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It really is a great book

Katmaxoz and Joyann1
I have been also looking for vol.1
I would be willing to swap it for Ferrands Youssoupoff book

Italian Royal Families / Re: Books on Italian Royals
« on: April 13, 2011, 05:46:47 PM »
Don't forget to mention this book: Vita di corte in Casa Savoia, written by HRH Princess Maria Gabriella di Savoia and Stefano Papi.
This is a very, very good book if you like to know more about the court life in the reign of the kings Umberto I, Victor Emmanuel III and Umberto II.
Recently, I bought this book and I am very positive about it, although I don't read Italian! There are a lot of photos in it, black and white and also in colour. The chapters are about the three queens in this period: Queen Margherita, Queen Elena and Queen Marie José. There are photos in it of palace interiors, menu cards, music programmes, rare photos of the Queens, photos of court dresses and photos of the wedding of Princess Marie José and Prince Umberto. A very interesting book!
Hi Luc
 Yes it is a great book there is also another one By Princess Maria Gabriella and Stefano Papi :Jewellery of the House of Savoy (in English) ISBN 9788837052409

He says that the bride of the heir of his fortune should be from the highest nobility,either from sovereign or from mediatized family...If that is not the case,he(the Heir) could not inherit...some of his uncles inherited only a small share due to their unequal marriages...they tried to sue,but failed,so the will of the Kaiser still stands!
Is his will large in money??

Fantastic! Finally an ebenbürtig match! Her grandmother is a Countess Tolstoy born at Tsarskoye Selo in 1917! And her great great grandmother an Archduchess of Austria-Tuscany.

Finally the real deal after these upper-middle class misses (Mary, Maxima, Kate etc.) who neither were real princesses nor real cinderellas.  

I wonder if this "equal" match came as a result of Georg's need to fulfill the terms of Kaiser Wilhelm's will and the recent court decision to uphold it. Just follow the money.  ;)
Hey there

Would you tell me what Kaisers Wilhelms will says?



who is the woman in the 3 pictures on the bottom of your page?i have see her someplace ...Egypt??thanks

I have try to email them but the emails come back as not able to be delivered!Been trying to contact them as I said but the website is down.Yes its very annoying!!!Half the book you are right.The person's email who was posting here is down also

Does anybody knows when is the vol.2 out?The website or email for the publisher no longer exist

The Habsburgs / Re: Archduke Otto (1912-2011) and his family
« on: November 27, 2010, 04:10:50 AM »
I was always fascinated by him ,what he saw in life ,WWI WWII to be at the coronation of his parants and funeral of emperor Franc Joseph...


Christies in London are selling an original of the 1904 book on Monday. I popped in this afternoon and they very kindly let me look through it, which was a job in itself.  The book's enormous, much bigger than I envisaged (48 cm x 35 cm and about 20 cm thick).  The binding has broken totally so each page is now loose, with a tissue covering to each photograph.  Some of the photos were smaller than those in my 2003 replica book which also surprised me.  I was surprised by the quality of the pictures, I don't know much about photography/replication processes.  I thought they would be actual photos but they were some sort of copy and they were very clear.  The internal pages were all in really good condition, considering the age.  The auction estimate is c. $11,000.

So, here's hoping for a Lottery win tomorrow!

did you see the auction catalogue?is it worth getting it?

From a czech site...
Marie Valerie and her sons

Franz and his daughters


What is the czech site?

Thank you


The Strand book store in NYC has the book also it is beautiful.The price is $59
But "The Book Depository" ships free worldwide and the price is $50.20

Yes I was very surprised.Few years ago at Christie's french copy of the catalogue  sold for $64 000

It sold for $15,535.00

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