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The Final Chapter / Crime of the Century
« on: June 01, 2023, 10:29:36 PM »
for anyone interested , there is a new investigative book available which was released in about 2020 called " The Crime of the Century " , in Russian only , over 500pages long , which
in my opinion is the new Definitive Standard of the final time of the Romanovs. Contains much technical information and previous unseen photos.
Also has the best quality Sokolov dossier photos I've ever seen - the 'missing' dossiers and original photos must be back in Russia now...........worth checking out.

The Alexander Palace / Re: Obscure AP room photos over the decades?
« on: May 17, 2023, 09:35:06 PM »
AFAIK there are none . Neither are there any of the female servants or other staff..............might be wrong

The Final Chapter / Re: The Jewels
« on: May 15, 2023, 05:55:52 PM »
A lot of the "Jewellery" pieces were sold on the market , lots of it was purchased by Queen Mary of England........

I think this entire Forum has died since Covid......................... Ive never seen his letters , but there are many public photos on web.

Anna Vyrubovas photo albums are at Yale - here:::

But only 6 of 7 are there , where is Album No#1 ??????

The Final Chapter / Re: William Lincoln archive
« on: May 09, 2023, 09:25:04 PM »
I had a quick look through my notes and came up with the following list of *possible females* who *could have* given photos to William Lincoln , feel free to add or correct me.

Tegleva - lived in train in Yekat - married Gilliard , could've taken any photos with her so probably not her.

Tutelberg - Lived in Toblosk house but not in Ipatiev house. Possibilty 1.
      Dont know what happened to her.

Madeleine Zanotti - Senior maid - went to Tobolsk , but not in house , left Russia ?
 Elizabeth Eltser - Junior maid - went to Tobolsk , but not in house , left Russia ?
 Unnamed maid 2 - Junior maid - went to Tobolsk , but not in house , left Russia ?

Buxhoeveden - Lived in train in Yekat , left Russia , took her photos with her.

Narishkin - Elderly & didnt leave TS.

Schneider - Jailed then Shot but could've given her photos to Gilliard ?

Hendrikova - Jailed then Shot but could've given her photos to Gilliard ?

Ersberg - Lived in Toblosk house but not in Ipatiev house. Possibilty 2.
      Died in WW2 in Leningrad.

Demidova - Lived in Ipatiev and shot with everyone else , could've smuggled photos out of house but extremely unlikely.

Vyrubova - not in Ipatiev , escaped to Finland , took her photo albums with her - Now in Yale.

Anna Yakovlevna Utkina - Junior to Tegleva - went to Tobolsk....then unknown ????

Ekaterina Zhivaya - maid to Schneider...............??????

Paulina Kasperovna Mezhants - maid to Hendrikova..............?????

Victorina Vladimirovna Nicholaeva - maid to Hendrikova..............?????

Anna Pavlovna Romanova - unknown junior maid ?????

The Final Chapter / Re: William Lincoln archive
« on: May 08, 2023, 06:58:22 PM »
The video is here :

Would be interesting to know WHO gave the photos to William Lincoln.....

The Final Chapter / GD Michael : Search Foundation update ?
« on: May 01, 2023, 09:27:36 PM »
Does anyone have an update on the Search Foundations work to find GD Michael ?
I know it went quiet because of Covid.......I cant find any update

This is not mentioned by anyone , anywhere else , so I'd say its false. Her name is not on the list of servants who went INTO the house.

The Alexander Palace / Re: Children's Island
« on: December 19, 2017, 10:24:23 PM »

Does anyone have and photos of the interior of the house ( of any time period ) ?


Does anyone have any photos of the Sascha Diary farm wooden buildings ( burnt down by Nazi's in war ) Interiors or closeup , I only have distant views.



There was an early offer from George V via the Ambassador which was rejected by Nicholas whilst they were still under house arrest at AP.
If you read the families letters it seems they were their own worst enemies in regards to being rescued.
The letter from Ernst to Alix is interesting as is her response.

The bottom line is --- they could have been rescued IF they hadn't been so stubborn................but after they moved from Tobolsk to Yekaturinburg it was nigh on impossible.

The Final Chapter / Re: Captivity photo's
« on: July 20, 2014, 02:24:17 AM »
There were photographic films ( undeveloped obviously ) found burnt in the stove at Ipatiev by the investigators,this implys that other photos were taken at Tobolsk or on the way to Yekaterinburg which we will never see .Their cameras were confiscated on arrival at Ipatiev so none were taken there. There are quite a lot taken at Tobolsk which have been around for many years ,most posted on this forum or elsewhere on the web. There may be others that we have not seen which may be in private collections,who knows ?. Nothing seems to have surfaced of recent years........
As for Marie doing the developing - that was actually Anastasia , in one book ( cant remember which at the moment ) it is said that Nicholas actually paid for a representative of the Kodak company to teach her how to do it as she had such an interest in photography - of course Marie may have learnt from Anastasia.

I was reading thro this old thread and thought I make some comments.

* I believe Lenin DID instruct Yurovsky ( via Belobordov & Goloshchekin a few weeks earlier) to get rid of the ImpF, but it would have been done verbally not in writing. in the 1920's Lenin was worshipped as god and no-one would say anything bad about him, so Urals Cheka took the responsibility and the Glory for the deed.

* No photos were taken of the dead bodies in Ipatiev or out in Koptyaki forest. ImpF cameras were confiscated on their arrival in Yekaturinburg, although this does not disprove that Yurovsky MAY have used the ImpF camera to take photos of the ImpF - BEFORE July 17th. Some burnt film was discovered in stove in Ipatiev house but no-one knows if the pictures on the film were taken in Ipatiev or previously at Tobolsk. There are other photos of ImpF in private collections & had by British royal family that are not publically seen , but I think these were taken at Tobolsk NOT Ipatiev.

* There is information in GARF Archives that has never been released to public ( so never seen by Radisvky , King/Wilson , or any other researchers  ) - some supposedly will become viewable after year 2018 , but I think for political reasons etc some will not become available. Even today things could be embarassing to Russian or German or even Britian govt. There are information-things that Yurovsky took with him that even Sokolov didn't see , neither have we today.

* We all discuss things on these forums and try to work out the 'finer details' after-the-fact ( I think is the correct word ? ) based on what Yurovsky said , or what somebody told Sokolov , or someone heard from someone else , so it is all speculation. I have been reading & researching for over 50 years and there are gray areas in the reports ,missing parts , and I don't think Yurovsky was totally truthful in his 3 or 4 supposed letters.......... but we will never know.

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