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Just got my copy today and look very much forward to start reading it!

Helen, I look forward to read your book. Are you planning to write more books of this kind (with letters or diaries) about other Princes/ses of Hesse and by Rhine ?

Thomas, where did you read the letters of Wilhelmine to her husband? Are they published?

How interesting. I wish I could visit. VN, do you have the floorplans of Schloss Jugenheim or do you know of a book with pictures or watercolours  of the interiors?

Dear Margarita,

I  ordered your book  last week from Librarie Galignani and Iam very much looking forward to read it. And how wonderfull to know about a new bio on Alexander III.

If they found a baby's body together with Tatiana then could be that she died in childbirth then the family did all do hide this scandal and someone from the family ripped the pages of her last diaries who could perhaps tell who was this "Paul" and much more about Tatiana mysterious death!

Thomas, do you know the cause of Princess Elisabeth 's death? I read, if i remembered right,  that she died in Switzerland (Lausanne).

I read the book "The Plaboy King" by  Paul D. Quinlan long time ago, but could be that the letter Eric mention from the Duchess of Coburg to King Carol   is in this book?? I remember reading something about it too  but I can't say if it was just in the book above.

I think Nicholas was the son who resembled most his father Ferdinand so it is hard to believe he was not his son. AS for the two youngest, Ileana and Mircea they look like they were not children from Ferdinand.

The Wittlesbachs / Re: Louisa and Elisabeth of Thurn und Taxis
« on: April 13, 2010, 06:44:22 AM »
And the Orléans nose seems to come originally from Clementine's mother, Queen Marie Amelie who in turn inherited from her father, Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies, known as "Re Nasone" , King Big Nose.

Does anyone have more information on Princess Anna's only daughter & namesake, Anna of Mecklenburg-Schwerin?  She died at about 17, (1865- 1882). 

What was her cause of death?

Apparently Rosvall Royal Books have plans to publish a selection of letters.

Allan Raymond

And is there already a date for the publication?

The new book on Rasputin by  Margarita Nelipa will be for selling in Hoogstraten bookstore in April.

How interesting! Can one also buy it at Amazon?

Also something of his uncle, the King of Saxony. I think his father Otto was more handsome.

Wasn't the author Ricardo Mateos de Medrano writing one about her? If so, I hope it will be as good as all his other books!

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