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last time i was there ,they even had 2 brown live bears in the back of the castle a little is stuffed inside ( some a.....e fed him a metal pins in a bread)i am going back to germany a czechoslovakia and austria and france to visit castles .i am trying to get some intinerary together.castles that are in conection with the habsburgs from 1845 til...anyone has a suggestions???thanks ..i am going to look for the old lady whos mother or somebody else worked in konopiste and new the family...hope she is still alive..she also told me that FFhad a beutiffull boat bild on the lake for was burnd in WWII

Hello José,

I fear that you will already know those pictures (I am not sure, if they were already posted here) but I send them, because they are nice.

Sophie with her children:

Franz Ferdinand (it´s an impressing picture for me):

Sophie and Franz Ferdinand´s children:

1) Max:

a) as a boy:

b) as an older man:

2) Ernst :

Has anyone pictures of him as an adult?

3) Sophie:

a) as a girl:

b) as an old woman in her house:

I would also like to know more about their lives after the death of their parents. I found it always very tragic that both sons of Franz Ferdinand had to suffer in KZs under Hitler´s regime, because they were against the connection Germany- Austria. Even after the became free the consequences always remained, and both did not become very old. Ernst died in his fiftees and Max in his sixties. 

hi britt
the picture of sophie in her home in later in her life...did she lived poor?..maybe i should say simple?its seems that her room looks like an apt .wery intersting picture of her .when i was visiting Konopiste castle the castle operator said that she did visit and they were all so happy to see her...i think it was after the wall came down.where did she live?and did she speak czech?

The Habsburgs / Palaces,residencies, estates of the Habsburgs
« on: July 09, 2007, 09:06:18 PM »
lucien do you know if the link to the palaces  link you posted in last year is in english?

Forum Announcements / Re: New Users say Hello Here and ONLY HERE!
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i am new to this and new to intersted in royal started when i visited a castle in czech rep...Konopiste where frantisek ferdinad lived with his family.from then on i start looking and serching around for info on the last habsburgs ..i love the history.and i see that i can learn here a lot.

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