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Alice and Andrew with their elder daughters Margarita and Théodora :

If anyone wonders where Prince Charles and Pr. Harry get the big ears from...look at this picture of Andrew..

Princess alice escorted by her son, the duke of Edinburgh :

If anyone ever wonders who P. Charles resembles...look at this picture..

On Wikipedia's article about Queen Anne-Marie, it states that there were "polite protests from the Left" within Denmark following her engagement to Constantine. Was their marriage ever controversial/still controversial among the Danish people? Does anyone have any insight into this?

I believe I read somewhere than an objection was made from the Left as at the time the Communist Party of Greece was still outlawed and there remained a few hundred or so political prisoners.  Same with the then protests for the Anglo-Greek state visit in 1963. 

That is interesting for a Greek Prince to be Catholic. Did her son married in the Catholic faith too ? I am pretty sure he was married in Athens. His daughter Olga was recently married in the Greek Orthodox faith.

From my understanding, Prince Michael was baptised G.O., raised R.C., but practiced Greek Orthodoxy again when he resumed his duties as a Greek Prince, around the time that he went for military service in Greece, around 18 or so years of age.  He was married in the Greek Orthodox Church. 

The Greek Royal Family / Re: Princess Katherine, Lady Brandram
« on: February 12, 2009, 01:59:03 PM »
Katherine certainly looked like the rest of her brothers and sisters.
For example, they all have that protruding jaw/teeth and square chin.

To say otherwise is ridiculous.

An interesting likeness. I heard from quite a few different sources that he was gay. Some say that was the reason he married so late?

Unsubstantiated rumors as far as I can tell.  Nothing concrete.
Julia Gerardi's book "Born to Rule" states that in the last 20s, early 30s, he was about to marry an English commoner, and Queen Sophie ran to England and put a stop to it.  It seems she knew that sooner or later,,her Georgie would be back in Athens.


I don't think so...

I was just reading that George II asked from Stalin for the return of Princess Alexandra's body as soon as he returned in 1935, according to the wishes of Queen Olga.
However, while her grave/monument was prepared next to those of her parents in Tatoi, it was not until right before the Greek royal family's exile from Greece in 1941 due to the Nazi invasion that Stalin finally sent the body to Greece.  No reasoning behind Stalin's delay was known.  Her body arrived around the time that Princess Marie, her sister, herself died of pneumonia right around the Nazi invasion.  As quickly as Marie was buried, so was Alexandra.


Is Stavros the Greek equivalent of Stephen?

STAVROS (of which I am proud to say is ny name)...means in greek, "Holy Cross".

Stephen in greek is Stefanos.


The Greek Royal Family / Re: Greek Royal Orders & Regalia
« on: October 22, 2007, 11:02:05 AM »
I do not recall there ever having been any crowns in the greek monarch from the time of George I to Constantine. There are no pictures of any of the monarchs wearing any crowns.

The Greek regalia were those created by King Otho and returned to the Royal Family in the 1950s by the Head of the House of Wittelsbach (Bavaria).
I would assume they are in safe keeping.


Well since you admit being biased then it is all understanable. Sophie also have high principles and when people fall from it then...., when Moretta had her mistake with Zoubakoff. Both Heinrich and Mossy were sympatheyic, not so Sophie. Mossy was the one who took care that her unfortunate sister was buried in Kronberg ,Sophie  like Wilhelm) did not even attend the furneral.  >:(

That doesn't however make her a bad person if she disagreed with a sibling's decision.  After all, relations between all those siblings were quite awkward to begin with.  And I think it was more to do with who Moretta married, rather than the morganatic aspect of the marriage.  Zoubkoff proved to be a theif and criminal.  And they warned Moretta ahead of time.
At the same token, look at the warmth and generosity she showed towards her daughter-in-law, Aspasia Manos, pressing the King to make her a princess and to make her grandchild a princess!!!

So I think you are coming down on Sophie too harshly and disregarding her entirely!

Kind regards   

The Greek Royal Family / Re: Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece and his family
« on: September 28, 2007, 01:45:01 PM »
I think the naming of the children has been a deliberate attempt to try to identify them as Greek even though their mother was American before her marriage and none of the children were born in Greece unlike their father. I guess what is important to realise is that none of the Greek Royal Family had any Greek blood apart from Princess Alexandra of Greece, daughter of King Alexander I and Princess Aspasia. Princess Alexandra married King Peter II of Yugoslavia and was the mother of Crown Prince Alexander II of Serbia, current claimant to the Serbian throne. 

Dearest Dimitri,

I wholeheartedly disagree with you about the importance of the Greek royal family not having a drop of Greek blood.
If we go by the royal standard, none of the Royal Families of Europe have any blood of their respective homelands...except in most cases very recently...

Furthermore, what exactly is a Greek? Greek blood? BAH!  Being Greek is a matter of culture and education.
The Greek royal family were, by Constantine's birth, in the 4th generation having lived and educated in Greece, and when I say Greece, I mean within Modern Greek territory.  That is more than most Greeks can say, who, for example, their ancestors only came within Greek borders in 1922!

The whole Greek blood business is a load of non-sense.

Kind regards,

The Greek Royal Family / Re: King Constantine I & Queen Sophie (nee Prussia)
« on: September 28, 2007, 01:39:11 PM »
Not really, Thyra saw 2 of her children die before her and a war that seperate her from her family. However apart from her white hair, she remained serene. One must realise how hard it was to get along with Willy's spoilt daughter. Yet she managed to get along without a hitch. Siophie was a defeatist (Missy's term for her cousin) and was mean to Elisabetta when she first arrived in Athens. She gave her nothing in terms of welcome nor jewels (another complaint Missy echoed "at least I gave HER daughter (Helen) a tiara"). Also she tried to believe that her marrage was perfect, even though in her heart she knew Tino had someone on the side...

I have not seen many pictures of Sophie in old age, very few in fact exist, but she doesn't seem decrepit and shriveled up as many here have painted her.  She seems fine for me, and very very dignified and wise in my opinion.
Furthermore,  while Marie may have claimed Sophie a defeatist, that was easy for Marie to say when her throne was never muddled with by the so called Allies and she lived to see a Greater Romania, whereas Sophie was directly attacked by the French who would stop at nothing until Sophie and Tino were in exile.

Alas, I admit to be biased,,my dearest Queen Sophie was however, much aligned...


The Greek Royal Family / Re: Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece and his family
« on: September 24, 2007, 10:01:41 AM »
Odyssess...What an unusal name ?  ??? Maybe they be coming out with names like Princess Circe, Leda or Penelope...for their next daughter ?

Odysseas is not an unusual name.  Many Greeks have ancient Greek names.  Odysseas was the name of the late nobel laureate, Odysseas Elitis.

Well...Sophie was very reserved while Missy was very modern and forward. Like chalk and cheece I guess.  ???

I  may be a bit biased, but all that modernity and forwardeness didn't help Marie when it came to her children, who ended up being spoiled brats and incompetent royals, whereas as Sophie's children were all dutiful and played their roles satisfactorily. 

Michael found the whole situation very awkward. I think he never really trusted or relaxed with his father.

Well it depends on which generation you are speaking about.
Obviously King Michael had extremely close relations with his Greek family.  After all, King Paul was his maternal uncle, and King Constantine and Queen Sofia his 1st cousins.  Michael did marry in Greece and they attend each other's events.

Marie and Sophie were two different people, with two different characters.  Marie flamboyant though charming.  Sophie dutiful yet very serious.  Unfortunately, their children had their mother's characteristics and this is probably why the marriage of Carol and Helen didn't work.

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