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Having Fun! / Re: Sims 3 Romanovs and/or buildings from their time : D!!!
« on: January 16, 2011, 05:39:34 AM »
In the December 2010 issue of the official Sims3 Magazine in Germany there is the famous Basilius Church from the Kreml and the wondrful Katharinenpalace.

You can upload it with your SIMS Launcher and place it in your City... your Sim needs 562771 simoloneons to buy the palace empty and 1288452 simoloneons to buy it with furniture !!!

The Bassileus Church is a community building with some Art inside to explore.




... I would say, from left to right it is Sophie, Victoria and Margarethe...  :)

The Habsburgs / Re: Four wives of Emperor Franz II (I)
« on: December 08, 2010, 12:48:45 PM »

Franz and Karoline

... to me this looks like Ferdinand I of Austria ( the son of Franz I )  with his wife Anna of Sardinia... but of course I can be wrong ???

Having Fun! / Re: Royals who were really in love
« on: January 27, 2010, 06:11:17 AM »
Ingrid of Sweden and Frederick Denmarkl
Christian IX Denmark and Luise Hessen Kassel
Olav Norway and Märtha Sweden
Harald Norway and Sonja Haraldsen
Haakon Norway and Mette Marit
Willem Alexander Netherlands and Maxima
Carl Theodor Bavaria and Marie Jose Portugal
George VI England and Elisabeth Bowes Lyon
Edward IV ngland and Elisabeth Woodville
Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon.....

Rudolf and Mary Vetsera ... I dont think so ( He was searching for someone who dies with him and she was a teenager idolizing the crownprince, like many Teens are idolizing stars today...just my opinion)

The Wittlesbachs / Re: Queen Caroline of Bavaria
« on: January 26, 2010, 02:42:26 PM »
As far as I know :

 - Karoline loved Painting from childhood years on
 - before she married Max I Joseph 1797 she is said to be very in love with the french Duke of Enghien ( who was killed bei Napoleon I in 1804)
 - after she married she stayed to be protestant  ( not common in Bavaria at that time , and even today :-)))
 - she had dificulties with her older Stepchildren Ludwig I and auguste Amalie ( at the Time of her wedding 11 and 9 years old)
 - she got on very well with her younger Stepchildren Charlotte and Karl
 - she had a poor health and was very slim
 - she always stayed with her husband, either out of love, or jealousy
 - 1799 she gave birth to her first child, a deadborn son - she never really got over the loss and wore a Medaillon with his Hair, her entire Life
 - 1800 she gave birth to another Son, who died 2 years later from meningitis. Karoline and Max I Joseph were shattered by this loss
 - 1801 and 1805 she gives birth to twin daughters... all four survive and marry well later
 - 1808 she gives birth to Ludovika, later mother of Sissi
 - 1810 she gives birth to her daughter Karoline, who dies 1821.
 - 1825 dies her husband Max I Joseph and her stepson Ludwig I ,now King, tries to get her out of Munich and send her away to Würzburg, but she resists and stayes nearby in Tegernsee where she had many happy times during her marriage.

Many Greetings guinevere

The Final Chapter / Re: Royal Retinue Heroes
« on: January 20, 2010, 10:09:02 AM »
To me, the Man in the Photo is not Nagorny, but instead Alexeis other " Saylornanny" Derevenko !!!!

There are not many Photos of Nagorny, but many with Derevenko, so you can compare.

Nagorny was, as far as I know, taller and slimmer...

many Greetings


I got my copy yesterday and I can tell you, this Book is JUWEL and a MUST HAVE !!!!

It is full of private details of Alix and her Family, from her own Letters. The Book has more than 170 pages and there are many pictures.
As I am a Royal pic Collector for more than 20 years I was astonished to find so many Pictures of Alix and her Family I have never seen before. And they are in best quality....



Balkan Royal Families / Re: Queen Marie of Romania
« on: October 08, 2008, 11:39:31 AM »
Yesterday I passed by a Video on Youtube with the Name :

Familiile regala romana si imperiala rusa la Constanta, 1914

First it shows some Landscape of Constanta but then it shows in excellent Quality ( !!! 1914 !!!) the Arrival of the Imperial Family NAOTMAA by Ship and their Greeting with the Romanian royal Family.
For me its a jewel, so I like to let you know :-)))


So, the VHS Set is gone... its really worth seeing it...guinevere

I think you are talking about " Lubov Imperatora" !!! Its a Series in RUSSIAN Language about the Love Story of Alexander II and Kaja Dolgorukaja. The Leading role has Georgi Taratorkin and Natalia Antonoba, and it is from 2003.

