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Isn't this the point of our discussion?  To ask questions such as:

Who did the counting?  CHEKA.

Can they be trusted in their count?  No.  

And, later, it was the communists who were giving out the facts.  Could they be trusted?  No.

So,  it's up to others to discover the truth.


 <<Maples told me he had worked on cases where only portions of buried bodies were recovered-that was normal-but usually the most you could expect to be missing were 50-100 bones tops per person; here, far more were absent.>>

Then it is possible that the bodies were not originally buried in the shallow grave in July 1918 and it is possible the bodies may have originally been buried  elsewhere.... Maybe in Aug. or Sept. 1918 or 1919 or 1920 the bodies were placed in the shallow grave where the communists claimed the CHEKA buried them in July 1918....?


Twenty minutes is a long time to be shooting in a basement room.  

How many claimed to be shooters?  With Rifles?  Hand guns? Shotguns?

Were there any bullets among the bones?

Did any of the shooters suffer wounds from bullets glancing off the walls?


Can anyone give evidence   that all these bodies were in the shallow grave since 1918??????  I don't mean the words of those who claimed to have killed and buried all but two of the royal family.  I mean, evidence by the scientists that the bodies had to have been in this grave since 1918.


I have not read:
"The Fate of The Romanov's" by Greg King and Penny Wilson

Does it have the names of the officers in the White Army who were the first ones to enter the Ekaterinburg house on 20 July 1918 and must have been looking for the Royal Romanov family?
As for the more recent subject about the DNA:

In 1918 no one imagined such a process would exsist.  Fingerprinting was the big deal in the world of criminal investigation in that time period.    When the Soviets tore down the House of Special Purpose [I don't remember the year],  DNA was just coming into it's own.  Was this one of the reasons  the Soviets, after all the time had passed,  deside to tear eliminate all evidence which remained?

You can see, I lean torward the theory that the Soviets continued to have something to hide.  


Does anyone know where a person could find information [in English] that talks about the White Army officers who went into Ekaterinburg three days after the day the CHEKA claimed they executed Nicholas II and the others on the night of 16/17 July 1918?


A thought just poped into my head.

This would have been true of Schanzkowski  family if one of their own suddenly disapeared.  Do we know of any police reports telling us when Franziska Schanzkowski was missed?  Were there any marks of idenification for the police to notice?  


In the case of kidnapping or mysterious disapearance of a loved one, it is not uncommon for parents, relatives and friends to never give up hope in finding the one lost.

Did the mother of Nicholas II and the uncrown Michael ever state that she thought either son had died?


"Denial as we now know is a necessary part of the grieving process."

This is true.  And, this is one of the many theories  I've pondered.  And, at  the end of this discussion this "grieving process" may be the conclusion of some people on this Discussion Board.


The chicken we BBQ was excellent,  as was the fried rice etc. .  

Since  I think a barb  like "my great grandmother Broomhilda Fizzlestick was Anastasia" is NOT a  worthy comment for this well intended discussion board, I will make no farther reference toward it nor toward other remarks that ring with  this kind of nonsense.

For farther reference,  I am not  just dropping a statement and running off never to return.  And, as far as I know,  I am quite stable in mind and spirit.

One of my failures is my constant hunger to know  what are the truths and what are the red herrings of  the events which lead up to and occured after the night of 16/17 of July 1918 in the House of Special Purpose in Ekaterinburg.

This leads me back to where I left off before I had to leave to cook dinner.

In 1948,  I was only six years old.  Hardly old enough to understand what I was told about people in a far away country about something that happen long before I was born.

There was a name given to the gentleman who told me the story.  A name which I have long forgotten and have assumed since that the name given  was probably not his real name.  So, for the sake of this conversation, let me give him a label,  let me call him Mr. XXX.

I do known:  Mr. XXX spoke three lanuages while I was in his presents: English, German and what I thought was Russian.  

I do know: My grandfather  was born in Russia and  one of his brothers was an officer of the White Army which  entered Ekaterinburg in July of  1918.

Perhaps with the help of people reading this, we can discover who Mr. XXX was and why a six year old was told the story so long after the event.


Today is my first day, it's been intertaining, and, I hate to leave but the chicken needs to be prepared for tonight BBQ.


A question  I wish I could answer.  I don't think I knew who the man really was nor how he knew what he did.  All I know is, he was a friend of my grandfather who told me I was supose to remember the story because it was important to remember.  


In 1947-8, I was told two of  Nicholas II's children escaped the execution of the communists, so, it did not surprise me when I read  in the newspapers the report which stated two of Nicholas II's childen were missing from the shallow grave revealed to the public in the 1990s.

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