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The Final Chapter / Re: Captivity photo's
« on: September 05, 2014, 07:38:16 PM »
From the chapter about captivity at Tsarskoye in Gilliard's memoirs:

"Sunday, April 15th, Easter Day - We went out for the first time with Aleksey Nicolaievich on the terrace in front of the palace. A superb spring day.

On the following day, as the weather was still very fine, we went out into the park, where we are now allowed to take the air, followed by officers of the guard and sentries.

Wishing to take a little physical exercise, we amused ourselves by clearing the sluices of the pond of the ice which was blocking them."

If Alexei hadn't even been outside before then, I guess that's that.

Ah, I see. Thanks again. I imagine I'd end up going face first into the trunk if I ever found myself on one.

Thanks. I was curious because the angles make it look like both swings are attached to the same thing, so I was wondering how it worked.

Can anyone tell me what they're actually doing in this photo? I assume it was taken in Mogilev around 1916.

Here are a couple more of Alexei's drawings:

According to this Russian site at least:

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