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Thanks for the information. I appreciate it. Do you know where I could find any more information on him and other Jewish businessmen of that era, like Samuel Poliakov?

Thanks, again.



I am doing research on assimilated Jewish families of Europe,. While I understand that in light of the pale of settlement and other severe restrictions, the number of successful Jews in imperial Russia must have been quite small, I have come upon the name of Baron de Gunzburg, alternatively spelled Baron Ginzburg, who seems to have been a wealthy Jewish merchant/entrepreneur in imperial Russia. Does anyone know more about him, or other wealthy Jews in imperial Russia? Were there any nobles of Jewish descent, and were any of them of Russian nobility? Thank you.


I understand that after Peter the Great, Russia had a complex system of nobility and ranks. But I came up on the name of Baron de Gunzburg, alternatively spelled Baron Ginzburg, and I was wondering where he could have gotten the title of Baron? (He was a wealthy Jewish entrepreneur in Russia, but if anyone knows more about him or other wealthy Russian Jews, please let me know--I'm doing research on assimilated Jewish families of Europe.) Did the czar ever award the title of a baron, as I have only heard of Russian counts, princes, and just nobility? Thank you for any help.


Jews and Royalty?
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Does Anyone Know?
I am doing some research on the assimilation of wealthy Jewish families in Europe, and I was wondering whether anyone who was openly Jewish (or born Jewish) married any of the Romanovs, their descendants, or other members of European royalty?
The only names I came up with so far are Sir Ernest Cassell, whose granddaughter was Edwina Mountbatten and possibly Sir Julius Wernher, but it is unclear whether he was Jewish--some sources list him as Christian.  
Thanks for any information that can be provided.

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