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The Danish Royal Family / Re: Queen Margarethe II & Prince Henrik
« on: November 23, 2013, 06:59:11 PM »
It's so creepy, scary and looks like a poster to a horror film. Thomas Kluge (The artist) is very good to make his portraits look like photos, and his paintings are always very dark, but I must confess I was so disappointed when I saw this. I was thrilled when I heard a new Family portrait of the Royal Family was to be painted, and that is was going to be a modern pendant to the Glücksburg Family Portrait. Thomas Kluge (TK) was at a gathering at Christiansborg where the old painting is, and someone said to him it really was a horrible painting, and that he (TK) certainly could do it better. That's where he got the idea, but I don't think it's a compliment to the Family, as it was meant to be. Everyone seems very selfabsorbed and estranged from each other, except for Nikolai and Felix. Christian was placed in front to show he is the future of the monarchy. A dark, gloom and sad future it seems. He looks lonely, sad and isolated from the Family and if you look at the area round his eyes, he looks at least 40 years old. Frederik look older than he is too, and Prince Henrik (the elder) and princess Isabella doesn't look like them very well. But the likeness of the queen, Mary, Marie, the other kids and Joachim are very good, though Joachim's gesture towards baby Athena seems very mechanical.

Today (20th of May 2012) the names of the little princess was finally revealed: Her Royal Highness Princess Athena Marguerite Francoise Marie. Her first name was a big surprise and certainly a new name in the royal family. The three other names was somewhat expected. Marguerite is the french version of Margrethe and Francoise is the name of Marie's mother. So the wee princess has bears a unique royal name and the names of her mother and both her grandmothers.


The official photo after the christening.
Mary holding the prince and Frederik the princess. Mary is wearing the same headband as she did to the christening of her two eldest children, and also the beautiful brooch of a sapphire, pearls and diamonds the Queen gave her when Christian was born. Between their parents, the two cuties Isabella and Christian who, in my opinion, stole the entire picture at the christening. Especially Isabella, she's a real little imp and so adorable. ;D

The Danish Royal Family / Mary and Frederik's twins
« on: January 08, 2011, 06:35:49 AM »
Today, january 8 2011, Mary gave birth to twins. First a boy and then a girl. Both mother and children are well, and the father is very happy.  ;D

Twins have occured in the royal family before, but these two are the first in almost 500 years that are in line to the throne. The first twins (boys) was born in 1519 by queen Elisabeth (Isabella), wife of Christian II, but they both died after the christening. The second pair (girls) was born in 1626, daughters of Christian IV and his wife to his left hand, Kirsten Munk, and therefore not in line to the throne. Current twins are Camilla and Josephine (born in 1972), former comtesses of Rosenborg, daughters of Count Christian of Rosenborg, cousin to the Queen. Their father renounced his right to the throne and his title of prince, when he married and was made count of Rosenborg instead. His daughters both lost their titels of comtesses when they married.

The Danish Royal Family / Re: Crown Prince Frederick & Crown Princess Mary
« on: November 01, 2007, 05:32:12 PM »
That "book" (if you can call it that. It's too good a word, in my opinion. "Piece of trash" would be more suitable) is based on rumors and stories from anonomous sources. I couldn't believe someone would even publish it, but I learned that it's being published by Ekstra Bladet, a horrible tabloid, and then I suddenly understood why. They love to throw dirt on the royal family. And it's so wonderfully easy to slander someone, who can't defend themselves. They really should be ashamed. But what's worse is that the first edition of the book is already sold out.
And as for the thing that Mary should be jealous, because Frederik appearantly still is in touch with some of his old girlfriends; as I remember, Mary's ex-boyfriend was invited to the wedding.

The Danish Royal Family / Re: Prince Joachim & Princess Marie of Denmark
« on: November 01, 2007, 05:07:38 PM »
So do I! ;). I think it would be unfair to Marie, if the wedding is going to be a quiet affair, just because it's Joachim's second marriage, if she want a big fairytale wedding. (I sure hope it will last this time, it will be a little embarrising if he is getting divorced again.)
But Marie is almost certain to wear a tiara. I wonder if she will get one from the family jewels, like Alexandra did, or if the Queen and the Prince will buy a new one, like they did in Mary's case.

