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No, it was a civilian school whose graduates were supposed to enter civil or diplomatic service. The uniform lacks shoulder boards which makes it quite different from military.

Interesting! I didn't know that. Makes sense, as their father was an engineer. :)

Marina Spb: Thanks for all of the info on the addresses. Fabulous, and I will have to put that into my notes. It seems that they all took their turns living at the house on Milionnaya Street.

In 1899 Plautin family lived in the estate "Бялка" in Krasnostav,Lublin province(Люблинская губерния).Before the revolution this area was part of Russia.
I see that Krasnostav is the correct spelling for the "Krasnoslav" that my notes have as Nicholas' place of death in 1918. Very interested to know that they had an estate there. I am wondering if anyone is able to find out if Nicholas did actually die in battle there or was he killed? The date that I have is 31 Oct 1918. Also, does anyone know if the estate still exists today?


Is this some kind of a school uniform?
This is a uniform of the Imperial Alexander Lyceum, an aristocratic high school/college originally resided in Tsarskoye Selo, and after 1844 in St. Petersburg.

Thanks very much! Was this a sort of Military school, or are the uniforms just fashioned in that style?

Russian Noble Families / Re: Plaoutine family
« on: January 06, 2015, 10:39:57 AM »

  My grandmother,Denisieva Lidiya Sergeevna(1912-1999),belongs to the branch of the family from Kursk,Sergey Fedorovich-to the branch from Kostroma( I think so).But their
families communicated.My grandmother told me,that in her childhood with parents she visited Sergey Fedorovich in his house and called him "uncle Serezha",so I think,that they
were relatives.I also want to find his bural place.
 Denisiev Alexander Sergeevich was a student of the Imperial Alexander Lyceum(in 1914-1918).
 Denisiev Sergey Sergeevich was also a studend of the Imperial Alexander Lyceum(in 1912-1918).
There is information,that they died  in 1919(but it may be wrong).
 Sergey Fedorovich lived at the address Khalturina(Millionnaya)street,25.After his death(in 1929-1931),Elizaveta Alexandrovna Denisieva(?) lived at this address.
 I'm very glad to read the story about them and to see their pictures!

    Best regards,

Very, very interesting! There is a photo showing Alexander and and Sergey Denisiev in "Lycee" uniform, which is dated c. 1917. The family note that I have says that Sergey was killed in 1921 while fighting with White Russian Forces. There is a note to say that Alexander died of pneumonia. Maybe he died in 1919. If he was a student in 1918, then he must have died after that time.

Do you know anything about their younger sister, Iya? All that I can find says that she was born in 1904 and died of pneumonia sometime between 1911 and Autumn 1917.

I was most interested to read that the Denisievs lived at 25 Millionnaya Street. That was the Plaoutine's house before the Revolution! Do you know what years Sergey Fedorovich lived there?


Russian Noble Families / Re: Plaoutine family
« on: January 06, 2015, 09:55:38 AM »
I have just been able to find some photos of the Plaoutine and Denissieff families. I posted them in a separate thread in this board, as there are a good amount of them and it takes some scrolling! Hope you all enjoy putting faces with the names as much as I have.

Here are the last two photos of the families that I have so far. :)

This photo shows Mariamne Denissieff c. 1921 (most likely taken in France).

This last photo was on the cover of the book. It shows Mariamne Denissieff in the costume of a Russian Nobleman in 1930. She was rather beautiful!

So, that is all the photos so far! If anyone else has or finds any photos of this family that they would be willing to share, I would love to see them. I also have slightly larger scans of most of these (a bit too big to load on the forum), so if you are interested in one in particular, feel free to contact me.


Almost finished with all of these photos, here is a whole group showing Mariamne Denissieff as a young girl in a variety of snapshots. I am wondering . . . do you pronounce the "m" in Mariamne? Or is that silent and the name is pronounced "Marianne"?

Three photos showing Mariamne about 1909-1910.

This photo is identified as showing Mariamne with her Nanny, Mrs. Hays, c. 1907.

This photo shows Mariamne c. 1917 just before she and her sister left Russia to live with their grandparents in France.

Two more photos coming . . .

I am posting this one in a reply all its own, as I am hoping that someone will be able to explain something to me. This photo shows Serjack (left) and Alec (right) Denissieff in "Lycee Uniform" about 1917. Is this some kind of a school uniform? Thanks!

Here are four more Denissieff photos. A couple more posts  with pictures coming after this . . .

This first one shows (left to right) Alec, Serjack and Nelly Denissieff in Russia c. 1910.

This second one shows Serge Denissieff (1869-1928) with his eldest son, Serjack (1898-1921). Photo taken about 1900.

This third photo shows Serjack Denissieff about 1900.

