tortured and slaughtered. The Oprichniki variously flogged their victims, broke their limbs, cut out their tongues, slit their nostrils, castrated them and roasted them over slow fires. Then they were flung into the icy waters of the River Volkhov, whole families at a time. Those who rose to the surface were dispatched with boat hooks, lances and axes by the Oprichniki in boats. By the end there were so many bodies clogging the Volkhov, that it overflowed its banks." - The Most Evil Men and Women in History by Miranda Twiss, pg 107

But I've seen Peter the Great mentioned on these boards as Russia's most "evil" Tsar. I know he was a brutal autocrat (like all the Tsars) but was he really worse than bloody Ivan?

This looks like it's going to be a great book! I have already pre-ordered my copy from Here is an excerpt from a review:

Literary mass-murderers

Simon Sebag Montefiore reviews Stalin and His Hangmen by Donald Rayfield

Why is the history of Stalin and his inner circle still so important? It is not merely because their exploits, along with those of Hitler and the Nazis, are the most colossal crimes of human existence - though that is reason enough. Unfortunately, Stalin and his killers remain relevant.


The book's theme is that the secret police was always the backbone of the Soviet Union, itself a vast homicidal enterprise run by psychopaths and sadists under the cloak of philanthropic government.... This book confirms there was no decent Leninism before Stalinism: mass-murder and torture were always the pillars of the regime.

Full review here

This is one of the best independent foreign films I have ever seen. It shows the Bolsheviks for what they really were, totalitarian mass murderers revelling in mass terror. Many will be shaken by this film, as it shows mass execution after mass execution of innocent victims, who were forced to strip naked before being murdered in cold blood. Highly recommended, especially for those with a sympathetic view of Lenin and the Bolshevik coup.

"In 1917, at the birth of the Russian Revolution, the Bolshevik secret police (C.H.E.K.A.) unleashed a reign of bloody terror to wipe out any opposition to Communism. The CHEKIST is the first Russian feature to reveal the true face of the CHEKA, as this powerful drama follows the daily rituals of a Cheka Officer as he and his men judge and execute their victims...Jews...Christians...workers...intellectuals...aristocrats... all who reject the new Soviet religion."

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