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Maria Feodorovna is my favorite Romanov!

Yes she could be selfish and stubborn and maybe she did gossip too much but she really was the perfect consort. She really complemented her husband and softened all the ruff edges. It's amazing how their marriage worked even though as her daughter Olga said they had absolutely NOTHING in common. She may not have been an intellectual like Empress Frederik but she did have a knack for common sense. I think a lot of what she advised her son during the first years of his reign on policy and who to trust was pretty much for the most on point. She definitely seems to be full of contradictions and such but Russia was really lucky to get her!

People usually said her sister Alexandra was the real beauty but I think Maria was very beautiful as well. Although when I look at her picture the first thing that comes to mind is she looks cute. So in my opinion her nickname Minnie really did fit her!

The last years of her life were so sad and even though she had Olga (and her family) with her as well as loyal servants it just seems like such a lonely end, especially for a woman who loved to be the center of attention. I recently received "HVIDØRE - A Royal Retreat" by Coryne Hall/Senta Driver and reading about her last years definitely confirmed my feeling that she was probably one of the most tragic royals ever. To become a window so young, to lose four sons and five grandchildren and then to hear about all though imposter's! Most of all to be run out of and exiled from the country she came to love so much after living there for over 50 years is just terrible and I can't imagine going through any of it. She was definitely a mighty strong woman!

The Habsburgs / Re: Empress Elisabeth, Part V.
« on: July 09, 2014, 11:42:22 PM »
Elisabeth is one of my favorites!!!!

I fell in love with her after seeing the Sisi films with Romy Schneider. I know their not very accurate but they were my introduction to her and they made me look for more information on her such as the biographies by Brigitte Hamman and Joan Haslip. It's a real shame that her role in "Ludwig" was only a cameo and that she and Visconti didn't make a real Elisabeth biopic cause her performance in that was amazing too. I hope one day a filmmaker tells the true story (it would be great Oscar bait of any actress) and not just the fairytale although I doubt anyone could top Romy.

To me her Winterhalter portrait is like the Mona Lisa of royal portraits. It's so glamorous and portrays that famous fairytale but when you look at her face you end up with so many questions. Her smile is so mysterious and you can't help but be drawn to her. The fact that she stopped letting herself be photographed or painted after her 30s only adds to everything. The photo of her on horseback covering her face with the fan is just as amazing as the Winterhalter.

The whole legend/myth/truth is so compelling to me. One just wants to take the fan away and get a real good look at her. The stories about her intruding and staying over night in the homes of strangers is amazing and her views on getting old and retiring once one starts to feel it is sad. She clearly had mental problems and an eating disorder. Its a real shame they didn't have proper treatment for either back then. It definitely contributed to her erratic behavior and the split between herself and the world. Proper treatment would have certainly changed everything!  

I can understand why people don't like or get her but I actually sorry for her. She was extremely frustrating and could be really cruel but somehow I still end up sympathizing with her even if she was at times the cause of her own problems. She's really the poster child for people who appear to have everything yet are never happy. She just seemed so bitter, lost and misunderstood by everyone. She may not have been an intellectual but she was smarter then people gave her credit for and its a shame she never found a way to put it to use. She was never settling and always searching for something yet never found it.

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