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The Hesse-Darmstadts (Hesse and by Rhine) / Schlossmuseum
« on: May 16, 2009, 03:08:13 AM »

In my opinion our roots and culture are worth 60.000 Euro the year. A mere impudence even to THINK about a break down of those museums which count to the city's most traditional institutions.
What is even more ashaming: the Porcelain collection has much less visitors than the Schloss. Nonetheless the mayor seems not be willed to close this museum at all. But the Schloss - with many more people visiting - is being discussed??
Strange to me. I have written to Countess Mountbatten of Burma and got a very warm and friendly reply. She, too, feels the shame and such a ridiculous closure having known the Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig and his passion and love for arts and culture well enough.

The newly founded citizens' action group still fights and more than 5000 people have sigend the petition by now


A little appetizer! There will be a highly interesting new book soon! A must-have for all those with a soft spot for Empress Alexandra Feodorovna (and of course all Romanov-fans)

The letters written by the Empress to her close childhood-friend Antonie (Toni) Becker (1868-1965) from 1887 to 1913. Toni's father, Dr. Ernst Becker, was the private secretary to the British Prince Consort Albert and even served as a tutor for the Prince of Wales (future Edward VII) and Prince Alfred Duke of Edinburgh/S.K.G.
During 10 years serving at the British Court he became a close friend of the Royal Family - a huge collection of letters from Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and all of their children (including gorgeous toddler-letters with their very first steps in the German language) survives to this day as well as precious albums with photgraphs which Becker - like Prince Albert a keen pioneer of the new medium photography and a very gifted photographer himself - took of the Royals and the Royal Household.

When the Prince died and his daughter Princess Alice went to Darmstadt Queen Victoria asked Becker to accompany his former favourite pupil to her new home. Becker agreed and served until his death to the newly made Hessian Princess and future Grand Duchess.
His eldest daughter was baptised "Victoria" - having the Queen as well as Empress Frederick as Godmothers whereas the second, Toni became closely attached to the young Princess Alix of Hesse.
The surviving documents such as letters, postcards, jewels, objets d'arts, Russian toys etc will be shown for the very first time in a book published by Toni's own granddaughter.

Especially the early letters prove to be highly interesting due to their absolutely open voice (character; true but unfortunate love to the Tsarevitch....)
It will be in German (some letters contain English lines though) - but merely the wonderfully rare photographical material is worth taking a glimpse into that book to be.
It even offers a translation of the famous "own cryptic script" Princess Alix and Toni inventioned for themselves.

If anybody should be interested in that book: I can provide information and - as soon as it will be for sale - the address of the seller. Feel free to ask. Greets


I am searching for information and fotographs of all the ladies in waiting, maids of honor etc who served Empress Alexandra Feodorovna and her sister Grand Duchess Elizaveta Feodorovna (Ella).

I'd be very grateful to anybody able to provide me with news! Predominantly in addition to:

Princess Maria Victorovna Bariatinskaya
Princess Obolenskaya
Catherine Schneider
Princess Lobanow-Rostowsky
Princess Olsufieva
Maria Vassilshtchikova
Kitty Kozlianinova
etc ...

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