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Sorry about that, regardless I am really excited and look forward to it. With the way I have to view this site due to my disability it's hard to tell who posted what and somehow I missed the author name. Congratulations at any rate! Again, I really look forward to it. It will really give me not just a glimpse, but a panorama, into the world Aleksei lived in.

Having Fun! / Court Dress - Costume Instructions?
« on: April 10, 2015, 07:47:06 PM »
Hey guys!
I don't know how many of you are doing or have ever done costumes based on the Imperial Family but I would really love to make a court dress based on one of OTMA. Does anyone have advice on fabrics, colors, etc? Any instructions available that you've found that you could direct me to or give me your own instructions? Of course I'll need advice/instructions on how to make a kokochnik as well.

I'm thinking that one photograph of all of the children together in court dress is what I am aiming for, so I would really love some instructions based on that.

Thanks so much in advance guys!

AHHHHH! OMG I am SO happy to hear this!!!!! I've been waiting for this kind of book focusing on Aleksei for a VERY long time. I'm definitely going to buy it as soon as it's out, if it's not out already. <3 THANK YOU HELEN! *weeps tears of joy... no kidding, eyes are welled up* Aleksei is a tremendous inspirational figure in my life. I care for him deeply, and although I feel like I know him, this book will give me a real glimpse into his soul. This means the world to me. Thank you.

Having Fun! / Re: I Want to Write a novel
« on: September 08, 2014, 07:41:40 AM »
Just want to say I wish you the best of luck with this. Aleksei is a person I am deeply passionate about as well, and love when novelists (like myself) try to capture what he could have been like. I haven't even tried making him a main character in anything I've done for fear of dishonoring or disrespecting him in some way... who knows, maybe that will change someday and I'll gain the confidence necessary to do so. Til then, as I said, best of luck to you.

One thing I will say is I believe he would have been a compassionate ruler towards his people. He had great compassion in reality, as evidenced by some of the anecdotes I've read about him (factual, not legend). So my advice is to capture that compassion first and foremost.

Good luck to you again. Please keep me posted on your progress! If you like, I could even assist in critiquing and editing.

You are still a guiding source in my life. I will pay homage to you this weekend. You still inspire me more than words can even attempt to say at this time. May you find eternal happiness and peace. Watch over your people... they need you.

Rulers Prior to Nicholas II / Re: Peter the Great
« on: March 22, 2014, 07:44:10 AM »
Thanks for that information, it's greatly appreciated. Alexei's death features pretty prominently in my saga especially since it is after my character's abduction. I put an interesting spin on the motives to tie my fiction with reality.

Thanks guys!

I have not written poetry in a long time, however I intend to write poems about the Imperial Family in the future. I wrote another poem in 2000, and submitted it to Fr. Serfes as well. At the time, he was so touched he actually asked me if I would write a booklet of poems for the IF... Unfortunately, my muse quickly left me and I was not able to do it. But I hope that I will still do it someday. I intend to write some poems for everyone in the family, not just Aleksei.

Here's my other poem about Aleksei; I wrote it with better form in mind:

So I've been browsing here and at other places for a while now, and I realize it has been exactly 15 years since I had written and submitted my poem "Awakened At Midnight" to Father Serfes at the Holy Royal Martyrs of Russia website. I thought I would honor the occasion by posting the link to it here.

Keep in mind, I wrote it when I was 16, so the form and wording isn't the greatest; I certainly was no Longfellow. But at the time I wrote from the heart, and I think that counts for something.

Having Fun! / Re: "Did you know" Romanov version!
« on: February 05, 2013, 05:28:38 AM »
Les Miserables was written in 1862, so it couldn't take place in 1870 (Hugo didn't write stuff that took place in the future). Instead, it takes place over the course of some decades: first in 1815, and ends in 1832. It also contains the longest sentence in literature.

Oddly enough because of its anti-monarchy themes, I would have thought Nicholai would have objected to his daughter reading it... Guess I was wrong! That's very interesting... and hilarious about "merde" LOL!

