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Palaces in St. Petersburg / Re: Palace of Grand Duke Vladimir
« on: August 29, 2005, 11:12:51 AM »
Thank you Bob for your explanation. I was in St. Petersburg last summer, and i remember very well the palace, i didn´t know then that it was Gran Duke Vladimir´s , but i spent a few minutes observing the built, it attract my attention because you can see very well how the coats of arms had been arrached from the front of the palace.  

Palaces in St. Petersburg / Re: Palace of Grand Duke Vladimir
« on: August 29, 2005, 05:57:15 AM »
Is this Palace in the Millionaires Street, very close to the Winter Palace?

The Imperial Family / Re: What got you interested in the Romanovs?
« on: August 29, 2005, 03:33:46 AM »
I remember in the library of my mother, an special book wich i always loved to look. It was a french edition of Prince Michael´s  "Nicholas and Alexandra family albums". As a little girl, every time i wached those explendid pictures of OTMA, i thought that they were the most beatiful princesses i will ever see...Also their tragedy always impressed me. Many years later, exactly june 2002, my family an I, went for a crusier across the Baltic Sea, our last stopping place was St. Petersburg.

I can´t explain what happened to me in St. Petersburg, but I felt enchanting and I promissed my self that one day i will returned. Back to Madrid, i begun to read about Romanov´s, it´s not easy to find books in Spain, but afortunatly i found them in Amazon. When i sow "The Camera and de Tzars" i was so delighted that my husband offered me a journey in St. Petersburg for my birthday.

I returned...., summer 2004, 6 days...i think that no one in the world was more happy than me in those days. It´s very difficult to me to explain in english the feelings i had visiting this so magical city. I only can say that my eyes were plenty of tears when i set foot in Alexander Palace.

After this i continue reading about IF. I don´t have much time (children, work....) , but almost evey night i get sleep with some book of the Romanov´s. Even my children knows their story!!!.

Two weeks ago i discovered this website. Tank you for it. It´s wonderfull!! i am sure that i am going to learn a lot reading your discussions, it´s incredible the knowledges you have about!!

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