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Beautiful catalogue! Thanks for sharing the link.

Like Joyann, the most I've spent is around $550 for the Costume Ball in the Winter Palace book.

Grand Duchess Olga: 25 chapters of my life

Is up for pre order at with a publication date of 4 March 2010 will also be carrying it, though it's not yet available for pre-order. There is an option though to be notified when it becomes available:

Thank you for replying, Aleksandr, it was very interesting to read your take on this whole matter.

OR, if he is indeed waiting until the reburial of the Heir and a grandduchess, he is undoubtedly wanting to tie-in the publication when the subject chances to be in the news again, a free associative-publicity opportunity!  If it ever appears, I  seriously doubt the book making much of an impact, as the very limited interest in that unfortunate family apparently continues on the wane.   AP

Aleksandr, I am curious to know why and how you say interest in the Romanovs is declining, do you mean in the mainstream media and Russian culture in general or even amongst us "fans" so to speak. Is it due to declining book sales about them, less books published about them, fewer news stories mentioning them, etc.? Just wondering as I thought interest in them was still very much alive and well.

I agree with Robert and Ortino. There really isn't anything new to be said about the girls, unless Mr Gilbert has unearthed a hitherto-undiscovered stash of letters or diaries (unlikely).

No, I don't suppose it is likely. I guess his angle would be that there hasn't been a book written about the siblings collectively with all their information compiled into one book. They are always mentioned in books about their parents or perhaps individually like the Olga diary book or Anastasia's Album. I can't recall if there has been any such book published before...?

The calendar was for 2009, don't know if he's making another for 2010 though.

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