This fourth photo shows Alec Denissieff as a baby c. 1900.

Please post an enlarged fragment of the photo showing Plautin astride the horse, so that his shoulder board would be better visible. Now it seems to have two longitudinal stripes, meaning he's a colonel. If so, he wears the uniform of Tersko-Dagestansky Cavalry Regiment, of which he was a CO in 1904.

If the second photo of mounted officers was actually taken during the Russo-Japanese war, this whole group belongs to the same regiment. If however it dates to WW1, then they are from the 2nd Brigade, 2nd Combined Cossack Division, that was commanded by Nicholas Plautin when he already was a Major General. The uniform of that brigade's two regiments was of a Caucasian style and very similar to that of Tersko-Dagestansky cavalry regiment

Hi! Thanks for the quick reply. I have uploaded the full-sized photos on my website (they are quite large!), so if you click on the links below you will see the photos.

Nicholas Plaoutine on His Horse (Large Photo):, Nicholas Sergevich large.jpg

Nicholas Plaoutine's Cossack Regiment c. 1905 (Large Photo), Nicholas' Russian Cossaks about 1905 during Russian-Japanese War large.jpg

The second photo was identified in the book as being Nicholas' regiment c. 1905 during the Russian-Japanese War. Not many of the photos are actually identified with more than a name, so I'm assuming that was written on there. That said, several of the identifications in the book are incorrect when it came to the year of the photo, so don't take that as a fact carved in stone. :) Thanks for the help!

If I can do anything else, let me know. I've got Photoshop, so I could always try doing something with the photo in there, if that would help.


Now we come to photos that show the children of Vera Plaoutine and Serge Denissieff (with two children of Nicholas Plaoutine appearing in the following snapshot!). The Denissieff children are as follows:

1.) Sergei "Serjack" Denissieff (1898-1921). Fought with the British (3rd Bn., Linc. R.) under the Archangel Command and was awarded the Military Medal and Bar for bravery in the Field with the British Forces in North Russia. Notes from the family say that he left the British Forces and was killed in 1921 fighting with White Russian Forces. Can anyone verify or add to that?

2.) Alexander "Alec" Denissieff (1899-after Autumn 1917). Family notes say that he died of Pneumonia during the Revolution.

3.) Elena (or Helene) "Nelly" (sometimes called "Mimi") Denissieff (21 Jul 1900-?). She married Kyril Armfelt (21 Sep 1897-?) on 02 Jun 1923 in Nice, France. They had three children, but only one lived to adulthood --- the youngest daughter, Helene, who became a French ballerina according to the family.

4.) Iya Denissieff (1904-somewhere between 1911 and Autumn 1917). She died of pneumonia. Any info on her would be appreciated!

5.) Mariamne Denissieff (24 Mar 1906-?). Her first husband was her cousin, George Plaoutine (05 Dec 1898-30 Dec 1942). They had one daughter, Helene (24 Aug 1940-30 Dec 1942). George and Helene were killed (along with George's mother) in the German bombing of Philippeville, Algiers.
Her second husband was Robert Alexander "Sandy" Smith (1920-?). They were married in 1945 in Cornwall and had two sons, Andrew Alexander (b. 1946) and Robert Serge (b. 1948). The sons live in Scotland, but neither answers any queries about family history.

I have just listed any and all information that I have about the Denissieff children, and I would be most appreciative to anyone who could fill in any dates or facts. I would be very glad to know where any of them are buried, as well. Thanks!

Okay, on to the photos. We'll start with a 1911 snapshot showing all five Denissieff children and two of their Plaoutine cousins. That means that all five listed above (in bold) are shown. The other two boys are the younger sons of Nicholas Plaoutine (1868-1918) and Maria Raevskaya (1872-1942). They are:

Serge Nikolaevich Plaoutine (16 Nov 1897-23 Feb 1969). He was married Elisabeth Ivanovna Kourakine on 10 Feb 1927 at Boise-Colombes.

George Nikolaevich Plaoutine (see above info for Mariamne Denissieff --- she was George's second wife). His first wife was Tatiana Shahovskoy (9 May 1899-22May 1976). They had two children, Michael and Mary.

To identify the children, let's start with the five standing in dark clothes at the back. Left to right they are: Serge Plaoutine, Alec Denissieff, George Plaoutine, Nelly Denissieff and Serjack Denissieff. Mariamne Denissieff is standing in front of Nelly, and Iya Denissieff is kneeling in the front of the sleigh.

Here are two more photos of Vera Plaoutine (daughter of Serge and Eleanor).
This first one appears to have been taken in the early 1890s. According to Vera's daughter, Mariamne, Vera was very fond of dogs and always had quite a lot of them.

