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Paul Verhoeven will be the director, Milla Jovovitch will play the part of Amalia (rejoice :D) and Dan Stevens will play the roll of Fandorin.

plot (from Imdb):
"Based on the worldwide bestselling novel by Boris Akunin, this is the tale of a global terrorist conspiracy. What would cause a talented young student from a wealthy family to shoot himself in full view of the promenading public in the Alexander Gardens? Decadence and boredom, most likely, is what the commander of the Criminal Investigation Division of the St. Petersburg Police thinks, but he's curious enough to send out the newest member of the Division, Erast Fandorin, a young man of irresistible charm, to investigate. Fandorin - naive and anxious to learn - vacillates between bravery and fear as he throws himself whole heartedly into this mystery. Murder and deception compete with duels and reckless gambling as Fandorin finds himself entangled in the web of the mysterious beauty, Amalia, a femme fatale who enjoys playing with the emotions and lives of her many wealthy admirers. Can Fandorin solve the mystery of the deaths without becoming the next victim?  Written by Producer

Erast Fandorin, a government clerk turned detective, makes for an unlikely but gifted sleuth in late nineteenth-century Russia. The action opens a few years before the assassination of Czar Alexander II which begins the dark slide to war and revolution. A rich young man has killed himself in Moscow's Alexander Gardens, having spun a single cartridge in a revolver's chamber, pulled the trigger and lost at a game said to have been thought up in the Klondike gold fields and therefore called American roulette. The suicide note ostensibly explains the young man's motive: "Your world nauseates me, and that, truly, is quite reason enough." He has left his fortune to Baroness Margaret Astair, a British educator famed for her world-wide organization of progressive orphanages, which will shift the action for a time to England."

I'm quite thrilled Verhoeven is doing this movie.
He's almost a guarantuee for a great movie :)

News Links / Romanov rehabilitation motion
« on: July 19, 2007, 03:03:21 PM »
Here's an item on RT (Russia Today) news about a motion filed by the Romanov family in order to rehabilitate their name legally

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