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Thank you both for all the information.
I have another photo that I believe is of him several years prior to this one, he is
attired in what appears to be a military uniform with pantaloon style britches.
I need to scan it and, once again, ask for your gracious help.


Not a military uniform at all!
Thank you very much for your help. Mike.

 Hope I have posted this in the appropriate section.
I'd deeply appreciate any help in identifying the uniform worn by my maternal Grandfather in this
photograph of he, my grandmother and aunt. I was told he was in the Czar's army, and the photo was taken between
 1910 and 1920. My mama's family's surname was Holosnjak, they lived in a small village south of Kharkov, Ukraine.
The village was renamed Morozovka after the Revolution, I do not know what it was called
prior to it's renaming. Thanks in advance for any information regarding the uniform. This is a
wonderful forum that I am enjoy immensely.

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