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Imperial Claimants Post Here / Re: The 8th Thread For Imperial Claimants
« on: August 11, 2009, 07:44:56 AM »
Good heavens, what is that talk about Imperial China? The only thing what matters are Russian Imperial issues....the war to free GD Anna! If you plan to send Chinese warriors we can talk, otherwise just look and suffer with my lady. She's standing on display for more than two weeks now, wearing as much Imperial dresses as she can under the diving suit Tsar Doug sent her.

TD's army hidden in the ice cream truck before the museum is still there, though nothing happens besides selling ice cream. TD a hidden army to free GD Anna is a very good idea, but please tell your general the story of the Horse of Troy so they understand the meaning of the whole operation. I've contancted Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt who both played a part in the movie "Troy" so they know how to resque GD Anna. Please send bags full of smelling salt, I don't know whether she will faint or jump into their arms seeing them.

On the other hand a female army with GD Janet as general would have been more sufficient, women act immidiately while you men sell ice cream....sigh.

Tsar Doug forgive me being so impertinent but you know how GD Anna acts when things doesn't go her way. And she's furieus at the forbidden Chinese Emperor
neglecting her case, so takes it all on me.

Zoya Hilariouskaya doing an ungrateful job serving a swelled head brat of an Imperial GD. Who blames her?

Robert, a universal museum membership is interesting, though not every country or city is willing or able to subsidise such projects. Many people will only support the museums they visit most and I think especially in their own city or country because of the costs. I and some other Dutch AP members are "friends of the Hermitage"-membership this way we support the museum in A'dam and have free access to the Hermitage in St.Petersburg.
We can only hope many will visit and/ or support, the more we have a chance to enjoy.


Robert, I suggest you e-mail the Hermitage to get concrete answers to your questions. The museum is brand new and its the first grand exhibition and with all new things errors become visible when in use. I think positive criticism from visitors is a way to let them know some issues can be changed if possible

Here's the address:


Official plea to Tsar Doug,

Your majesty,

Goodmorning, I hope your greatness slept well, enjoyed a happy meal and is in an excellent mood.

His majesty undoubtedly noticed the terrible state the palace is in since the absence of GD Anna, no zoop on the menu, no songs and laughter, no bills to pay for dresses and bling. Also it must be very silent while GD Janet is making a world tour visiting her Taco-restaurants. The palace is empty not only because of the leave of these two fine, adorable imperial women, but also of the lack of the imperial throne, paintings,  gala uniforms, ball dresses, shoes, night gowns and more imperial stuff.

I write this letter in the name of GD Anna, whose locked up for nearly a month at the Hermitage in Amsterdam. She discoverd that her friend.. I won't reveal full names in case security intercepts this letter... just call this person QB.....wink wink! Well, GD Anna found out that QB put all his majesties and the GD's personal belongings on display in a museum in A'dam.

The GD guards every piece with her life, but finds it a very disgraceful job to do this in her undergarment, because all her dresses are on display and there's no way to get any access to them. Isn't shameful my dear mistress wandering day and night through a museum barefooted in nothing but her undergarment (luckily trimmed with lace)?

One day a certain Dutch Count Lucien found GD Anna in I mentioned before... behind the imperial throne lurking at the tourists who glanced at the ball gowns. He was so kind to provide the GD with a
flowery tablecloth and even bought her a lovely bracelet so she wouldn't feel so undressed. The tablecloth wasn't a very good idea because tourists began to think she was the museum cleaner and called her Babushka.

Tsar Doug, the situation is becoming unbearable for GD Anna, she wants her bling and dresses back, she asks to inform GD Janet a pair of yellow satin shoes are identified as hers because of the size. She urges your majesty to come to A'dam immediately and see for yourself what's become of his imperial nightgown and slippers......a public curiosity. GD Anna suggest to talk with QB because a tsar's nightie out in the open is soo not done.

Your sincerely,most faithfully and loyal subject,

Zoya Hilariouskaya.....Underpaid personal secretary, lady in waiting, mistress of the wardrobe etc.etc. to GD Anna

Count Lucien dearie,

I'm know you met GD Anna some weeks ago and helped her for which she is still very grateful. Unfortunately the GD is not as you would expect in la douce France but still in Amsterdam in a very awkward situation.

Please read todays letter to Tsar Doug what happened to my dear mistress.

