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There is a lot of information about aides de camp and their duties on the Imperial Russian Army Ranks string.  You'll find it under Russian Imperial Medals, Orders, Uniforms & Militaria. 

I hope that helps!

Fabulous! Thanks! I had been going through a bunch of the boards looking, but I hadn't found that one. That did answer quite a few of my questions and the actual job entailed with the title, etc. If anyone can help with any info pertaining to Plaoutine, I'll still be most grateful! ;)

Hi! I've been researching the family of Maj.-Gen. Serge Plaoutine for some time (see thread in Russian Noble Families board), but now I am hoping that someone could help me with his position.

I know that he was born in 1837, the son of Gen. Nikolai Fedorovich Plaoutine (also A.D.C., I believe). By the time Serge married in 1867 he was listed as a Colonel in the Russian Army and A.D.C. to the Tsar. What did that mean? Was that a full-time position or an honorary one. Imperial Russia was so full of honors and titles, but I cannot find in any book even a reference to any A.D.C. Would he have attended court functions?

Family memories say that Serge Plaoutine was one of the richest land owners in the country at the time of the Revolution, though he died poor in France in 1926. They say that he lived at 25 Millionnaya Street until retirement in 1894. When he retired he had a house at 24 Quai de la Cour. From what I can tell, that was also a very prestigious street (and only a few doors down from Cartier's first shop in Russia!). He rented a flat in Nice beginning about 1907 or so, and retired there in 1914.

Was he an A.D.C. until 1894? Apparently, too, his wife (Eleanor) and two daughters, Vera (married Serge Denissieff) and Elisaveta "Lily" (married Prince Sergei Scherbatoff) were some sort of Ladies of the Court?

Any help is so appreciated!

Russian Noble Families / Re: Plaoutine family
« on: February 21, 2015, 04:42:11 PM »
Have been going through all kinds of papers trying to sort these families (Plaoutine, Denissieff and Scherbatoff) out. I've got copies of some papers written by a niece of Serge and Eleanor Plaoutine. She wrote various memories down in the 1980s (when she was in her 90s), so sorting them out and putting them in order is quite a challenge!

Between these memories and the book written by Mariamne Denissieff Smith, I am trying to piece together info on Serge and Vera Denissieff's (nee Plaoutine) daughter, Iya. Hardly any mentions of her, but she has to "be out there" somewhere! :) Here is what I know:

Iya Denissieff (means "Violet" in Greek)
Born: 1904
Sent to live with grandparents (Serge and Eleanor Plaoutine) in Nice, France at the start of the Revolution.
Married a man whose last name is "Serebriakoff".
Had 2 children.
Died of pneumonia.

I am assuming that she married in Nice, or the vicinity. Don't know, though. Am certainly hoping that someone else may be able to help with finding more than this. Thanks in advance!


I've come up with a couple more clues. Trying to work on Prince Sergei's two daughters, Elizaveta and Maria. According to family notes one of them was dead by 14 May 1910. A hand-written family tree by one of Lily Plaoutine's cousins says that Maria married a man by the name of Scheibler. No dates or anything listed. However, Prince Alexei's memoirs (posted in one of the first replies here) seem to think that Elizaveta escaped Smolensk in 1921. So, it is safe to assume that one of them did escape and live to marry Scheibler. Any one able to uncover anything else on this?


Hey, Sarah, who's the "Bing" that you're a fan of.  I'm assuming it's not Chandler Bing.

You're right! It is actually for Bing Crosby and Nelson Eddy --- my two all-time favorite performers! Can't beat Bing for anything, whether it's acting, singing, etc. Nelson Eddy isn't as well remembered, but when it comes to a handsome baritone, well, you just don't get better. :)


Have been doing some looking trying to discover anything about Princess Elizaveta's son, Boris Sergeyevich. He is listed as having been shot/killed at Archangel in 1920. I found this mention on the Archangel page of Wikipedia:

The city resisted Bolshevik rule from 1918 to 1920 and was a stronghold of the anti-Bolshevik White Army supported by the military intervention of British-led Entente forces along an Allied expedition, including a North American contingent known as the Polar Bear Expedition.

I am wondering if Boris might have been fighting with the White Army and killed while doing that?

Thanks for all that info about the birthplaces! That is quite interesting, particularly about the town owned by Princess Stcherbatov and the name change.

From all of this looking, it seems that the Stcherbatovs were quite rich and in court circles. I would love to see a picture of Princess Elizaveta "Lily" Scherbatoff in her full "Court Dress" or "Fancy" dress. I have seen a few pictures of her as a young girl, and one very sad one during her captivity, but nothing "fancy". :)

I have just now found this link (here in Russian):
Here translated by Google:

This seems to agree with a couple of other things that I'm seeing online that are saying that Pr Elizaveta was released from prison --- not shot. However, quite a few things say that she was shot. Perhaps it is the translation and things are clearer in the Russian? Any thoughts?