This next one is just a small photo that looks like it was taken sometime in the 20th Century (she died in 1917). So, I would guess that she had already married Serge Denissieff when she posed for this photo.

Up next is an 1872 photo showing young Nicholas and Vera Plaoutine.
For info on Nicholas see previous reply.
Vera is the second child of Serge and Eleanor Plaoutine. She was born on 05 Aug 1869 at Tsarskoe-Selo, and she died 24 May 1917 in Russia. She was married to Sergey Fedorovich "Serge" Denissieff, and they had five children.

Here are two photographs of Nikolai Sergeyevitch "Nicholas" Plaoutine. He was the oldest son of Serge and Eleanor Plaoutine. He was born in Nice, France on 02 Feb 1868. So far, I believe that he died on 31 Oct 1918 in Krasnoslav, Poland. From what I can find, I think that he died fighting. If anyone has more info on that I would be interested. :)

The images are coming in rather large, so just right-click on them and press "view image" to see the image sized in your screen.

I don't know very much about Nicholas Plaoutine, so if anyone can figure out more through these photographs, then I would love to hear it. I have notes that he was a Colonel and commander of various Cavalier regiments from 1904-07 and that he was the Commander of the 2nd Brigade of the 2nd Cossack division of the Cossack Army in 1914. He was a Major General in 1914. Also have a note saying that he retired on 29 Apr 1917, so I suppose that he must have gone back to the Army when the Revolution started.

This first photo shows Nicholas mounted on his horse and dressed as a Cossack. It is undated and no clue as to what company he is commanding, so if anyone can tell from the photo . . .

This second photo is identified as Nicholas Plaoutine's Cossack Regiment c. 1905 during the Russian-Japanese War. Anyone with more info (or if there is a way to identify names for any of the men in there, particularly Nicholas!) about this regiment and their service at this time would be appreciated. I do have a slightly larger scan than posted here, so if you would like that to look at more closely, just let me know. :)

These next two photos show the Plaoutine family --- being Serge and Eleanor Plaoutine with their two children. Here is a quick list of the family and their dates, just to help everybody keep the different people straight. ;) The names in bold are the people shown in the photos.

Sergei Nikolaevich "Serge" Plaoutine (1837-1926) married Eleanor Pringle (1843-1924). Their children were:
1.) Nikolai "Nicholas" Sergeyevitch Plaoutine (1868-1918) married Maria Mikhailovna Raevskaya (1872-1942)
2.) Vera Sergeyevna Plaoutine (1869-1917) married Sergey Fedorovich "Serge" Denissieff (1869-1928)
3.) Michael Sergeevich "Mischa" Plaoutine (1873-1918) married Selina Rogers Woodhouse (1873-1951)
4.) Elizaveta Sergeyevna "Lily" Plaoutine (1875-1921) married Prince Sergei Borisovich Stcherbatov (1870-1919)

This first photo shows the family in Russia in 1888. Standing from left to right: Vera, Serge and Michael.
Seated from left to right: Nicholas, Lily and Eleanor.

This photo shows the family c. 1893-1894. Standing in back from left to right: Eleanor, Nicholas and Michael.
Seated in front from left to right: Vera, Serge and Lily.

More coming tomorrow! There's a grand photo of Nicholas in his full Cossack uniform (on his horse) and one showing is Cossacks during the Russian-Japanese War.

Hello! I had started a thread about the Plaoutine family in this board almost two years ago, and many of you have been very helpful (even as recently as last week!) in helping me sort the family tree out and find missing dates and names. I have just recently found a small book that was published in the early 1990s. It was written by the daughter of Serge Denissieff and Vera Plaoutine. I am using the spelling as written by the families in English, though the names are seen in the Russian records as "Plautin" and "Denisiev".

The book included some photographs of the family, which I am going to post here in hopes that others will not only enjoy them, but that they may be able to supply any other info about the individuals pictured or their ranks, stations or just anything that might be shown! :) It may take a couple of days for me to get them all up here, and due to the size of the scans, I am going to put each one (or groups for a few of them) in a reply here of their own. I will start with two fun ones!

This first picture (c. 1920) shows Serge and Eleanor Plaoutine (nee Pringle) sitting on the balcony of their flat in Nice, France. Serge is the son of Gen. Nikolai Fedorovich Plaoutine (d. 1866). He served as A.D.C. to the Tsar. Eleanor was the second daughter of Col. John Henry Pringle and Georgiana Ramsbottom.

This second picture shows the Chateau St. Laurent (c. 1920) --- the Plaoutines rented the second story. If you're American, then it is actually the "third" story, as we call the basement the "ground floor".

To see some present-day photos of the Chateau St. Laurent, just check out this link:
More photos coming soon!

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