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Turning back to the issue of the discrepancies of witness/ written record accounts as to the height of AA or FS - I wonder if any of the medical histories for either identity record that her height was measured using a stadiometer. If there was some mention of this the inference would be that the height measurement was correct as possible at the time.

By way of background, the stadiometer was invented by Sir Frances Galton (1822-1911) (cousin to Darwin), the "father " of eugenics and and he also devised a method for classification of finger prints amongst other scientific and social marvels.

Years ago, I worked for an endocrinologist who specialised in child growth disorders. All height measurements were done with a stadiometer by the Endocrinologist himself as the height details were crucial. He always recorded - Height measured using stadiometer... Everynow and then a new nurse (not knowing the clinic practice) would take a height measurement with a tape and it was always quite different to that done with a stadiometer. A stadiometer normally has a flat panel at the top of the device that slides down - much like placing a book on the top of the head - allowing for the measurement at the top of the head.   You can get quite a different height measurement if someone tips their head back.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

In reviewing the evidence of the grave sites, the coins, in my opinion, should not be entirely disregarded.

As the proximity and number of the coins  (I can only assume that there were at least thirteen of these coins) to the grave site provides for an evidential  inference - that the coins are linked to the grave site. However, it is my belief that  it would be a assumption that the remains of bodies were buried at the same time that the coins were placed or dropped.

In support of this view, there has been some suggestion in previous posts in this topic that there was earlier knowledge of the graves in Soviet Russia, with people leaving wreaths and the like in the area of the grave.

Accordingly, I have done some very brief research in funeral customs in Russia. I refer to a website "Funeral Customs of Caucasian Estonians", which can be found at The author makes some reference to a Russian tradition to"  throw copper coins to purchase a place for the dead or to pay the tax for passing the Golden Gates. ".

Is it not possible that someone with earlier knowledge of the graves did just that? Perhaps even a decade or more after the original burials?

Imperial Claimants Post Here / Re: Romanov and Bulgaria
« on: January 01, 2007, 10:52:43 PM »
I too have read the Bulgarian Radio article and it appears from the information supplied in this article that Countess Nora made no specific claim that she was GD Anastasia. The photo supplied in this article that you have reproduced here does have some similarity with her though - its not so much the facial features its more the fact that there is a general luminosity about the photo that is missing in some of the Anna Anderson pictures.

That luminosity is clearly seen in a lot the Romanov pictures. This may be attributable to the fact that some of the Romanov pictures are likely to be studio produced but even in some of the photos attributed to be taken by the Romanov family of each other - this lumious quality that the Grand Duchesses had is clearly evident. It is something that always puzzled me about pictures of Anna Anderson because although there is a similarity there - this luminious quality is missing.

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