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Does anyone know if Elena was onboard the imperial train when it derailed at Borki in 1888? Her husband, Vladimir as head of the Kovoi, was traveling on the train and injured.  Zichy references a Stats-Dama Sheremeteva that was on the train, but I do not think that is her, as I can find no reference to Elena holding that position.

I was really surprised by the callous treatment of the victims of the Khodynka tragedy.  Given the numerous religious services the Imperial Family attended on a regular basis, I was shocked that there was no official service for those killed at Khodynka field during the coronation.

I am really enjoying the book, especially the insights of the various individuals who actually traveled to Russia and attended the coronation events.  If Aylmer Maude was as acerbic and bitter in person as his writing suggests, then he must have been very unpleasant to be around.  As soon as I see his name in the text, I know there is going to be a nasty comment of some sort by him.  But it is great to have all of these varying perspectives in one book.

Greg and Janet,

I am looking forward to your new book. I have greatly enjoyed your previous works relating to the Romanov dynasty.

Thank you Rodney G for your response.

I have a question regarding the remains of Grand Duchess Elizabeth.  I ask it with utmost respect and mean no disrespect to any Orthodox believers or to the grand duchess' eligibility to be named a saint.  I have read multiple times that when the grand duchess' remains were found, the body was described as "incorruptible".  I interpret this as no decomposition had occurred, but in the photographs of the victims after they were removed from the mine, Ella's face is darkened as if some decomposition had occurred or it was severely bruised?  Is there are broader definition of "incorruptible" used by the Orthodox church or does incorruptible mean the remains were not skeletonized??

Here is an image of the front of the University Circle home from "The Hook", a local Charlottesville journal.

Both of Jack and Anna Manahan's homes still stand and are private residences.  They primarily lived in Charlottesville, near the grounds of the University of Virginia on University Circle.  They also owned Fairview Farm near Scottsville.  Fairview was heavily damaged by fire about 10 years ago.

See the book  Interpreting the Russian Revolution: The Language and Symbols of 1917 (1999) by Orlando Figes and  Boris Kolonitskii. There's a chapter on perceptions of the Russian Imperial family that includes how nurses were perceived in WWI Russia.

Thank  you Suzanne!

During the documentary, Orlando Figes provides commentary related to the public's perception of the empresses and grand duchesses nursing roles.  He describes how a consignment of nursing uniforms was obtained by prostitutes in Petrograd which they wore while working.  According to Mr. Figes, the tarnished image of "nurses" reflected badly on the empress and her daughters. Does anyone  have any other information on this matter, as I had never heard this before.

Does anyone have the revised 2013 edition?  Can anyone tell me what additions were made compared to the first edition?

Griff,  I look forward to reading your book once it is published.  I really enjoyed the first three articles on the subject.

Thanks for the link!

Thanks for sharing! Do you know where the book can be purchased?

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Geglov3, Thank you very much for sharing the photograph of the Imperial Pavilion.

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