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Most letters written during that period didn't give last names.  In fact,  many just wrote initials like "AH".  The person receiving the letter would know who AH was  but but not necessarily people, like us,  reading their letters a hundred years later.

My grandmother, who knew seven languages,  would not be consistent in writing a name that could be spelled  differently in the languages she used.  I think it just depended upon her mood or something between her and the person to whom she wrote.



Bear! Wonderful to see you back. She meant Eric Lowe, a more recent frequent poster.

Privyed you are free to disagree with Bear (Lord only knows how often I have!) however she is one of our earliest and senior members. You will please treat her with respect and courtesy at all times. Also please know she is quite knowledgeable on these topics.

Wonderful to be back.  

Thank you for those nice words.

I'll  (CAL BEAR) try real hard not to be such a thorn in baby power blue  bear's (UCLA) side in our future.



Privyed >>... be more confused than helped by your hodgepodge of strangely expressed facts ('Albert of Saxony spoke German with great effort'?) ...

I did write incorrectly that Albert of Saxony spoke German with great effort.  I meant to write "English" not "German".  

Thank you for pointing out my error.

And, yes,  most royals spoke more than two languages.  There are times when among family members who speak many languages family will  communicate using different languages that suits what they are trying to communicate.  Jokes cannot often be translated because it loses it's humor in the translation -- to use as an example.

Since my generation were often the first who attended college,  many of the smartest people I've known never had more than a sixth grade education, so I should have written "well read and / or attended college".

I hope we have many interesting conversations.

Yes,  AGRBear has been hanging around for a few days, and, maybe longer.



I do not know who "Rric Lowe" is?  

Like old times.  I show up and someone thinks I'm someone else. 


In 1992 the royal family made sure that everyone knew that Charles new son was shown to have his  royal background from both sides.  One of the books published was ROYAL HIGNESS, Ancestry of the ROYAL CHILD.

Charles lineage in Great Britain is linked to the Houses of Stuart, Hanover and Windsor..............

AGRBear, do you honestly believe that people don't know this already? It's basic facts about the most famous monarchy in the world! And has little directly to do with Alexandra Fyodorovna.

The thread is called:  "What was Alexandra's Native Language and Maiden Name?"  Therefore,  what you consider as "basic fact" shows you are well read and probably have a college degree.  There are many  people who read these threads and want to know what we already know. So you keep up your end and let me know what is  "basic facts"  and I will keep up my end and  answer any and all questions I can, no matter if they seem silly to you and others.

After Alexandra's mother died,  Alexandra lived with Queen Victoria.  While she lived with her father and mother she spoke German.  Once in the home of Victoria,  German was still spoken in the private rooms, but English was the major language.  Alexandra became more at ease with English....  Niky (the future Nicholas II) was not comfortable with German, so,  English became their source of communication.  Once they were married,  Niky's father, Alexander III, who was on an anti-German campaign,  would further influence Alexandra's use of German while in Russia.  So,  German was set aside in private as well as in public accept when visiting Germany.

I agree on both counts.

AGR Bear, you are doing an Rric Lowe!


I do not know who "Rric Lowe" is?  Therefore,  I cannot give a "yes" or a "no".


In 1992 the royal family made sure that everyone knew that Charles new son was shown to have his  royal background from both sides.  One of the books published was ROYAL HIGNESS, Ancestry of the ROYAL CHILD.

Charles lineage in Great Britain is linked to the Houses of Stuart, Hanover and Windsor....

It must be noted that the House of Hanover was German and George I never spoke English in Hanover or after he took the crown as King of Great Britian.  

George II spoke some English but not well.

George III was looking and sounding more English than his elders.....

Queen Victoria ( House of Hanover) of Great Britain spoke English and German,  married another German Albert of Saxony, who spoke German  with great effort so to make him feel more at ease in Victoria's English world they spoke German and some English in their private life.