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate this!

  Dmitry was born in village Fedyaevo(Ryazanskaya province)-село Федяево Рязанской губернии,
  Tatiana was born in village Preobrazhenskoye(Smolenskaya province)-cело Преображенское Смоленской губернии.

Thank you SO much!! I really appreciate that help. I've been trying all kinds of combinations, but nothing has worked out. :)

I have found a website with a lot of info on Stcherbatovs as put in the Almanac de Gotha, and this is answering quite a lot of questions as to which names go in which generation. Go down to Generation "L", and that is where the family we're talking about begins.

The Almanac de Gotha always lists Prince Sergei Borisovich Stcherbatov as dying at Kharkov (31 May 1919). Does anyone know if this was on account of his being arrested or captured? Or was he fighting?

It also lists his son, Boris, as being shot at Archangel in 1920. Can anyone see more information about that? The memories that I have from a cousin of Boris have a story about him as a little boy, so it would be kind of fun to know more about him.

Thanks again for all the help! I am thrilled with all that you've helped me with.

Fabulous! Thanks for the link to the web page. I have saved all of that. It seems that there is no question what happened to Dimitry --- or Tatiana.

I have just found a listing for the Scherbatoffs in the 1939 edition of the "Nouvel Almanach du Corps Diplomatique: Ancien Almanach de Gotha"
I had no trouble reading the first part (and it seems to answer the question of what happened to Serge and his son, Boris):

1. Pr. Serge, ne a St-Petersbourg 21 Janv. 1870, a Kharkov 31 Mai 1919, att. au min. de l'interieur russe; m. a St-Petersbourg 12 Janv. 1897 a Elisabeth Plaoutine (noblesse hered. russe), nee a St-Petersbourg 2 Mars 1875, (fusillee) a Smolensk . . . . 1921, demoiselle d'honn. des Imperatrices de Russie.

Enfants: 1) Pr. Boris, nee a St-Petersbourg 17 Oct 1897, (fusille) a Arkhangel . . . . 1920, aspirant russe.
2) Psse Elisabeth, nee a St-Petersbour 5 Nov. 1898. [ . . . . ]
3) Psse Marie, nee a Florence 5 Janv. 1900. [ . . . . ]
4) Psse Irene, nee a Liban 2 Sept 1901, (fusillee) a Smolensk . . . . 1921.

But I cannot read the place of birth for Dmitry or Tatiana . . . and that is who I need. The place names just will not translate. Can anyone read French or figure where these place are? Here is the image of the page:

Thanks in advance!

Hi! Thanks for all the help. You are right about the "old" aunt. She was old, and that is some great aunt! I suppose, though, that the family must have been close.

I have found an old note referencing a blog entry at
Sadly, this blog seems to have been removed. All that I have is the Google Translation of the entry, so it's a bit rough, but it said this:

Shcherbatova (eq. Plautin), Elizabeth S. (1875-1921), was shot along with his family and household, on charges of belonging to a "criminal counter-revolutionary organization People's Union defend our freedom."

book. Shcherbatova Irina (1901-1921), the daughter of the previous one, shot on charges of belonging to a "criminal counter-revolutionary organization People's Union defend our freedom."
Family Scherbatova ES, DS, TS Scherbatova (nee Plautin) Elizabeth S.. She was born in 1875. Princess (married Prince Sergei Borisovich Shcherbatova), 1919 - widow. Lived with his son Dmitri and daughters. May 14, 1921 - arrested with his son, daughter Tatyana and a second daughter, as a "counter-revolutionary conspiracy participants," and imprisoned. Soon available together with her daughters, son remained in prison. In 1921 - died. Russia Family Tree. / SCH / schrbatv.htm SARF. F. R-8419. Op.1. D. 276. Pp. 17, 50. Shcherbaty Dmitry. He was born in 1903. Prince (father, Prince Sergey Shcherbatov; Shcherbatova mother Elizabeth S.). Resided in Smolensk, studied at the Institute. May 14, 1921 - arrested in his mother and sisters, was sentenced to imprisonment in a concentration camp and sent to Kholmogorsky camp. October 3, 1921 - a case of "counter-revolutionary conspiracy" has been discontinued, but was not released. In November, taken out of the camp in Arkhangelsk to Moscow, November 23 placed in Vologda county hospital with typhus, Dec. 23 placed in the provincial hospital, died in late December. Russia Family Tree. / SCH / schrbatv.htm SARF. F. R-8419. Op.1. D. 276. Pp. 17, 50. Scherbatova Tatjana. She was born in 1905. Princess (father, Prince Sergey Shcherbatov; Shcherbatova mother Elizabeth S.). Lived with his family Smolensk. May 14, 1921 - arrested with his mother, sister and brother Dmitry as "counter-revolutionary conspiracy participants," and imprisoned. Soon available. Poulchila higher education. Art critic, artist copyist, a member of the Union of Artists and Architects of Georgia, Honored Artist of Georgia. In 2000 - died in Smolensk.

