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About the code Olga used in her diaries. I thought the code was cracked, at least the code Olga used in her diary of 1913.

If it was, I was not aware of it. If you have any information about that, please let me know. Thanks! :)

Some of the entries have been decoded in "Nicholas & Alexandra At Home with the Last Tsar and His Family".

I took this picture from a book in Moscow in 2009. I can't remember the name of the book, perhaps it was the new edition of "The Romanovs and the Crimea".

If anyone is interested, Christina Croft did an interview with me about the book, here it is: . If you anyone has any other questions, I will be happy to try to answer them here.

Very interesting interview. I'll preorder the book right away! : )

About the code Olga used in her diaries. I thought the code was cracked, at least the code Olga used in her diary of 1913.

Having Fun! / Re: Rare Pictures XI
« on: April 26, 2013, 09:08:04 AM »
Loads of rare pictures:

The Imperial Family / Re: identification
« on: April 20, 2013, 10:15:36 AM »
I've often seen the woman at the center of this photo identified as Isa Buxhoeveden, though it's never looked like her to me. Today on tumblr I saw her identified as Princess Alice of Battenburg. Which is correct?

I think she is Olga Byutsova.

Having Fun! / Re: Rare Pictures XI
« on: February 18, 2013, 08:55:58 AM »
A question, perhaps for Nicola: who are the 2 officers in this picture of Olga and Anastasia at the tennis court? Is one of them (the one at her right?) A. K. Shvedov? And the other? And in the winter picture with Tatiana? Thanks in advance Nicola... or anyone else!

I think the man Matushka is asking about is Victor Erastovich Zborovsky
sotnik His Maj.'s convoy
Seriously injured in autumn 1915. Evacuated to the Fedorovsky hospital. Went back to the convoy in March 1917.
Died Oct. 9, 1944 from wounds sustained in fighting (26 Sept 1944) with Tito's partisans in the river Drina, in hospital in the city of Graz (Austria), where he is buried.

The blond man in Reply #563 I believe is Mikhail Alekseyevich Skvortsov

Servants, Friends and Retainers / Re: OTMA's "Sailor nannies"
« on: April 07, 2012, 01:01:51 AM »
Nikolai Sablin writes about the officers and djadkas in his book Years On Board The Imperial Yacht Standart.
Anastasia’s djadka was a much liked sailor named Бабушкин /Babushkin. 
He also names the officers assigned to grand duchesses. Olga’s was N.P. Sablin, he himself (N.V. Sablin) was Tatiana’s, Maria’s was prince and Lt. Nikolai Vadbolski/Вадболский and Anastasia’s was Lt. Aleksei Saltanov.

Having Fun! / Re: Looking For Pictures?
« on: June 27, 2010, 01:45:21 AM »
Re Response # 375 and "tian79": it WAS meant to be a framed item, fitting in perfectly with the horizontal format!  Excellent!  Thank you for the attribution as I had not, to my knowledge, seen this illustration before. Do we know where this item is now?  Is the second painting (the "Nursing Home") still extant?   Regards,  AP.

Aleksandr Pavlovich, here's a picture of the frame. I don't know where the frame is now, but in the book (from 1990) the picture is from Sotheby's, so I guess the frame could be anywhere.

Having Fun! / Re: Looking For Pictures?
« on: June 26, 2010, 12:47:48 AM »

This painting can be found from John Booth's The Art of Fabergé, p. 127.
The caption says: "A miniature frame by Fabergé in pink enamel for two paintings by Vassily Zuiev: the Grand Duchesses Marie and Anastasia and the nursing home where they helped with nursing."

Maria Nicholaievna / Re: Question about and/or Help with Picture(s)
« on: April 14, 2010, 10:44:29 AM »
The dining room is dark . . . There is dust everywhere, we can't figure it out, since there aren't any carpets . . . Even this paper is dirty . . . Eveyone who comes into the house inspects our rooms . . . It's difficult to write about anything cheerful, because there's all too little cheerfulness here. On the other hand, God doesn't abandon us. The sun shines, the birds sing, and this morning we heard the bells sounding matins . . ."

This letter is from Peter Kurth's Tsar: The Lost World of Nicholas and Alexandra (p. 187), but he doesn't cite his source.

Olga Nicholaievna / Re: Olga's figure
« on: October 21, 2009, 12:02:25 PM »
Since measurement of Tatiana's skirt is 142 cm(s), I consider by that length going from feet up to shoulders (No heels including).
I think there's something strange about those measurements I gave you. The skirt length should only account for her height from her feet to her waist, and the bodice from waist to shoulder. But that would make Tatiana 173 cm tall (about 5.6 feet) at the shoulder in 1913! That's just not possible. It's also odd that the skirt of Olga's court dress is nearly 40 cm longer than her regimental skirt, yet for Tatiana the two skirts have only 4 cm difference.

I think that Tatiana’s 140 cm and Olga’s 138 cm are measurements from shoulder to feet.
T: 140 - 31 (bodice) =  109 cm skirt
O: 138 - 35 = 103 cm skirt (Olga's uniform skirt's length was 102)

Since measurement of Tatiana's skirt is 142 cm(s), I consider by that length going from feet up to shoulders (No heels including). Considering that is approximately 7/8 of Tatiana's height (human body proportions - 1/8 - head, 3/8 - torso and 4/8 =1/2 ) , we can make one formula. ( 'x' is to be full length of Tatiana's).
1/8*x+142 = x . (Head + torso and legs together = full length). Next tip -- to multiple with 8, as we get then x+1136=8x => 7x=1136 => x= 162.2857.... cm or 63, 8 inches in 1913.

Nena, good work calculating the heights.
I was just wondering, if 140 cm is from shoulders down and 1/8 is just the head, aren't we missing the length of the neck?

On a side note. Olga's weight on 23rd of Aug 1917 was 58,7 kg.
Tatiana 63,5 kg
Maria 68,8 kg
Anastasia 59,4 kg
Information from Dnevniki Nikolaya II i Aleksandry Fedorovny: 1917-1918 II

Tatiana Nicholaievna / Re: Tatiana Smiling?
« on: July 09, 2009, 12:52:52 PM »
Tatiana with soldiers

That's Sablin on the right. Anyone know who the other man is?

He's named as Sablin III in Vyrubova's albums.

The Imperial Family / Re: Diaries of NAOTMAA
« on: March 21, 2009, 03:09:59 AM »
In Victor Alexandrov's The End of the Romanovs, there is a picture of a diary which Alexandra gave to Olga in Tobolsk for Christmas 1917. So it's possible that Olga's diary of 1918 still exists.

Olga Nicholaievna / Re: Is it true...
« on: February 20, 2009, 11:31:30 AM »
I do remember reading one of her letters (I forget who it's to) and she said that despite all the sailors available to teach her, she never really learned how to swim.

That does sound vaguely familiar -- can you find the quote?

This is from LPT, page 145.
"A sailor from the Standard was entrusted with teaching the Grand Duchesses to swim, but years later Olga would confess in a letter to friend that she never learned!"

Sarushka, where did you get your copy?
I'm really interested in this book, according to Atlantis Magazine’s special FOTR issue some of the letters are forgeries.

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