Windsor wikipedia:  >>It was founded by King George V by royal proclamation on 17 July 1917, when he changed the name of the British Royal Family from the German << [Houses of Hanover,]  >>Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (a branch of the House of Wettin) to the English Windsor, due to the anti-German sentiment in the British Empire during World War I. The most prominent member of the House of Windsor is its head, Queen Elizabeth II, who is the reigning monarch of 16 Commonwealth realms.<<

The old families of England and Denmark are  mainly updated or attached to  Elisabeth II's mother's  Elisabeth Bowes-Lyon family tree...


Nicholas II / Re: Nicholas II visits Kiev, 1911
« on: April 17, 2014, 01:46:32 PM »
I wonder that Nicholas II would think today if he were walking around Kiev today.


Nicholas II / Re: Nicholas II and Anti-Semitism.
« on: April 17, 2014, 01:43:26 PM »
As I have said many times,  Nicholas II was brought up by a family who were raised to believe Jews were the "killers of Christ" and it was up to Nicholas and the others, as they grew older, to learn Jews were no different than anyone else.  Some were good.  Some were bad. But he didn't.  Why didn't he?    Nicholas II witnessed several horrific events.  First and foremost, he, as a child with ice skates as he had just returned home,  saw his grandfather, Alexander I, screaming with pain as he lay bleeding and torn apart from a bomb which Nickolas was told was thrown by a Jew.    There are an unknown number of attempts on his life which the Secret Police claimed were by Jews.   He watched his father holding up part of the royal train car to save his family.... The Secret Police claimed the train was blown up by Jews.  Never mind that the train wreck was probably a train traveling too fast...  There were those around him who believed the same as they had been taught, that the Jews were "killers of Christ" and, now,  they were plotting against all of the Royals...  Does this excuse Nicholas II?  No.  But I can understand how his hatred was planted in his head and how he felt he could not trust the Jews.   And,  there is no reason to deny what he felt and what he did.  He wasn't alone.  Most of his family, religious leaders, political leaders, secret police ..... (the list goes on and on) believed Jews were the enemy.  Oh, now and then,  Nicholas did meet  Jews he liked.... But they were exceptions and the pogroms continued to take place under Nicholas II's years of rule. 

I believe that Nicholas' sister Olga was also called Baby from time to time, and that this practice extended beyond the IF and Russia. We have to put ourselves into Victorian times to look at things with balance, and gushing names like Sweetie, Darling, Dear one, etc, were part of the culture.  My Edwardian grandmother always called her children and grandchildren her 'dears.'  I call my kids "honey bunnies."  Frankly, I think current western culture has gone way too far in the undemonstrative direction.  Don't you think we all could loosen up a bit and belt out some "darlings"!?  I mean, our loved ones are our darlings...

I don't think there is anything wrong with terms of endearment within ones family or letting it spill out a little with friends.  If this kind of "honey bunny" words are offensive to your own ears,  then don't use them.  However,  there is no need to belittle or deny others in the words they choose.  Just be happy that they are lovingly addressing each other rather than carrying a big stick and knocking people around because they believe the "rod" is still better to used than words.


The Imperial Family / Re: Imp. Family/Romanov's Family's Pets Links List
« on: January 17, 2014, 07:57:14 PM »
Ella, Nicholas and a Yorkie...who looks very interesting in what the Tsar of all the Russia's is eating

The Imperial Family / Re: Imp. Family/Romanov's Family's Pets Links List
« on: November 23, 2013, 09:12:16 PM »
Been sometime that anyone has added any photos, therefore, many newbies do not know this list is here.  I have sometime this evening so I'll go search the new posts and see what I can find.


What kind of dolts are running the ROC?  DNA has PROVEN all the Romanovs have been accounted for.  Why all the feet dragging?

Perhaps if the Russian officials had given the church  representatives involvement in the various testings,  the church would not feel the need to redo everything so they could feel comfortable about the various results.

The church has a room full of reasons not to trust the government that turned their churches into stables just a short time ago, so, give the church all the time and cooperation needed for them to make their own testing, discoveries and conclusions.

As for using up all the bones for tests,  I don't think the Royal Family would mind that their church, with whom they gave their hearts and souls,  have any doubts that their church have only  good intentions in seeking the truth.   


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