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The Hesse-Darmstadts (Hesse and by Rhine) / Re: Amalie of Hesse-Darmstadt
« on: February 12, 2007, 06:59:25 AM »
Karoline was quite happy in her Marriage with Max I joseph of Bavaria. When she was young they tried to mary her to a Württemberg Prince, who was agressive and not very good looking. She cried and begged her Parents not to marry her off to him and suceeded !!!
There is rumour that she was desparetely in Love with the Louis Antoine Herzog of Enghien ( 1772 - 1804) She met him on his way from revolutionary France in Karlsruhe and in later Life she told her Stepdaughter Auguste, that Enghien asked for her Hand. But her father thought of his uncertain Future and Finances and refused. 

When she married Max I Joseph in 1799 he was 40 years old and had 4 young Children. He was funny, easy going and for Karoline who had lost her true Love it was ok to marry him. He was very in Love with her and treated her very well. In 1806 they became the first Bavarian King and Queen .

To her great sorrow her two sons died as they were Babies. But she had two times twin Daughters and two more daughters, of which the youngest Maximiliane died at the Age of 10.

As they grew older, Max I Joseph and Karoline were close and almost unseperable. She loved his lively Character and Humor and he loved her willfulness and good sense.  when he died 1825 she mourned him truly and her Stepson Ludwig I treated her not so well....   

The Hesse-Darmstadts (Hesse and by Rhine) / Re: Amalie of Hesse-Darmstadt
« on: February 12, 2007, 05:00:14 AM »
Amalie married Karl Ludwig of Baden in Juli 1774. Her Husband was a weak man and stood totally under the Influence of his Parents, especially his Mother, Karoline Luise 1723 - 1783, who was the Power at Baden. Karoline Luise was also born as Princess of Hessen Darmstadt an she was famous for her Interest in Science. She had hoped to find a soulmate for her interest in Science in Amalie and was soon disappointed. Amalie had no interest in Science and as soon Karoline Luise found out, she started to make Amalies Life in Karlsruhe miserable.

Her Husband Karl Ludwig could not stand against his Mother and Amalie had a real hard time , until her Mother in Law died 1783. In 1783 Amalie had given Birth to 4 Daughters, the Twins Amalie and Karoline in 1776, Luise in 1779 and Friederike in 1781. In 1786 she gave Birth to her only Son Karl and in 1788 her last Child Wilhelmine was born.

After the Death of her Mother in Law, Amalie was afraid, that her Father in Law Karl Friedrich of Baden would marry again and she would be in the same unhappy Position as before. So Amalie tried to convince him to marry morganatically her 19 year old Maid of Honour Luise von Geyer Geyersberg, which he did. With Luise he had 3 more Sons and one daughter.

Now Amalie was the Power in Baden and she is said to be a very patriotic and proud Woman and taught her Children how important they were and that their duty for their Country was the most important thing.

1793 she proudly married her 14 year old daughter Luise to the Tsarevitch Alexander of Russia. Her other daughters married to Bavaria, Sweden and Hessen, only her eldest daughter Amalie stayed unmarried.

Her only Son was " forced" by Napoleon to marry Napoleons Stepniece and adopted daughter Stephanie de Bauhairnais.

Karl and Stephanie had a daughter Luise 1811 and on the 29. September 1812, Stephanie gave Birth to her first Son . Stephanie was so weak from the Birth that she did not see her Son and Amalie the Grandmother of the Child and Sevants took care of him.

On the 16. Oktober 1812 the healthy Child suddenly died. There are accounts, that his Grandmother Amalie was with him at his death. But Stephanie, who had not seen her Child was suspicous and thought that not her Child died , but someone changed her healthy Child for a sick Child.

The Person they thaught of, was Luise Geyer Geyersberg who wanted all male heirs of Baden to die, so her Son Leopold could be reigning Großherzog in Baden. And really, all male Heirs from the Line of Karoline Luise died young and in 1830 Luises morganatic Son Leopold became Großherzog !!!

Link Amalies to Kaspar Hauser:

A 16 Year old Boy was found in Nürnberg in the Spring 1828. He could hardly walk and move and had two Letters with him which said that his Name was Kaspar Hauser and his Mother was an impoverished Maid. Another Letter came from a Man who said, that he had raised the Boy for his Mother. Tests today proved that both Letters were written from the same Person , so they were false. But the boy became known as Kaspar Hauser. He was educated by the Mayor of Nürnberg and learned very quick. He was a very friendly, intelligent young Man and soon they started to ask who he was. He dreamt of big Halls with big windows and a Park.

A famous Detective of this Time, Anselm von Feuerbach, got known to Kaspar Hauser and his Story and started to search the european Dynasties for a Child which dissappeared mysteriously. So he found this Son of Stephanie ( * and + 1812) and started to Contact the royal Family of Baden.
At that time somebody tried to Kill kaspar Hauser, but he survived.
Stephanie was convinced that this was her son and she travelled to Ansbach where he lived now and saw him. She and other Menbers of the House of Baden who saw Kaspar Hauser were astonished how his features were just like those of his Father Karl and his Grandfather karl Ludwig. Stephanie stayed convinced for the Rest of her Life, that Kaspar Hauser, who was murdered in December 1833, was her Firstborn Son.
Amalie on the other Hand , who had seen the Baby die in 1812, never believed in Kaspar Hauser as a member of the House of Baden.

( 1996 the german magazin " Spiegel" tested the DNA of a blood stain in Kaspars pants and compared it to members of the female line of Baden today. The DNA was not matching !!!
2002 more samples were taken from Kaspars Clothes and a Hairlock and the 6 Samples were tested. 5 of them were from the same person who was male. The 6 th Sample was the blood Stain on the Pants and it did not match with the 5 other samples. So the Test from 1996 was wrong, because the Blood Stain was no blood of Kaspar. The other 5 Samples were again compared to a Member from the Female line of Stephanie and there were simularities. But the Mystery can not be completely proven until the House of Baden agrees to test the little Corp of the Baby, who was buried 1812 in the Crypt of Pforzheim!!!)       

The Wittlesbachs / Re: King Otto I. of Bavaria (1847-1916)
« on: January 12, 2007, 09:48:40 AM »
... and there is a book about Otto I  ( but it is in German !!!)

It is called " Schattenkönig" and the Author is Alfons Schweiggert.

Its very interesting and informative, really worth to read...

Dear MarieCharlotte,

could it be, that your Pic which is said to be Leopold I with Luise and Children is indeed Leopold II of Austria ( Son of Maria Theresia) and his Wife Marie Luise of Spain with their Children...?????

There is a Biography of Natalie in French : The Book is called " Nathalie de Serbie - La Reine errante" and the Author is Alexandre de la Cerda. It came out in 2000 from Atlantica Books and the ISBN is 2-84394-216-0.  I hope that you can still buy the Book. By the Way, I bought it in Belgium


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