Having Fun! / Re: "Did you know" Romanov version!
« on: February 03, 2013, 01:17:36 PM »
Did you know...

All films (and TV shows) must carry a disclaimer, saying they're either completely fictional, or, if based on history (such as Apollo 13), they are not entirely accurate to history, and we have Prince Felix Yussupov to thank for that?

When the film "Rasputin and the Empress" came out, Prince Felix was so enraged over its inaccuracy, he sued the studio. He won the suit, and as a result, all films must carry such a disclaimer now.

"Yusupov and his wife successfully sued MGM through the English courts for invasion of privacy and libel in connection with the 1932 film Rasputin and the Empress. The alleged libel was not that the character based on Felix had committed murder, but that the character based on Irina, called "Princess Natasha" in the film, was portrayed as having been seduced by the lecherous Rasputin.[12] In 1934, the Yusupovs were awarded £25,000 damages, an enormous sum at the time, which was attributed to the successful arguments of their counsel Sir Patrick Hastings. The disclaimer which now screens at the end of every American film, "The preceding was a work of fiction, any similarity to a living person etc.," first appeared as a result of the legal precedent set by the Yusupov case."

So yeah, figured I would post that tidbit.

Having Fun! / Re: Data base for Romanov writers
« on: February 03, 2013, 12:59:40 PM »
That is a great idea, to look at that list and use it as reference and that way I'd know what personalities to have in my novels!

Really the one about the cursed dress is not going to need that many people from history in it, but it will serve a great purpose to use in my other Romanov novel...

Yes, I'm planning on another Romanov-related novel. God only knows when I'll actually WRITE it though. It requires a lot of research, since I want to be as detailed as possible, and, unlike "Devilish Blue Dress," this novel will encompass ALL the rulers, from Peter the Great to Nicholai II. So I have my work cut out for me if I want to be accurate to residences, titles, ranks, customs, etiquette, clothing, weapons, landscapes, transportation, medals/orders, relations with other royals, battles (you get the idea)... all through the span of centuries! At the same time, I need to make it so that it's not a boring history lecture. My plot needs to be woven carefully with these historical details, written in such a way that will captivate all readers, not just history buffs.

My main protagonist is (a fictional creation of my own) the eldest son of Petr, the Tzarevich and Heir Evgeni Petrovich (I chose the name Evgeni mainly because it literally means "aristocrat; Plushenko had little to do with it *wink*). I have him born in 1688, to (another fictional creation) Petr's first wife, whom he married by choice, and who unfortunately died in childbirth with Evgeni. The rest I keep as history happened. I have Evgeni the heir, and he is anxious to rule Russia and modernize it just like his father is doing.

Then, I'm thinking in the year 1709-10, tragedy strikes when Evgeni is kidnapped! He soon finds out that his captor is a vicious, ancient vampire! Demetrius is determined to make the tzarevich into a vampire.

So therefore, if I want to really make an impression, in addition to all this historical research, I also need to create a unique vampire mythology and lore for the saga. I like the ideas put forth in the Vampire Diaries, simply because my vampire NEEDS to be in sunlight if I intend to have him involved in certain historical events and interact with various historical people. But of course, I need to carve my own niche, rather than take that idea and I certainly won't do the whole Twilight cop-out.

I also need to think of 100 years of historical events and tidbits that I will feature that take place outside of Russia, finally ending up in the present day. PHEW!