The Danish Royal Family / Re: Frederik V1 and his Family
« on: November 01, 2007, 04:58:27 PM »
Neither Vilhelmine nor Caroline had any children. Sadly for Queen Marie, she adored children, and would have loved to be a grandmother. But I don't know if any of King Frederik's illegimate children had any. Maybe Kmerov knows?

It's not exactly a new name. Christian II was married to Princess Isabella von Habsburg back in 1515. (She was barely 14, and died very young, only 25 years old) Allthough she became known as Elisabeth in Denmark, but there has'nt been any Isabella in the danish royal family since, before now ;).

The Habsburgs / Re: Why do the people love Sissi??????
« on: April 27, 2007, 01:21:11 AM »
I find her a fascinating person, and I feel very sorry for her. She had a difficult mind, but she knew from the beginning that she wasn't suited to be Empress, and she certainly never wanted to be it either. The accussaions of her being a bad partner for FJ is a little harsh in my opinion. I, for one, can safely say that if I were married off in the tender age of 16 to a man I hardly knew, just because I wouldn't be allowed to say no to an emperor, and then, in spite of him saying he loved me above everything on earth, be raped by him on the wedding night, breaking all my imaginations of love and romance, I probably would be a cold fish towards him too and prefered that he maintained his distance.

I simply loved that Mary refused to give the photographers a good, clean view of "Mini-Mary", but then she walked towards the lined up children, away from the press, and gave them a close look a the little princess. I thought "way to go, Mary", and all the children and grown-ups were just "aaaww" simultaniously.

  I imagine that wouldn't be the case with the child in question, Prince Christian, but I suppose his parents feel obligated to follow the local customs in this regard.  :(

Actually Christian is the first danish royal ever to attend nursery school (his cousin, Prince Nikolai was the first to attend kindergarden), and the decision is more based on the opinion that the sooner he learns to socialize and be around other people, the better, rather than follow a local custom. Especially considering what demanding job the future holds in store for him. Frederik and Joachim stayed at the palace until they should begin to go to school, and Frederik in partucular found this huge change very difficult and scaring. Until then he'd only been around his brother and the children of his parent's friends.
I agree with you that most children his age has a tendensy to fight over the toys rather than play peacefully together  :D, but a one (1½ in Christian's case) year old is not considered to be a baby anymore in Denmark. Most children attends nursery school when the maternity leave of 32 weeks is expired. This may strike as an odd thing in some other countries, but then again, many danes finds it strange that the brites fx sends their 11-year olds away to boardingschools and only see them in the holidays.

The Windsors / Re: Queen Alexandra (1844-1925)
« on: April 26, 2007, 02:26:42 AM »
Yeah, you should think that every photographer in Austria would love to take a picture of Europe's two most beautiful women side by side.
I thought it was a custom to take a picture when the royals met, even if the visit was supposed to be unofficial.
But maybe Elisabeth simply refused to have her picture taken together with Alix. Wasn't there something with that she didn't wanted anyone to take photos of her or paint her portrait after she had reached 30?

The Windsors / Re: Queen Alexandra (1844-1925)
« on: April 25, 2007, 01:27:30 AM »
The old one is getting a little long...again ;), so let's start a new one.

Does there exist any photos from Alix and Bertie's visit in Vienna (can't remember the year) where they met Franz Joseph and Elisabeth?

I think it's wonderful that we finally got a princess of Denmark, for the first time in 61 years. As for her name, I really like Dagmar too, but I don't think it's international enough to be selected. One of the names is almost sure to be Ingrid, but hardly the first, since Frederik's cousin, Alexandra of Berleburg, already named her daughter Ingrid, and the little norwegian princess is also named Ingrid. With Christian, the tradition bid them to name him that, but they are more free to choose this time, and it would be in their spirit to choose one of the names that are modern right now, and never used in the danish royal family before, like Anastasia, Victoria, Laura, Mathilde, Emma etc. Anastasia would be a nice name for her. Princess Anastasia Margrethe Ingrid Henrietta of Denmark :)

The Windsors / Re: Movies about the British Royal family
« on: March 21, 2007, 12:26:34 PM »
According to an article on Rope of Silicon, Emily Blunt is set to star as the young Queen Victoria.
She played Catherine Howard in the serie "Henry VIII" with Ray Winstone.

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