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the Imperial House of France, is as we now, a branch of the Corsican family Bonaparte (Buonaparte)...

Those who were made members of the French Imperial House seem to have left behind the family name and all adopted the last name Napoléon (even the Beauharnais, but that stoped when they became Leuchtenberg/Romanowsky)...

They were all French the I and in II Empire...

But since the fall of Napoleon III there seems to happen different forms of calling the membres of this family:

HIH the Prince(ss) X/Y

HIH the Prince(ss) X/Y Napoléon


HIH the Prince(ss) X/Y Bonaparte...

I am aware of the existance of the Princes Bonaparte (descendants of a non dynast brother of Emperor Napoleon I)...but shouldn´t the members of the Imperial House just be called Princes Napoleon?

Does anyone know their legal name and their courteausy titles?

Thank you

Hello  :)

Does anyone know anything about the current status of Pss Margarita of Bourbon-Parma's marriage?

Wasn´t she 'abbandoned' by her husband? I don't know if they're divorcing or just separated...

BeNeLux Royalty / King Leopold III
« on: August 14, 2006, 11:06:38 AM »
Hello  :)

Does anyone know what was the official or social style of King Leopold III of the Belgians after abdicating in favor of his son?

The Stuarts of Scotland / Designation of the Scottish 'princes'
« on: May 26, 2006, 10:15:40 AM »
Hello  :)

If I'm correct the title of Prince to designate the children of a monarch or the other members of a dynasty, was only adopted in Britain in the XVII/XVIII century...

So how were the members of the Royal family in Scotland treated?

Was it just Lord Y and Lady X (of Scotland)?

Was it extensible to the monarch's every descendents?

The Stuarts of Scotland / Queen Anne (of Denmark) and Catholicism
« on: May 21, 2006, 05:24:19 PM »
Hello  :)

Can anyone give info on Queen Anne, consort of King James VI of Scots, later on King of England, and her conversion to the Catholic Faith?

Thank you in advance

Hello  :)

I would like to know more about Dona Catarina de Portugal, the wife of  João, 6th Duke of Bragança, and grand-mother of King John IV...

Does anyone have any portrait of her...I've never seen one...

Thank you in advance

Iberian Royal Families / Infante Gabriel of Spain and his descendants
« on: February 15, 2006, 08:17:35 AM »
Infanta Dona Mariana Victoria of Portugal was the younger sister of King João VI... when she was 17 she married Infante Gabriel of Spain, a man of the arts...They had three children, and were only married for 3 years...

The month of November 1788 was dramatic to the Portuguese and Spanish Royal Families... Both Gabriel and Mariana and their two younger children died...

The only survivor was Infante Pedro, whom was soon brought to Portugal I believe...

I've never seen a picture of Mariana... and I think this family and descendants would deserve some discussion and pictures.

Here lies my invitation.

The Tudors / Elizabeth I marriage?
« on: January 25, 2006, 04:32:17 PM »

Why didn't Elizabeth I ever marry?

Was she afraid of loosing real power?

Hello  :)

It is quite unusual what has happened in the Grand Ducal House of Baden, in what concerns to marriages...

Both Margrave Max and his brother Prince Ludwig married Catholic princesses...

Then does anyone know if any of their offspring are Catholic?

Thank you in advance

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