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       I was wondering about AA "story", and I have a little question to ask here...Since I have not so many books to read in this issue in my country, I wanted to ask this question to you all: Wich was AA story about the massacre night in the Ipatiev house cellar   ? I read in Blair Lovell book (I don't like it, but it is the only one I could get about AA ) that she never told  the whole story  to anyone, but little sketches of it, and sometimes, totally different stories. We also know that she even told to Summers and Mangold that there never was any IF murder, and that she had been rescued along with her mother and sisters.

   I 'm searching for all   different stories that AA told to different people about HOW the IF was murdered, and HOW she (assuming Anastasia's identity) was injured, before being rescued. I'm not meaning how she was rescued, for she tell it pretty well, even if it is a barely convincing story...

   LITTLE (BUT IMPORTANT) NOTE: I'm not discussin here if AA was FS or Anastasia. It's not an "identity thread" ,not one to read how fool I am asking questions about pretenders since we have DNA proofs. It's only to know what AA told about "this awful night" being this fake, semi-fake or not fake at all...But, well. I suppose this note will be in vain, and all people will use it to discusse DNA, FS , GD Anastasia and such... ;) ;D

  I know, that Bear will like this thread!  :)



Tatiana Nicholaievna / Why Tatiana?
« on: May 29, 2005, 08:14:58 PM »
I wanted to start this new thread, for I'm not a great "Tatiana fan". I always liked much more the dreamer, moody Olga, the special Anastasia, the sweet beatiful Mashka than the plain (for me) practical Tatiana.And now I would want to know WHY some people considers she is their favorite GD. I know that Tatiana had many vertues: she was very kind to her mother, and cared very much for Alexei when he was sick a bed. She was very religious and practical...Yes; but I can't like her especially.

  I wait for your opinions!  :D


Imperial Claimants Post Here / Speaking about claimants...
« on: May 28, 2005, 06:59:05 PM »

       I only wanted to said a little thing: starting a thread about a claimant, or writting about him/her, doesn't mean that the person who starts this thread or discussion would support this claimant.  

         I'm always believed (like AGRBear does) that someone escaped this awful cellar in the night of 16-17 July 1918, but I'm also open minded to study all possibilities. I don't believe all claimants, but I'm open to know more and more things about them.

          If people here wants to know, I'm not a Tatia Romani supporter, nor an Alexandra Michaelis one, but I'm interested in them. Of course! They could be fake, but their stories are patetic, and I would want to know about people who had a so plain life that they feel they must assume other person's life.  I'm sad for this kind of people.

           And what are your OWN feelings about claimants? (This doesn't mean that you are supporting them or you doesn't believe them)  ???


Imperial Claimants Post Here / Tatia Romani-Other Tatiana.
« on: May 18, 2005, 07:51:16 PM »
This is the weirdest story about a pretender I even read...

The source of this story is internet, in a Spanish site, in Spanish language. I'm lucky to have print the whole story, for the site ( is no more online. I wanted to enter to it, and it's said it was "Forbidden".

The article about this new Tatiana was written by Eleazar Romanov, who claimed that he was Tatiana's the Tsar grandson. ou may email Eleazar to

 This guy claims that he picked all the story by her mother's diary written by her in Ekaterinburg , Afghanistan, Syria and India. In this diary, Tatiana said that asher parents thought she was the most intelligent of the girls, the more who may take care of herself if she managed to escape. So, they give her some documents that she sewed in her corset, along with her family jewels. Nicholas and Alexandra had many talks with her to know what Tatiana must do if her family was killed. When the massacre happened, Tatiana was shot but she didn't death, and of course she feint to be. The bolsheviks put her in the truck along with the rest of the family. She claimed she could feel the corpses under her. She whispered some words to them but she understood that they were all dead, so she jumped out the truck and run into the woods. She fell many times, but she keep on running and running. When she supposed to be very far of the truck, she lost conscience...And guess what? A "nice guy" rescued her. It was a muslim cosack, who keep Tatiana with his people, nomad muslims like him, and very devoted to the Tsar (he had been in his personal Guard). Tatiana was all covered by blood and badly wounded.She was feverish and called her family in shouts.They travelled all togheter to the South. The "nice guy" was killed in Tashkent, where Tatiana lived for a while. After some onths, she went to live as a normal muslim woman in Kabul, Syria and finally India. In some years, she passed to France, near Toulon and claimed to be helped by Emir Faisal, who would be soon, the king of Irak. She took the fake name "Tatiana Romani".

  The whole story is very confusing and obscure. This Tatia Romani speaks about Rasputin saying he was a "Saint" and claiming that he had predicted that the Holy Russia and the muslim world would work along as great friends...Eleazar Romanov said his mother's diary starts in May Ekaterinburg and ends in Kabul in 1919. He read it for the first time in 1936. Her mother told him the rest of the story. "Tatiana" never claimed in public who she was...and again...NO PICS.  >:(



Imperial Claimants Post Here / Alexandra Michaelis-Tatiana...
« on: May 18, 2005, 07:25:59 PM »
Hi. Now, I have another little story: A woman claimed to be Tatiana ...again in Berlin, in 1939. I picked up this story in a Henri Danjou's article from "Historia" revew (in French) from March, 1955: "Was she a Russian Grand-Duchess?"