Zoya Hilariouskaya......personal secretay to the GD Anna

Having Fun! / Re: Do you dislike a BeNeLux royal?
« on: July 14, 2009, 03:12:14 PM »
Do you dislike a BeNeLux royal?
I dislike Mabel Wise Smith, I think that she was an opportunist with a dark past

No need to continue this tread: she answered her own question! How clever :D So, case closed!


BeNeLux Royalty / Re: Queen Beatrix Part II
« on: June 19, 2009, 08:02:18 AM »
I think the Hermitage will be an interesting and important addition to the town of Amsterdam. It will attract of course many Dutch and foreign visitors, for school children it's a great opportunity to learn in a nice visual way about Russia's history and our old and long relation with this beautiful country.
Because of the importance for children to be interested and educated in history and art the Hermitage developed a special program, like workshops etc. You can read about this on the website.

As friend of the Hermitage I will be in Amsterdam too for the whole weekend, so not to miss a thing of all activities and I'm looking forward to meet Petra,  Lucien and Teddy all Dutch AP-members.


Tsar Doug is always such a dear, accusing me of swindling museum curators, acting like a poor church mouse..always better than a poor church rat I suppose. And last but not least he's howling over Amelia's plane door I plunged back into the pacific, important evidence he said. Which lipstick is more important mines or hers?
I'm not to blame the way I behave, being imperial isn't easy you can say I'm a victim of my background

TD dearie, who taught me the act to embarrasse kings and queens huh? Did you forget when Sheik Abdullah ibn Salaam Aleikoem invited us to see the great Sphinx of Giza? You insisted to climb upon the sphinx and slide over its face into the had fun and the sphinx no nose.

And of course your recent trip to China, they invited you to see the big Terracotta Army of Xi’an, they'd better not! Oops sorry domino-effect you said when pushing over one of the soldiers. Now you can hardly speak of an "Army". All in the name of chop suey.

Well, it's obvious our Tsar Doug represents his court and country in the best possible way. Everywhere he comes, he's leaving an everlasting and irriparable impression.
Isn't he adorable?

GD Anna...preparing bitterballen

Lucien dearie,

My Imperial derriere is none of your busines, in our circles one does not speak about a GD's behind not to mention the Tsar's. Although his is photographed when swimming in sea and he didn't mind the whole world to see this photo in the papers. I quess that's his monarchical privilege.

Yes, our family stayed out of sight for some time. When a country isn't doing well, first thing the mob does is to blame their Imperial family. We read history books so took a hike, we're not from yesterday you know and Madame Guillotine isn't my friend.

We moved to the Netherlands but QB said she couldn't afford our grand style of living, duuuuh we're the Russian court what would you expect else? So, GD Janet et moi set up our own taco restaurant and Tsar Doug found a job at a Chinese take away. TD kind of liked the job, very different than sitting on a throne  counting your diamond buttons, so very soon he became famous as Chop Suey Doug.

We're delighted being invited at Court d'Hermitage in Amsterdam this will be a welcome break in our humble existence, I hope they serve bubbles. So nice the GD Janet and I can choose from over 150 court dresses as we can't afford a dress from the tips we get in our restaurant.

See you soon at the coming event.

GD Anna

Agreed! :)

20 June 2009 the expanded Hermitage Amsterdam will open her doors with a grand new exhibition "At the Russian Court".
The museum starts the celebrations with a "White Night Festival", lots of in- outdoors activities, concerts and will be open for public 31 hours in a row.

Here's the website in English, click on exhibitions:

Nothing special to do in June, maybe we'll meet each other in A'dam, you're welcome!


BeNeLux Royalty / Re: Tragic Attack on the Dutch Royal Family
« on: May 04, 2009, 02:37:55 PM »
I want to thank all members who shared their symphaties with our Royal Family and the Dutch people.

Of course everyone is proud of their own country but it felt good to read how much our Royal Family is appreciated abroad and how some of you have such good memories of my country.

Thank you all so much!


BeNeLux Royalty / Re: Tragic Attack on the Dutch Royal Family
« on: April 30, 2009, 09:37:53 PM »
It's 4.35 a.m and I can't sleep, todays horror keeps spinning through my head. I remember something Royalty-watcher Peter van der Vorst said the day before Queensday in a tv-programme "RTL Boulevard, I'm sure Dutch members are familiar with this show. They talked about the events that would take place in the City of Apeldoorn. Peter said: "I hope something will happen", what do you mean the tv-host asked. "Well, something special/different not like the years before", Peter answered. Of course he meant it would be a funny thing.

