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Marie Feodorovna / Re: Marie Feodorovna -  Your Opinion
« on: May 12, 2005, 07:23:37 PM »

      I think that both women had very different ways to see the life and the world. Marie Feodorovna didn't mean to be mean to Alix. She criticized her, only for she wouldn't act like Alix at all, nor socially, nor politically. Marie was an "Empress comme il faut", this is she loved the great imperial balls, and to be a leader in the imperial society. Alix was a shy, middle-class  minded woman, with high Victorian values, but she couldn't fit the standards that her mother-in-law thought a real Tsaritsa would have.

       My own opinion is that both were good empress, but they have very different styles. For Marie, an empress must be resplendent, sparkling and love socials , beatiful dresses, etc ; For Alix an empress must be over all things a model for all the mothers of Russia, the mother of Russia herself, a religious person. For Alix, religion, family and Russia are her whole life.

     The Marie-Alix  relationships were complex, as mariefeodorovna said. Two woman so different couldn't understand each other well, and besides, both tryed hard to influence Nicky. I can understand both of them, and I like Marie and Alix , however, in very different things. For me, Marie is the ideal empress. Alix, a great mother, a great wife and a deep sincere religious woman.



Thank you, Helen and Stepen. Actually is not that I think that Magda (or Margda, as I saw wrote in some books) Boodts was Olga Nicolaievna. I only wanted to know in which was her claim, and of course, her "story". Anna Anderson had her "story" (she changed it several times, but she had it, anyway  ::) ), as Eugenia Smith-Smetisko had hers, and of course Heino Tammet had his own story.

  I like to know all the impostors (or not impostors) stories, for they are part of Romanov family's legend.


Annie es right. 16 years old was the age where children were not children any more to become young men and young woman. It was the age for girls to start being part of the society, and to attend balls, social parties, etc...

  OTMA wore sailor suits in the "Standart", yes, but I noticed that Alexis wore also in Livadia and Tsarkoe Selo.

   And yes; average children wore sailor suits back then. I have photographies of my relatives (both, girls and boys) wearing them in the 1920-1930 and 1940's.

       Real Anatasia.

 I don't know what to think about it, for sailor suits were common all over the West World in those times. I live in Argentina, and my grandpa and great-grandpa, all two of them appears in old family snapshots wearing them. In the 1880-1940's years, however, high and middle class Argentine people, used to wear english-type clothes. Perhaps, sailors suit are an England outfit.Nevertheless, I saw many French boys photos where they were wearing sailors suits. This is true also for German boys.

  And you may notice this in the girls, too. Sailor suits are common to them too, but only with skirts inestead of trousers.



     I read an old post here about Magda Boodts, this woman that lived in Italy and claimed she was Olga Nicolaievna. I'm not a Magda Boodts believer , but as all people who loves all things related to the Romanovs, I would like to know infos about pretenders. Some of them are very interesting, and others are absolutely hilarious and stupid, but I like to know more, and more about them.  ::)

     Well; I wanted to know Magda Boodts story, for she is, by far, the less famous of Romanov pretenders and I can't find any info on her. I read an old post who said that Greg King or Penny Wilson (I can't remember wich of them) had write this lady's story right here, but I'm not able to find it. I only saw a "picture" of her, who was hilarious for it seems an identi-kit!  :)

      Thank you!


Forum Announcements / Re: A "new" newbie
« on: May 10, 2005, 06:20:05 PM »
Thank you you all for your warm welcoming! You are lovely...And yes...I'm a hopeless fan of the IF!

Vanesa. ::)

Hi you all!:

                   I'm interested in this thread for I'm Argentinian, as the guy who started this discussion. I'm an Anna Anderson supporter (Yes; despite de DNA proofs. I don't believe in them, since in Argentina we had some problems in a police case with DNA) but I wouldn't speak about Anna Anderson. Possibily I can help the "Argentinian Investigator" and he may help me too, for I read somewhere that Lili Denh dead in Argentina. I'm writing a story of "Recoleta Cemetery" the most famous in Buenos Aires, and I would to know exactly where Lili Denh is buried, if she is buried in my country.


Forum Announcements / A "new" newbie
« on: May 09, 2005, 08:08:44 PM »
Hi, all people here!:

                                I'm a newbie here. I'm 33 years old, and I'm an Argentina history-writer. My english is absolutely bad, but I can manage very good reading it. My first language is Spanish, and my second one, the French in wich I may write and speak. I also read in italian,   portuguese and (very, very little) chinese.  ;D

                              I started to learn about Romanovs when I had 12 years old. It was for "Anatasia's Case". In this very year (1984) Anna Anderson was dead, and I knew about her, only by the newspaper. After this event, one of my mother's better friends, gave her a present: a book. Do you guess wich one? Yes! "Nicholas and Alexandra"  ;) I loved it when I finished it. But sadly, it said not enough about the four Tsar daughter's. I was an Anastasia fanatic, for it was the only one that I could imagine how she was. Sincerily, my (mistaken) idea was that the other three girls were plainly stupids and very boring characters. And the photos I could see in the book about them showed very badly the older girls. I tought they were ugly, even if Massie claimed they were not. I must read another books and see other photos about the IF to know how fake my ideas were!  ;D Now, I 'm a fanatic of Olga, and I take some quizz where they said she is my sosias!

     My favorite book about the IF is the one about the Tsaritsa by Greg King. I also like the one of Edvard Radzinsky and I must read "The Riddle of Anna Anderson", by Peter Kurth, that is not available in Argentina. I must purchase that stupid thing by Blair Lovell that is absolutely awful. I must said I'm still an Anna Anderson supporter , but this book is ...I can't tell the right word to descrive it...Idiot. It's sad for him, for he is dead now, and he can't said anything to his defense.

                Well...Now you know me. I'm a lurker here since two months! LOL!  :-[

                  Vanesa (RealAnastasia)

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