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There no way to return to Romanovs to Throne of Russia (monarchy).  
There no legitimate nor rightful heirs to the throne, since Paul I, banded women from ever taking the throne (*puff*)…the so called heir - Grand Duke George is not a rightful heir, since he is a Prussian Prince, his great-grandparents were first cousins and his great-great-grandmother did not convert to Orthodoxy at the time for her marriage. So the Roamnov house of rightful heirs and etc  is dead.

 Unless a new family rules, which will maybe never happen since some people in Russia can't make up their minds or can't agree with another; because the country is too large. (Very sorry to say, but it true).

You can say that again! Russia is like a world of its own.

Paul I was a narrowminded, chauvinist jerk! I think the only reason he banded women from ruling Russia was his own personal hatred towards his mother, Catherine the Great (My guess is he thinks she had something to do with his father's murder). Anyway, there's nothing wrong with women ruling; look at Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth II. If the Romanovs do return to the throne, hopefully that stupid rule could be revoked. Nobody really follows the rules anymore anyway.

The Russian Revolution / Re: The Hanging of Alexander Ulyanov
« on: October 10, 2005, 12:45:10 PM »
It remains to be seen if the man had a vendetta. He seems very cold to me in all the photos I have seen. Cold and very uncaring.[/quote]

I definitely agree with you there! I've seen some photos of Lenin, and to me he looks like the devil himself.

P.S.-By the way, does anybody here know where he got the name 'Lenin' from anyway? What does it mean?

The Russian Revolution / Re: The Hanging of Alexander Ulyanov
« on: October 07, 2005, 09:50:19 AM »
I've been thinking about Lenin's real motive for murdering Nicholas II and his whole family, daughters included. Nicholas and Alexandra I understand because they ruled Russia, and handsome Alexei I understand because he was the heir. However, I never understood why Lenin would want OTMA executed as well (they couldn't rule Russia). And I think it comes down to one thing: his own personal vendetta against the family for what happened to his own brother.

Lenin's own brother was hanged because of an assassination attempt against Tsar Alexander III. Alexander III was now dead, and I think since then, Lenin has been waiting for the right time to strike (and take power) Nicholas II and his family.

What does everybody here think?

Tatiana Nicholaievna / Re: Why Tatiana?
« on: October 03, 2005, 12:44:16 PM »
I think so.  Most people said Tatiana was the most  beautiful of the four girls; she was fashionably pale, had dark hair and gray eyes, and her eyes were oddly shaped and far apart with the Hessian features from her mother... she looked exotic and therefore more attractive to men, and was so tall and slender too.  I of course was not a big fan of Tatiana until recently as I amwriting a long sort of biography about her; she was interesting.  People think she was just the bossy one of OTMA, but at the same time she was unselfish in her desire to please her mother--but also used this to her advantage to manipulate, as I see it, to get things she or her sisters wanted since she knew how to keep cool and charm her way into a "yes" answer--and was a talented pianist and artist just like her older sister.  She also suffered a lot in her short life, falling in love like her older sister did, and him apparently loving her back... and Olga also having a crush on this man... as well as trying to calm her mother during all the anxious times from 1917-18.

I think that Maria is the most beautiful of the four girls. Whenever I look at Maria, I can never take my eyes off her. Tatiana, on the other hand, is pretty, but I think she's sort of plain.

Having Fun! / Re: Website Quiz-which GDss are you like?
« on: October 03, 2005, 09:37:56 AM »
I just took the quiz, and I came up with:

OLGA!! I'm happy.

Having Fun! / Re: Favorite Tsars
« on: September 15, 2005, 12:29:05 PM »
My favorite Tsar was Peter the Great, no question about it. I think out of all the Romanovs, he was the greatest. In my opinion, Peter was like the "Renaissance Man" for Russia. He traveled all over Europe and brought back many modern ideas, technology, etc. Plus, his achievements are outstanding: The first Russian navy, the Russian newspaper, simpler Russian alphabet, navigation schools, etc., in addition to the beautiful St. Petersburg. I think all other tsars and tsaritsas pales in comparison to him. He was literally a man ahead of his time, and I think this was what he was trying to get across to his people: that you have to develop, you have to look ahead to the future, don't be afraid of change. If you don't grow and move ahead, you'll be left behind the times. You might as well not even exist anymore. If only the Russian people listened to him.

P.S. One more thing-in addition to being a great ruler, I think he was extremely handsome too.

Alexandra Feodorovna / Re: Alexandra - Slandered and Hated
« on: September 15, 2005, 07:11:41 AM »
I'm thinking that maybe it would have been better, for Alexandra's sake, that she never should have been empress of Russia. She only did it because the love she and Nicholas had was true love. But I think she should have realized and UNDERSTOOD what she was also marrying into.

Just my opinion.

Alexandra Feodorovna / Re: Alexandra - Slandered and Hated
« on: August 29, 2005, 09:47:28 AM »
I just had to say a quick thing here about Rasputin 'healing' beautiful Alexei. In my opinion, that is absolute utter garbage! The only thing responsible for healing Alexei was the good Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Half the time Alexei was well without Rasputin. I think Rasputin was a con man who deluded himself into thinking he was a man of God. And unfortunately, Alexandra fell for what Rasputin was selling.

Having Fun! / Re: what romanov would u have liked to have known?
« on: August 19, 2005, 12:42:03 PM »
I would have loved to have known Alexei. He was so handsome (especially in his later years), and so sweet and charming.  Other Romanovs I would have liked to have known is Olga and Maria.

If anyone deserves to have a chapel dedicated to, it's definitely Alexei, no doubt about it. Thank you so much, blessed Lord for this. I would love to send a donation to help out in any way I can.

P.S.-I'll bet Lenin is choking in his grave about this! (I couldn't help it, but I had to get that off my chest).

We are sponsoring something special for the anniversary of the murder of the Imperial family in Russia this year.  We are not going to publish our plans in the forum because it's something very private and moving.  If you would like to participate please message me here in the forum or email me at and I will send you the details.


I would like to participate in this special event.


What do I need to do?

Forum Announcements / Brand New Member
« on: July 06, 2005, 09:41:41 AM »
Hello out there. This is my first time posting on this board, so please bear with me as I introduce myself.

My name is Tranisha N. Thomas. As I said before, I'm new to this post-and to the Romanov family in general. My interest in Russian History began with watching the History Channel's "Russia Land of the Tsars". Since then, I've developed a further interest in this huge, enigmatic country, particularly the Romanov empire. So I bought a few books, one about Alix, one devoted to Tsar Nicholas II's diary, and one about the investigation of their brutal, horrible murder.

My favorite member among Tsar Nicholas II and Alexandra is without doubt Tsarevich Alexei. That boy is so cute! Such a good-looking, beautiful, sweet boy. He so didn't deserve such a cruel fate (hemophilia), but in spite of that, still had some good moments in his life. Had he not been afflicted with hemophilia and had he lived to be the next Tsar, so many people would have fallen in love with him.

Another family member that struck my interest is the oldest daughter, Olga. As well as Marie (who's the prettiest of the sisters in my opinion). There is so much to learn about this family and about Russia. I hope I can further learn from everybody here. Thanks.

Tranisha N. Thomas (nene) :)

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