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Ally do you remember years ago where someone set up an OTMA website and used your colourings, Holly's colourings and got images from OTMA scrapbooks and Alexander Palace site.  The webmaster/mistress said that she was related to the Romanovs and the Hermitage gave permission for them to use the photos.   Even though she was called out, she kept denying stealing colourings.  Ah good times. 
I just think it is ridiculous that a major stock pile company is saying they licence out Romanov photos to publications.  I checked on most of the photos the dates of the photos are wrong, and the fees are expensive.  :/

So I was browsing Romanov photos and came across a photo with Getty Images water mark.  I clicked on the link and was shocked to see a huge collection of Romanov photos which are water marked and sold by Getty.  I scoffed at how they are selling the images especially famous images when we can get the images else where for free.    Oh and they have watermarked images where members from here have colorized their images.  It is so shameful.   What is your thoughts? 

The Tudors / Re: Books/Movies on the Tudors and Plantagenets
« on: February 27, 2017, 06:15:17 AM »
Horrible Histories TV show did a song parody of Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights and it was about Mary Tudor.   It is rather amusing and a details about Mary.    Please remember Horrible Histories is an educational show for children, teenagers.    It is teaching history in a fun way with skits, songs and parodies of mixing modern TV shows with historical characters and events.

Glad you guys enjoyed it :)

I was watching Horrible Histories yesterday and they did a skit song & dance called "Cousins".   Which sums up the story of Nicholas, Willie and George in a fun vaudeville style performance.     Nicholas is then seen again with other historical figures in a parody song for Horrible Histories called "We are History" which is a play on "We are the world".

Here is the links hope you guys enjoy.   I like the little jokes within the song lyrics especially about Nicholas and George about being mistaken for twins. ;)

The Lyrics.

"We are history"

Nicholas II / Re: Diary entry of Nicholas' abdication?
« on: April 05, 2015, 06:10:53 AM »
I found it thank you FA :) 

I had to write an essay for school :)

I just read Daily Mail and there is a new movie based on the night of VE when WWII was declared over.      Elizabeth and Margaret went celebrating in London with guards close by.   They apparently went incognito.  Looks good..

Nicholas II / Diary entry of Nicholas' abdication?
« on: March 28, 2015, 06:59:08 PM »
Hi guys.

I am in a hurry and writing an essay on Nicholas' abdication.   Can anyone tell me where I can get a quote of Nicholas' entry in regards to his abdication?  I have just moved from home and lost my "A life long passion" both soft and hard cover.

Eh, not really too creepy. I like to have Romanov photos as unedited as possible in my collection, as most people do.

Clockwork,  the picture is of Derevenko pouring water over a naked Alexei from a watering can.     This man came out of no where and requested the full untouched photo which has Alexei's penis on display.   When I posted the photograph back in 2009 I used a yellow dot to cover Alexei's privates.   As Tim said it is on the grounds of almost paedophilia for a grown person (I assume) to want a photo which has Alexei naked.   

Yes there is people that want unedited photos of the IF but what was requested to me this morning was beyond creepy.     Why would a person want a naked photo of a preteen?   I had it in my collection but I quickly put a dot on his privates as I didn't want to see them and I posted it along with other photos from my Alexei collection in the group.   

I still feel icky by it all.   

Sorry for the blank space,  my cat stepped on the enter key just as I pressed enter. :/

Edubs I just thought it was disturbing.  Sure the photo can be found on Google, but to have it worded as to remove the "dot" just makes me go Ewww.   It doesn't look good with the request.  I found out I posted the photo in 2009, and I did let the admin to be aware of this particular person.     Admin, bless them said I should let it go.    So I deleted it.   

So many years ago when I joined Facebook,   I joined an Alexei group one of the earliest groups I came across Romanov related and I noticed at the time there was a lack of photos so I got the ball going by posting various photos that I have collected from over the years from AP forums and Google.

Anyway I posted a photo of Alexei and Derevenko.   The photograph where Alexei is naked and Derevenko is watering him with the watering can.    I didn't think much of it, just another Romanov photo like the photos of Nicholas' bare bottom.   I covered Alexei's modesty with a yellow dot (thank you Windows Paint) as it is appropriate for Facebook and come on Alexei is still a child.  

Well years later, today I got this PM on Facebook.  Which I have copied and pasted for you guys to see.

Where did you find that picture of Naked Alexei being watered with the watering can by Devenko on a summer's day? Never seen that one. Could you send me it without the yellow dot? is that really alexei?"

I have omitted the person's name.   I just want to say it is disgusting the person requested this photograph without the dot.   I do not have the photo of my computer anymore as I have a new computer.   This morning I feel horrified and violated by this creep.  

Having Fun! / Re: How often did the Imperial Family buy new clothes?
« on: January 17, 2015, 03:53:14 AM »
Thank you FA.

I posted the topic because I saw an article on Daily Mail about Duchess Catherine's wardrobe how she wears the same articles of clothing over the last ten years. o.O

I know this is an old topic but I got my own copy of Royal Russia: The Private Albums of the Russian Imperial Family, I believe it is published in 1995 and yes there is so many captions that is littered with mistakes.   My favourite is on Nicholas and Alexandra with baby Olga and it is captioned "The coronation took place in 1886."   I almost laughed my head off at it.

Having Fun! / Re: people's fascination with true crime and the Romanovs
« on: January 15, 2015, 06:49:55 AM »
I am someone who reads a lot of true crime stories.   I sometimes buy true Crime magazines.   

There really isn't an answer to which I  can give as to my fascination about true crime.   Maybe it is a morbid fascination as for my interest in the Romanovs it was due to Great Crimes of the 20th century.    Check it out.

Having Fun! / Re: How often did the Imperial Family buy new clothes?
« on: January 04, 2015, 04:36:22 AM »
Yes that is what I meant.    The clothing to be tailored.   Anyone of our senior members know?

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