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Their World and Culture / Re: Romanov Fortunes and Annuities
« on: August 28, 2006, 03:11:51 PM »
You know, I stand corrected, thank you everyone. Indeed, Ilinskoe passed to GD Dmitri Pavlovich, as did the Beloselssky-Belozersky Palace. GD Michael Pavlovich had an enormous estate called Brassovo, from which his wife took her name. This estate was very large, and had many income producing products. It had been purchase by or on behalf of, GD George Alexandrovich, who died quite young of tuberculosis. The bulk, if not all of his estate was left to Michael Alexandrovich in his will.
This is a wonderful website. I've been reading about and impassioned by Imperial Russia for nearly 40 years, since the publication of Nicholas and Alexandra. I greatly enjoy the DETAILS so many of you offer! The social fabric of the lifestyles, rather than, perhaps, historical battles, etc. Thank you all!

Their World and Culture / Re: Romanov Fortunes and Annuities
« on: August 23, 2006, 06:57:55 PM »
I do recall that Donald Crawford, in his book "Michael and Natasha," reported that grand duke Michael Alexandrovich was not only the wealthiest of the grand dukes, but the most modest in his spending. Inheriting all the wealth of his brother, grand duke George Alexandrovich, who died of tuberculosis in 1899, and had been living in Georgia. Also, I seem to recall, and could be corrected on this, that grand duchess Eliazabeth (Ella) transferred ownership of Ilinskoe to him. Ilinskoe seems to have been enormous, covering thousands of profitable acres of farmlands and timbers. The house, in photographs, seems quite modest for a Romanov, and as such, comparatively economical to run.
Also, grand dukes Michael and George had little overhead compared to uncles, great-uncles or some cousins. They didn't have enormous overhead of large Petersburg or Moscow palaces to maintain, though clearly g.d. Michael lavished jewels and couture on countess Natasha Brassova.

This topic is quite interesing to me! Thank you!

Imperial Russian History / Re: Royal Assassinations
« on: August 21, 2006, 05:54:16 PM »
prince Chirstopher, let me add two more Romanov relations to the list, and pose this as a question for all? I recently came across the name of a comtesse de Beauharnais, a descendant of Grand Duchess Maria Nicolaevna and the Duke of Leuchtenburg. Apparently, she and her son returned to Russia in 1930, and were executed in 1937. I recall a similar fate at approximately the same time for a prince Sviatopolk-Mirsky. Can anyone elaborate for me? Thank you!

Mediatized Noble Families / Re: Metternich - Winneberg
« on: August 21, 2006, 05:18:25 PM »
I was so fortunate to know furstinTatiana. Mere days before leaving the states for what I thought was a mere visit to europe, based in Amsterdam, I received a post card inviting me to phone her once I arrived in Amsterdam. I had plans to travel on to Paris, when my Amsterdam living situation and research project became more involved, and I received a firm invitation to present myself at Johannisberg at a certain time on a certain day.
The train, traveling down the west bank of the Rhine, passed Johannisberg on the left, it's necessary to take the train to Frankfurt Airport, then drive back up the Rheingau to Rudesheim and Geisenheim to reach Johannisberg. The site up on the hilltop from below was magnificent!
Terse and to the point at first, furstin von Metternich really scooped me up and took over my travel plans and destinations. Thankfully, I made a good enough impression to be recommended to,  and to meet, prinzessin Margaret von Hessen, prinz Enrico d'Assia, graf Matuschka, and many others. All were charming, educated, gracious, extremely well read and traveled, and so generous with their time.
My coorespondence with furstin von Mettenich lasted many years, and I began an acquaintance with her nephew Mischka, son of her sister Missie, author of "Berlin Diaries," surely one of the best book of memoirs of the second World War.
A great, great and interesting lady, last representative of many long gone generations, and probably the last true White Russian!

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