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Imperial Succession and the Throne / Re: Who is the rightful heir?
« on: October 23, 2010, 03:57:37 PM »
Every time I see these assemblage of names, I walk into my study and gaze on a remarkable  "document" that hangs suitably framed and away from direct sunlight.  The story is this:  When the body of the Empress Marie Feodorovna was brought back for burial in the vaults of the Imperial Church of Sts Peter and Paul, a learned gentleman (who speaks/reads and lives in Russia for a portion of each year-----indeed was instrumental in translating the Emperess Marie's diaries Danish/Russian) with whom I have had serveral contacts by telephone and mail was invited and was in attendance at the burial ceremonies in Saint Petersburg, 2006 (and NO, while he said that he heard the noise and subsequent commotion of the "Danish" diplomat, slipping and falling into the prepared waiting/open grave of Maria Feorodorvna, he did not actually wittness it due to the crowd in the church, but there exist good  photos of this mishap).  After the service, there was a luncheon held at a nearby church hall, where most of the prominent guests attended, including my acquaintance.  A several page memorial booklet containing a "Hymn" created in 1890, by a Milli Balak ( but not published at that time) had now been finally published and was presented to the VIP guests at the afternoon luncheon, following the ceremonies. Dedicated to the late Enpress and bearing her likeness on the from cover and was printed in both Russian and Danish with the date 2006. ( A separate menu of the luncheon was also placed at each dining position.) My acquaintance gathered at least two of the "Hymn" booklets and proceeded to politely and ethically move among the more prominent guests with highly pertitent Russian historical connections in this situation.  He asked if they would autograph, (as a momento of the occasion) a couple of copies each on the inside title page?  And WHAT an assemblage of names did he gather! Somewhat later he put up for sale ONE copy of the Hymn and one copy of the luncheon memu (unsigned).  Learning of his willingness to sell one copy of each, I immediately entered into a contest with several others desirious of such an historical assemblage of names.  My top competitor turned out to be a "Texas University of Russian History professor," but I was able to become the purchaser of BOTH the items.  I have absolutely NO DOUBT that these are authentic signed-on the-spot by the people so named.  The signatories on the inside front right page are as follows: ""Prince Nicholas Romanoff (simply signed "Nicholas"; Prince Dimitri Romanoff, (signed "Dimitri Romanoff"; "Princess Olga Romanova"( signed "Olga Romanova"); "George Yurievsky" (great-grandson of the Emperor Alexander II); "Princess Angelica Ilyinsky;" "Dimitri R. Ilyinsky;" and " Anna Ilyinsky;" ( daughter-in-law and grandchildren of the Grand Duke Dimitri Pavlovich); and Princess Xenia Yusupova Sifiri ( daughter of Prince Felix Yusupov and the Grand Duchess Irina Alexandrovna).  This was an unrepeated chance for me to have all these interrelated and intertwined representatives of this era assembled on one page and I happily paid the price!  The question arises:  Where was the Grand Duchess Maria V. ?  I understand that she left early, thus no representative signature of herself.  The acquisition of signatures settled on the Russian individuals, not on such other relations as the Michael Kents, who were there.   The booklet is twelve pages, in Russian and Danish, 6" x 8.5."  I apologize in advance in spelling/s as it was the first time I have had it down from the wall since framing in early 2007!  I have seen nothing like it before, or since.    AP.

Hello aleksandr pavlovich,

To correct a couple of typos regarding your signatures.  It should be Prince Dmitri Romanoff Ilyinsky, Princess Anne Romanoff Ilyinsky (Anne Glossinger) and Grand Duke Dmitri (only two, not three "i's." I'm a bit dysfunctional when it comes to proper spelling of names. By the way, who did you purchase the menu and Hymn from? Perhaps Paul or Steven?

Kindest Regards,


tongue in cheek "sit around talk about the old days"...... I agree they probably don't do that but at one time the history was passed on to each generation born so glad
it is :o)

I can not speak for my brother Dmitri but sadly there was no formal "passing down" of the family history. What I know I have learned from reading, talking to cousins and others, my grandfather's journals, my great aunt's books and visiting Russia. It has been like assembling a giant living puzzle. Sometimes progress comes quickly, sometimes slowly. It's always exciting to find an unexpected missing piece.

Personally I'm more interested in Russia today and her future.

Does anyone know the name of the Chateau, near to Paris, that Audrey gave to Dimitri after they get divorced?

Beaumesnil. Here's a link for more information

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