 This Tatiana worked in Berlin as a nurse in a hospital for tuberculous people: the Boelitz-Adlershof Institute. Her supporters were the Baron Werner Van Wiel and his sister, Jutta a journalist. I ignore if she had more supporters. This new "Tatiana" was named Alexandra Michaelis, and claimed that she didn't suffer the Ekaterinburg massacre. She was rescued by an Orthodox priest, Father Storojew, and a young soldier from the Red Army, Vassili Bl├╝cher (the nice guy  ;D), some days before the massacre. The "nice guy" helped "Tatiana" to get the German Army, near Ljepaja, in Lithuanie. There, she took the name Katharina von Travansky and went to live in Berlin. After a while, she changed again her name to Alexandra Michaelis. Nobody saw her again after the 1950's.

  Her attitude was very strange: she never claimed to be Tatiana. She wanted to live alone, and when somebody would said who "she was", she would start to cry and said: "Oh! Let me alone! You don't have any proof that I'm Tatiana! I just wants to live as other people does, and if I had any money, I would share it with war victims!".

 The article saids that Alexandra Michaelis was very stylish, slender, and that her face was a spitting image of Nicholas II.

  And, sorry again...No pics from her.  >:(


Bear give me a good idea: starts new threads to discuss OTMAA pretenders. I hope you enjoy this first story, that I pic from "The Last Tsar" by Edvard Radzinsky. Some og you may already know it:

  This claimant was named Filipp Grigorievich Semionov, and appeared for the first time in the psychiatrical hospital of Petrozavodsk. He had tryed to help a lady in a prisonner camp, and when the guards come to avoid him to do so, he had an attack. So, they send him to the hospital. It was in 1948.

  When Semionov arrived to the hospital, he had a psychotic attack, was very nervous, moving in all directions, and crying swears to a certain Belovorodov. After a while, he became wuiet, and when the doctors and nurses wanted to know more things about him, he revealed to them that he was born in 1904, in St. Petesburg. They noticed that his way of talking was much like the high St. Petesburg class one in the Tsar's days. He know many details about noble families from the Old Russia, and of course, a lot of little details about Romanov family. Finally, Semionov "confessed": he was the Tsarevitch Alexei. He told how he had survived  the Ekaterinburg massacre. He was sitting near his "father", and when shots started, Nicholas put his "son's" head over his chest, for avoid him to see what was going on. "Alexei" didn't hear what Yourovsky was saying. He only hear the shots. He was wounded in the bottom  :o, and he lost conscience, falling over some of his family's bodies. When he awake, he was out the cellar, for a "nice guy" was taking care of him.

           In this point, there is no more explanations about what happened in the cellar, but Radzinsky claims that Semionov got in some troubles and he ends put in a prisonner camp. And after it, he was send to the psychiatric hospital. He was always saying that "Belovorodov" knew about his secret and was always frightening him.

          Radzinsky stands that all the doctors there and the nurses believed his story, and much more when they discovered that the "Tsarevitch" suffered from a very rebell "haematuria" and had chriptorchidia , just like Alexei. But they knew that they couldn't recognize him, for it would be trouble with the authorities for the prisonner. A psychiatre from Leningrad examine him in 1949, and said that was better for him to go to another psychiatric hospital for a while. Semionov agreed with him, for he didn't want to do his claim public; he didn't want trouble for him, nor for people who was interested in his case. After it, he desappeared in the world. He had studied economy in Baku, and he had worked as economist in Central Asia. His wife was also named Asia.

          As for his physical appareance , he had a thin, lon face, blue or gray prominent eyes, a large forehead, and even if he was almost bald, his few hairs were chestnut, with a little gray in them. He reminded the doctors and nurses the Tsar Nicholas II and also Nicholas I.

         I never saw a pic from him, but I read that Radzinsky had some...How I wish to saw it!


P.S: I beg pardon for my awful, awful English! It's only my third language... :-[

Forum Announcements / A "new" newbie
« on: May 09, 2005, 08:08:44 PM »
Hi, all people here!:

                                I'm a newbie here. I'm 33 years old, and I'm an Argentina history-writer. My english is absolutely bad, but I can manage very good reading it. My first language is Spanish, and my second one, the French in wich I may write and speak. I also read in italian,   portuguese and (very, very little) chinese.  ;D

                              I started to learn about Romanovs when I had 12 years old. It was for "Anatasia's Case". In this very year (1984) Anna Anderson was dead, and I knew about her, only by the newspaper. After this event, one of my mother's better friends, gave her a present: a book. Do you guess wich one? Yes! "Nicholas and Alexandra"  ;) I loved it when I finished it. But sadly, it said not enough about the four Tsar daughter's. I was an Anastasia fanatic, for it was the only one that I could imagine how she was. Sincerily, my (mistaken) idea was that the other three girls were plainly stupids and very boring characters. And the photos I could see in the book about them showed very badly the older girls. I tought they were ugly, even if Massie claimed they were not. I must read another books and see other photos about the IF to know how fake my ideas were!  ;D Now, I 'm a fanatic of Olga, and I take some quizz where they said she is my sosias!

     My favorite book about the IF is the one about the Tsaritsa by Greg King. I also like the one of Edvard Radzinsky and I must read "The Riddle of Anna Anderson", by Peter Kurth, that is not available in Argentina. I must purchase that stupid thing by Blair Lovell that is absolutely awful. I must said I'm still an Anna Anderson supporter , but this book is ...I can't tell the right word to descrive it...Idiot. It's sad for him, for he is dead now, and he can't said anything to his defense.

                Well...Now you know me. I'm a lurker here since two months! LOL!  :-[

                  Vanesa (RealAnastasia)

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