Some info that someone on this forum was nice enough to give me a year or two ago matched some of the above. So far, it has been all that I've had to go on, but it is always quite a job to sort out these Russian families as there seem to be four or five sides to every story --- instead of the usual two! Here is the info that I had:

Elizaveta, Irina and Dmitiri were arrested and accused of contra-revolutionary activities on May 14, 1921. Irina was shot shortly afterwards. Elizaveta died that same year, either in captivity or at home.

Some sources, like the memoirs of his cousin Alexei Shcherbatov, have Dmitri shot in 1921 as well, but he escaped, fled to Siberia, changed his name to Vasili Kuzmich Shcherbakov, became a well-known scientist and died in 1981. He had two sons and many (grand)grandchildren.

Their daughter Tatiana married Boris Vladimirovich Shevyakov in 1930, in Leningrad, both were talented artists, he an art conserver, she a copier of freco’s. Their daughter Vera was born in 1931. However, Boris was arrested and sent to Solovki camp in 1935, where he died some years later.
 Tatiana and her daughter escaped to Georgia (South of Russia), where she became well-known in her art. She died in 2000. Her daughter Vera became an archeologist and lives today in Dedovsk, close to Moscow.

No one seems to be mentioning Boris anywhere, except for Alexey Shcherbatov in his memoirs.

One more thought . . .

The Princess Khovanskaya almost has to be a generation farther back somehow, because the notes that I have (written by the daughter of an English cousin of Lily Scherbatoff who knew the family) refer to the aunt as "old aunt" already by 1910.


Hi! Thanks very much! This looks like it is answering several questions. I have had info from someone on this board (a couple of years ago) that Prince Sergei was killed 31 May 1919 at Kharkov (which matches the second link that you gave). They also thought that Sergei and Lily's son, Boris, was killed in 1921 at Smolensk. They also said that Dimitry escaped and lived until 1981 (also matching the second link). Any thoughts?

Interestingly, the first link with the memoir, states that Sergei and Lily's daughter Elizabeth also escaped with her younger sister, Tatiana. This only leaves one child, Marie, unaccounted for.

Thanks for the suggestion of the identity of Princess Khovanskaya. Looking it up in English, I am only getting a very old painting. :)

The following is the Google Translation of a sentence or two from the memory. Does he mean that the family was buried up there and then turned into a cemetery where others were buried after later executions?
Uncle Sergei, a famous artist, he loved his estate near Smolensk, not far from the Goats mountains, and did not want to leave it. Gave them as "employees of British intelligence" Alexander Engelhardt. Goats on the mountain, with the execution of my relatives began GPU cemetery, where many years later were destroyed five thousand Polish officers.

Will continue to work on this and post as I come up with anything.

Shamelessly bumping this post in the hopes that someone can help me.  :-[

I seem to remember reading that Prince Sergei was one of five brothers. Does anyone know anything about his family? Also, I have a note saying that his wife, Lily Plaoutine, was shot at Smolensk with two of her children and an old aunt of her husband's. It appears that the Aunt's name might be "Maria" or "Mania"?

If anyone has anything to add here or suggestions as to how I could find some information, I would be very appreciative. Thanks!

Olga Nicholaievna / Fanny Carter --- Nurse to Grand Duchess Olga?
« on: February 10, 2015, 09:57:32 AM »
Hi! I have been researching the Plaoutine family (Serge Plaoutine was A.D.C. to the Tsar), and they seem to have been quite close to the Tsar. In fact, the family has a picture of Fanny and Jane Carter, sisters from England. On the back of the picture is a story saying that Fanny went to work for Serge and Eleanor Plaoutine as a Nursery Maid and then a Nurse. She was asked for by the Empress to be Grand Duchess Olga's nurse, so Eleanor Plaoutine sent her to the Royal family. After being nurse to Olga (and maybe sisters?), Fanny returned to the Plaoutines as housekeeper. It says that later she and her sister returned to England. Jane, the sister, worked as a nursery maid in Grand Duchess Xenia's house hold.

Does anyone know anything about these sisters? This is all the info that I've got, but I'd love to know anything more.

Came across another image (this time it's a portrait!) of one of the Plaoutines. This is Gen. Nikolai Fyodorovich Plautin (or Plaoutine), father of Serge Plaoutine (married Eleanor Pringle) --- seen in several of the previously posted photos.

This particular watercolor was painted by Alexander Ivanovich Klunder somewhere between 1839-43. It is now at the State Central Literary Museum in Moscow.

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