The saga will take up at least 3 books:

Part One: Peter the Great to Nicholai II
Evgeni's biography before he became a vampire. Then, mourning over the loss of his throne, he is determined to still have some influence over the monarchy, decides that he can help some of his descendants by offering himself as an adviser and taking various aliases to protect his true identity. But he knows that he can't help all of his descendants, or his secret will be at risk. So he must advise only some rulers. Most of the time, his advice is heeded to at least some degree, but when he advises Nicholai II, he doesn't listen... and... we all know how that turned out. I actually have Evgeni in Ekaterinburg when the family is murdered, and finds the two missing bodies in the street - one in the clutches of a vampire! Evgeni intervenes, fights the vampire, who turns out to be DEMETRIUS. Demetrius runs away, leaving Evgeni with the two bodies. Aleksei is barely alive, and I originally thought of Tatiana, but I will obviously use Maria; who is already dead. Evgeni takes Aleksei and his sister to a place he can spend his last hours in safety. Aleksei confronts Evgeni, having seen what he had done in the fight with Demetrius, and knows that Evgeni is a vampire. Evgeni had grown fond and close with Aleksei, and so he sadly tells him his whole story. Just before he dies, Evgeni cuts his hand, wipes it with a handkerchief with the Romanov crest on it, dips it in one of Aleksei's wounds, and takes the boy's hand: He swears, by their family's blood, that he will have revenge on Demetrius. If it weren't for him, Evgeni believes, this never would have happened if he had been allowed to rule.

Par Two: 1918-19 to Present
Evgeni decides to hunt for Demetrius, and all vampires in his bloodline. Along the way, more historical events unfold. Evgeni ends up in present day Chicago, where he believes that Demetrius is now hiding, waiting for another victim. Evgeni begins to befriend a young woman, Corrinne Delacroix. Eventually, Evgeni trusts Corrinne enough to tell her everything about himself, including his quest to destroy Demetrius. Eager to help him, Corrinne offers to do whatever Evgeni asks of her. Reluctant to have her involved at all, Evgeni politely declines. Then, he decides the best course of action: give Corrinne a formal challenge to deliver to Demetrius. To ensure her safety, Evgeni gives her a flag of neutrality and a carte blanche. The plan goes well, and Demetrius accepts Evgeni's challenge: a duel to the death, with Corrinne acting as his second (according to the traditional rules of French dueling, the seconds do not HAVE to fight; it is their own choice) (I chose the French rules of dueling because of course of how much Petr loved the French culture).

Part Three: Conclusion
Now THAT I will keep to myself!

So yeah, obviously I will have to do a TON of research if I'm to do this as I imagine it! So it's great to have a list of names that I should include... I'll have to make a list of names for the whole saga.

Having Fun! / Re: Shadow Hearts: Anastasia?
« on: February 03, 2013, 11:02:44 AM »
Oddly enough, my friend Anthony is a big video game nut and he was playing both Shadow Hearts 2 and 3, and of course Nastya was in both of them. He was telling me some of the things in there, and I was there for some of it when he played, and I kept cracking up at how funny it was!

"My father's greater than Superman" (hilarious considering NAOTMAA died 20 years before Superman's creation!)

It is pretty cute that she took photographs in the game, considering the real Anastasia loved to take photos.

In the third one, she is known as Ann, and she is a pirate.

Rasputin of course is villain in 2.

Forum Announcements / Re: Forum Members Not Heard From in a Long While
« on: February 03, 2013, 10:55:40 AM »
I'm still around! I haven't been here for ages though, it's a shame too. I missed you guys! I've been pretty busy with some things offline but I have been meaning to get on here ages ago!

Cavalcade (1933)

It actually kind of a montage of events such as WWI and Titanic.

It won the Academy Award for Best Picture that year.

Tsarevich Alexei Nicholaievich / Re: Alexei's cats: Zubrovka & Kotka
« on: February 01, 2013, 06:51:41 AM »
I actually have a question about this...

I was reading one of my Romanov books, unfortunately I can't recall if it was The Fate Of The Romanovs or The Last Days Of The Romanovs, or even Romanov Autumn... At any rate, I found it interesting...

Was Zubrovka bred specifically for Aleksei? That was what I read in whichever book it was, that Aleksei saw a particular cat and liked it, and the owner? bred the cat specifically with another kind so that it wouldn't have claws?

Just double checking on that.

If this is the case, does this breed exist now? What is it called? Is it, perchance, named after him? (wishful thinking I think ;)

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