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Tsarevich Alexei Nicholaievich / Re: Alexei and Hemophilia
« on: September 13, 2007, 06:30:37 PM »
This is just general post concerning hemophilla and I will take no offense at any correction -  there a 3 types of hemophilla: Hemophilla A, Hemophilla B and von Willebrand disease. Overall, each type is severe but in quickly reading about them, von Willebrand seems less severe of the three but I'm sure for the person who suffers from this, it isn't. Joint destruction also seems to be a evident with each type.
As far as how quickly a sufferer exhibits the outward signs of a fall, bump, etc., I couldn't find a concrete answer but I'm thinking as with many illnesses, it is determined by the individual's physical make-up.   

Tsarevich Alexei Nicholaievich / Re: Not allowed to be Tsar?
« on: September 13, 2007, 05:41:54 PM »
My one & only question to William is: Why hasn't Sandra R. gone public with all of her information? And I'm not talking the 5pm news but the proper authorities? I haven't seen one iota of her claims in any reputable publication or televised on a reputable televised program.

If I were the keeper of all of this information, I'd be yelling from the roof tops the information I have, how I received it and why I want the public to be aware of it. This wouldn't be for money or pubilicity, but to set all records straight and most importantly, make sure history has an accurate record.

None of this makes any sense to me.

Well I for one am glad Nicholas and Alexandra did not have any more children as they would have inevitably been slaughtered in the Ipatiev House in Ekaterinburg no matter what their ages.

Oh, most definitely, dmitri. Such a tragic situation from every angle.

The Windsors / Re: Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York Pt II
« on: September 09, 2007, 02:48:36 PM »
Princess Eugenie is a very attractive young lady.

How do women choose their hats? Many of their choices I simply do not understand.

As those two old hoary chestnuts say:  "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"  and "beauty is only skin deep"

In Queen Alexandra's case and in Empress Marie's case, if the peel was truly a deep one, then I guess that both of those old statements are accurate.

And it is true that women and even a lot of men today will have chemical peels to look younger. It has to do with the youth oriented business world.  No longer is age appreciated as wisdom, but youth is worshiped as vitality and ability.

...I can't agree with you more, Alixz. Contrary to current society's fascination with youth and looking young, I firmly believe that I've "earned" my crow's feet, smile/frown lines, etc., etc.

IMO, it's evident from many of our posts that a person's mental state contributes immensely to their physical well-being. I'm thinking Alexandra's high-strung personality combined with numerous births in a short period of time; the added stress of producing an heir then the realization that Alexei was seriously ill totally pushed her over the edge, per se. In using the phrase, "over the edge" I certainly do not mean she was mentally ill and am not intending to appear disrespectful but in our modern era, instances such as Alexandra's often prompt doctors to prescribe anti-depressants and/or anti-anxiety drugs...but I'm digressing point is, Alexandra's mental well-being played an important role in the possibility future children.

I see valid points in many of the previous posts. My firm belief, though, is that Camilla & Charles wanted to have "their cake and eat it to". IMO, neither had enough self-respect, integrity, or respect for all the other parties involved to discontinue their relationship. Whether one is royalty & the other is an aristocrat, I think this particular situation is a sad reflection on both person's morals no matter what is considered accepted or a common occurrence in their social set. Both are to blame.

dmitri, annie & lori c...all valid points to this topic, in my opinion...

dmitri - Many thanks to you, also, for the welcome. My "take" per se, on the psychological relationship between Charles & Camilla...I, personally, believe he sees Camilla as a "mother figure". She must provide him with that secure, maternal-bonding feeling that he was unable to feel with his mother, the Queen. (And obviously couldn't feel with Diana) I also see Camilla as the decision-maker in their relationship. She probably indulges his desires & whims without question or if she does pose a question, she makes him believe he came to the correct conclusion all on his own.

Thank you very much, Tsaria, for the welcome; I'm enjoying the Forum immensely.

...and as far as my opinion of the Wales' situation...twenty plus years of marriage has taught me more about relationships than all the psychology classes offered in college!


The photos diplayed here of Alexandra while pregnant have to be very rare. My great-grandmothers were of the same generation as the Empress and in all of the family photos I have, not one shows either woman pregnant...and this is astonishing to me since my paternal great-grandmother had 13 children within a space of 25 would think that at least one photo would exist of her in that condition.  I do have one photo of my maternal grandmother pregnant with my aunt in 1934 but it's taken at angle so without my mother's explanation of the photo, I wouldn't have known that Grandma was in "that condition" !

Being a "newbie" to this forum, so many of the topics are very interesting to me but I'm sure to many of the long-time members the discussions may feel continually "rehashed"..with that said, I'd like to add that I've always thought Alexei's illness played a huge factor in the number of children A & N had and just from a personal angle, after I had my first daughter, I bounced back so much quicker than I did four years later with my second daughter - and their births occurred, obviously, in our current era of modern medicine. Having five children, two or three years apart during Alexandra's era had to be extremely taxing for women - mentally & physically.

Having Fun! / Re: Your Ten Most Disliked Royals and why
« on: September 03, 2007, 07:48:29 AM »
I enjoyed your summation the most, Guinastasia. Well-said and humorous at the same time. King Karol II of Roumania gave me a headache trying to keep up with his decisions concerning the throne; I have long felt the same towards Grand Duchess Maria Pavelovna - her conversion to the Orthodox religion so late in the game bothered me immensely. And Kaiser Wilhem II often reminds me of my older brother - he can't stand not having all the attention for himself & given an opportunity, he'll "stir the pot" per se, just to see what trouble he can cause...a total pompous pain in the behind...<eyeroll>

Survival of a marriage is determined by the amount of love, trust, work and compromise both parties are willing to give to the relationship. As an outsider looking into this particular situation, I don't believe that these components were firmly set as a foundation for their marriage; i.e. Charles' continuation of his "friendship" with Camilla.  

So many factors determine a person's aging process. I'm sure her genetic predispostion played a major role and she didn't worship the sun as is the trend now, and it's doubtful she smoked or drank excessively.

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