I found a copy in here in my GERMAN HOMETOWN in a Russian store. Its a 2 VHS SET and it is much used, because they were lending it. I bought it and I´m very impressed by the Pictures and the Cast. But my Russian is very Poor.

I would like to give this 2 Set VHS to an interested AP member for FREE!!! If you are interested, you would only have to give me the costs for the shipping.

If anyone is interested, please mail me..... if more than One is interested " First come first serve"!!!

Many Greetings


... maybe youre right, but for Franziskas Children I dont know, when they learned the Truth about their Mother. She was gone, they didnt see her anymore and I guess nobody around them talked about her anymore... must have been as terrible for them ... ;)

it is always sad to loose the mother.
I think they were not so close to their Father because he was not much with them during his Lifetime. But the children had spend a lot of Time with their mother, so it must have been dificult for them.
But as you can see in the next Generation , such a loss was much more felt by the elder Children. For the young ones it was often easier to cope with a new Situation.
I mean the death of Auguste Wilhelmine the First Wife of Max I Joseph who died 1796. Her eldest son Ludwig I of Bavaria never got over the Loss of his Mother ( He was 11 when she died) and the youngest Karl ( he was just 1 Year old) got on very well with his stepmother ....

... by the way, the Marriage of Friedrich Michael of Zweibrücken and Franziska Dorothea of Sulzbach was very unhappy. They married on the 6. February 1746 and had 5 Children together:
1. Karl II August 1746 - 1795
2. Klemens 1749 - 1750
3. Marie Amalie 1752 - 1828
4. Maria Anna 1753 - 1824
5. Max I Joseph Bavaria 1756 - 1825

Friedrich Michael was in the Army and most of the Marriage away in Hungary and Bohemia. Franziska was with her Children alone in Mannheim and Zweibrücken and started about 1759 an Affair with an Actor from Mannheim. Her Brother in Law, Christian IV von Zweibrücken didnt like her anyway, but when she became pregnant, and everybody knew that it could not be her Husbands Child, Christian IV forced her to live in a nunnery. As far as i know she was not aloud to see her Children ( Her youngest was only 4 Years old) again. Christian IV took care for his Nieces and Nephews. Friedrich Michael died 1767 and Franziska died 1794.......

Grandduchessella...the portraits are really nice! And I enjoy so much reading your post, Guinevere...

I was thinking that Amalie was a very good matchmaker. One of her daughters became an empress, at least two of her daughters became queens and the others had also brilliant marriages. I´m glad knowing that Karoline had got a devoted husband in Max.

Strange thing...Karoline holding her youth´s dreams about Enghien, and her lovely step-daughter Augusta Amalia marrying Napoleon´s step-son, Eugene ;) I´m sorry knowing that Ludwig I didn´t treat Karoline so well. Can you explain it more?

Well...when Karolines Husband Max I Joseph died suddenly in March 1825, her Stepson, the new King Ludwig I told her only one week later that she should take her Residence as a Widow in Würzburg. Würzburg is a nice City but it was also far away from Munich. He wanted his Stepmother out of the Capital becaus he feared her Influence and her Popularity. Karoline , mourning her beloved Husband was still strong enough to refuse this Order and started to Built a Castle , called " Biederstein" near Munich. Until it was ready to move in, she travelled to her daughters to Vienna and Dresden.
Not a Month after his Fathers Death Ludwig I auctioned in public all personal Belongings, presents and Memories of Max I Joseph without asking the Widow Karoline or the Rest of the Family.Karoline was devastatet as were her daughters.

When Karoline died 1841 she has been the First protestant queen in catholic Bavaria. Her funeral was a scandal, especially for her protestant Son in Law Friedrich Wilhelm IV odf Prussia and the Husband of her Granddaughter Mathilde, Ludwig of Hessen Kassel. The Mourners followed her Casket to the Theatinerkirche and when they arrived, the Door of the Church did not open. So the blessing of the Casket had to be made outside the Church. When the Door of the catholic Theatiner Church opend all Priests wore their "normal Street Allday Clothes". There were no Candles, prayers, Songs for Karoline. The Casket was just put next to her Husbands Casket.  Ludwig had to do a lot of Diplomatic work to compensate this disrespectful funeral of a Queen who was beloved by the family and People...

The Hesse-Darmstadts (Hesse and by Rhine) / Re: Amalie of Hesse-Darmstadt
« on: February 12, 2007, 08:08:28 AM »
Thank you very much for the Pics.I have them too, but I dont have a Photobucket ...

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