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princes/ kings

1358 Carlo
1383 Balasha
1388 Geogeis
1444 Gejeji Skanderbeg
1914 William
1924 Zog I

Skanderbeg was the Albainian National Hero who founded  the first Albainian state Free from the Italians and Greeks
the Albainians are the last of the Illyerians who lived in the Balkans with the Greeks bethore the arival of the Slavs. After the fall of Konstantinopal Albainia fell under Ottamon  rule it was not untill 1914 did they regain independance again the major Europian Powers devised new borders leaving half the population out side in what is now Kosovo and gave the throne to Wihelm of Zu Wied (a german Princerpality) he was a relative of queen Elisaver of romainia. Wihelm gave up after six months and left the Country he was deposed in 1924. The same year Ahmet Zog 1895-1961 the son of a local albainian prince sized power and made him self presedent in 1928 he made him self king Zog I. Zog started to trasform his country from a medieval state in to a modern Monachy in 1938 zog Married a half American half Hungerian Countess Geralden 1915-2002 she was found seling post cards in a romainian Gallery Geraldien was a beautifful and accumplished young women. there was a problem Albainia was  under a protecterate of Italy in 1939 italy invaided King Victor Emmanuel was crowned king he was deposed in 1943 Aldainias mostly Musolem population were like al balkan people were vied as inferia saveges by the Nazi's and italians. Geraldine gave birth to her only child Leka in 1939 a few days later she and Zog fled over the greek border taking the royal jewels and most of the countrys gold with them they setaled in england in 1941 and then America were the Family and Zog's sisters who were niked named the ugly zoglits by most of europes monachys created a mock kingdom on long island. Zog finaly seteled in france were he spent the rest of his life dowing house work he died in 1961

Zog's son Leka was Crowned king in Paris which was atended by most of the Balkans ex royals the title was not as empty as it seemed as there were more Albainians living out side its boarders the regarded Leka as their king. Leka married in 1975 to an Austrailian Susan Babara Cullan Ward 1941-2004 they have one son Leka they went to live in south Africa were he owned an arms bussiness in 1990 Communism fel in Albainia it had been ruled with ruthless Maoisum and had alied itself with china the hole contrey was in ruins and to his day is the pourist in Europe. In1997 the royal family returned to Albainia for the first time a referendom was held in which 60% of the population voted not to restor the Monachy.

1383 emanilel
1914 wilhelm
1924 zog I 1943-1946
1939 victor I


1346 Stafan VI
1877 Aleksandr I
1887 Ferdinand I
1918 Boris III
1943 Simon II


1941 Tomaslav III


1827 count kaoidistras
1832 Othon
1863 Geogios I
1913 Konstantinos I
1917 Aleksandros I
1922 Geogios II
1947 Pavlos I
1964 Konstantinos


1852 Danilo III
1860 Nikola I
1910 Nikola I
1921 Mihaljo  


1859 Aleksandreu
1866 Karol I
1914 Ferdinand I
1930 Karol II
1940 Mihai I 1927-1930

Serbia -Yugoslavia
1345 Stefan V
1804 Geogi I
1813 Milan I
1839 Milan II
1840 Milan III
1842 Aleksanda I
1868 Milan IV
1889 Aleksanda II
1903 Petar I
1921 Aleksanda III
1934 Pavel (regent)
1934 Petar II

The Greek Royal Family / Prince Michael of Greece
« on: February 20, 2005, 01:58:57 PM »
prince michael of greece i think is an auther he was the only other royal to marrie a greek his mother princess Frances was french i think the second wife of prince christos she also died young. ???

the wedding was held on 18 september 1964 at st Denis in Athens Constantine and queen frederika made their way to the church to gether Anna Maria was with her farther sepraty.

Royals from almost every country atended the wedding and the grand ball two days bethor.

Queen frederika and other princes who was able crownd the couple.

Queen frederika
Juan carlos of spain
Harold of norway
Charles of uk
Carl of sweden
Michel of greece
Aleksanda of Yugoslavia

brides maids were

Ann of uk
Tatiana of Greece
Yrieny of Greece
Clarisa of Hessen
Magarita of Romainia
Christina of Sweden

for more info go to

yes al you say is sadly true i think freddy was her own wurst enemy in the end her meddling in politics was her down fall.

reading her book i get the feeling Palo was quite a shy and weak man he was certanly no match for freddy. she states quite proudly that she oftern gave what she called helpful advice to politions.

as for the face lift i herd rumers that it was a early form of plastic surgary. you can see in photos that she aged badly. she did some lectures at Madras univercity in the 1970s maybe she wanted to look more youthul at them.  

you can imagen that surgen never worked again! :-/

thanks for that info

i dont beleve frederika was a nazi coming from a german background my self i no that a lot of people seem no think u are a nazi people need to unterstand that the german people are no responsable fpr the crimes of adolf hitler. as for frederika she was by no meens a saint but was misunderstood like Marie Anttoinett of even Tsarina Alix

The Greek Royal Family / Prince Nicholas & Grand Duchess Helen (Elena)
« on: February 15, 2005, 05:10:39 AM »
Does any one have any info on her was she buried at Tatoi? and obout her children. I would like to no something about princess Eliza she and Marina died young but olga the oldest died in her 90s i think.

yes she died age 64 which was quite tragic i heard she was poisond or purpusly killed in some sort of surgary in spain

p.s can some one tell me how to put images on here

i heard that she was not a nazi but like every child in germany she had to join the hitler groups her parents pulled her out and sent her to england then italy.
in her auterbiography she talked obout a jewish docter saving her husband.

i have always wanted to no why frederika was disliked. im in the middle of reading her book were she of cause comes acros in a very positive but i have read another book were she was described as being petti, corrupt, greedy, bitter cruel bethor i read that i always viewed her as a very intelegent, beautifful, strong, witty and spiritul women.

she was a very beautifful women i have a lot of pictures of her

i have a picture of frederikas funeral but im not sure how to put it on here you can see if you go to the greek royal house web site and go to links queen frederika

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