Come to think of it, it's rather weird as he couldn't foresee this terrible tragedy would occur.


BeNeLux Royalty / Re: Tragic Attack on the Dutch Royal Family
« on: April 30, 2009, 08:45:27 PM »
April 30 2009 Queensday 10.00 a.m.
Today promised to be a sunny and lovely orange Queensday! Before going into town to enjoy the festivities I watch on tv... like I do every year...our Queen Beatrix and her family visiting a Dutch town. This year the visit will be  in Apeldoorn nearby Palace "het Loo", not only we celebrate Queen Beatrix's birthday but also remember her mother Princess Juliana who was born on April 30th a hundred year ago.

About 11.00 a.m: I'm still watching the Royal family walking, talking and laughing with all kind of people, shaking hands and kissing children. They pose to let people take a photo of and with them. The younger ones of the family  take part at different games, it's obvious the queen and all are enjoying  themselves immensely and have great fun.

About 12.00 p.m: I'm just coming back from the kitchen with a cup of coffee and see the Royal family has got on an open bus and is waving at the cheering people. The bus is driving slowly and passes a statue, suddenly I see a black car with high speed coming from as it seems through the middle of the crowd and crashes on the statue, a police-man on a bike scarcely safes his life by jumping away. 

Disbelief: I hear the tv-reporter say something like "this doesn't belong to the programme", then she says "Oh my God" as she realize something terrible happened. Police run at the black car and look inside, 
People are running through the view of the camera, the camera turns  there are bodies lying on the ground smashed down like puppets. I see a policeman giving a hart massage to a person lying on the street, an injured woman sits crying and the body of man is lying there silent and above all I hear  people scream, my blood runs cold. A close up of a little girl with orange ribbons in her hair crying. I can’t believe it’s all happening at this very moment!
I realize I’m still standing with the coffee in my hands staring speechless at the tv as they say this is an attack on our Royal family! Not in our country, this is impossible.

About 15.00 p.m my son comes in and sit besides me, he heard the news in town, immediately most festivities were cancelled. We stay tuned  and see a devastated Queen Beatrix  with tears in her eyes making a statement how shocked the family is and sympathizes with the injured and families of the dead victims.

Since my childhood I remember Queensday as a happy and united day feeling one with our Royal family  - this is part of our culture and tradition!!
Today it began Orange but turned  Black, still I hope our people will stay united and don’t let take any fool Queensday away from us!!


Imperial Claimants Post Here / Re: The 8th Thread For Imperial Claimants
« on: January 19, 2009, 05:03:24 PM »
My poor relatives,

Yes, dearies these are bad times.

The bank refused me a second mortgage on my luxurious penthouse with room for a horse in Amsterdam, being a gorgeous GD, famous actrice, singer, balletdancer and balalaika player doesn't mean a thing you might as well be Tsar and still get nothing. On top of that I had to bring all my precious furs and bling to the pawn shop...sob. I nearly choked in a bonbon when seeing my hairdresser wearing one of my diamond chokers, can you believe that?
But I'm most worried what to wear on the inauguration of Obama.

So here's a request to our noble Lord Robert:

Lord Robert dearie of dearest,

The GD Janet et moi have invitations as vips for the inauguration and as one of the best dressed aristocrats you are well aware we can't go dressed like Wilma Flinstone and Betty Rubble, yeah I know GD Janet wouldn't mind but it's bitterly cold in Washington. I recall  your unforgettabe words "A real royal wears diamonds and furs with the same proudness of a footman wearing a wig and a plate of champaign. Sooo, when I read the word "furs" in your post
I thought you would be so generous and sweet, are our most favorite Lord of make a thoughtful gesture and help us out with furs and bling.
We would ever be so grateful and I could throw up some good words for you by Tsar Doug at our weekly karaoke evening! 

Hurry with your reply there's little time left to do our hair and nails.

Your most humble friend, biggest fan etcetera etcetera..... GD Anna

PS...I prefer white furs and diamonds and my little hand will be kissed so many times so don't forget to send long gloves. That will be all for now.

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