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Hey everybody, I don't know if this has been posted already. If so, I apologize. I just bought this magazine and scanned the pictures from it. They were too big for my scanner so some of it might have gotten chopped off, but I think you can read all the words and see most of the photos.

Click on thumbnail to see full size.


Has anyone ever heard of this book? ^^ I found it while browsing Ebay. I don't recognize the author, and since I can't read Russian, I am unable to pick up any clues from the photos...sounds interesting!

Hey all I was recently cruising eBAY and I found this:

the description says that it has 15.5 pages about the discovery of the Tsar's bones. Has anyone ever seen this article? I am thinking about buying it. If I do I will scan the article. It is from Jan. 1993.

ad says:
15.5 pg article re discovery of the bones of the Romanovs - the fallen Tzar and his family of Russia including vintage pix of them.

Hey all,

I don't know if you've ever heard of it, but I just checked out from the university library a documentary called "Last of the Czars" by a director named Mark Anderson.

It has three volumes, called "Nicky & Alix", "In the Shadow of Rasputin", and "Death of a Dynasty".

I just checked them out this morning but they look very interesting. Has anyone else seen these?

It was originally aired as a 3-part miniseries on the Discovery Channel, I believe, in 1997. Anyway, I plan on watching them this weekend while I'm stuck here on Easter :-/ so I'll get back to you on what they contain.

Tsarevich Alexei Nicholaievich / Re: Was his teeth crooked?
« on: January 17, 2005, 09:21:28 PM »
This is blurry, and I apologize!

kind of hard to tell, but I have heard that Marie had bad teeth, and probably other members of the IF; so I wouldn't doubt that Alexei's teeth weren't perfect either. :)

Tsarevich Alexei Nicholaievich / Friends/Social life?
« on: January 15, 2005, 05:59:20 PM »
I never read anything or saw any photos which suggested that Alexei had any girlfriends or love interests...having his life taken away from him when he was barely 14, I don't think he had a lot of time to meet girls or anything, especially since the imperial children didn't have a lot of contact with other children outside the Romanov's extensive family (and they didn't even play with their cousins that much)!

Hey everybody, I was wondering if any of you have ever seen the VHS/DVD of "The Revenge of the Romanovs?" (title is kind of ironic, huh! How did they get revenge?!)
I was cruising and looking for things to add to my Christmas list and someone made a list of Romanov films and this one was on it, along with:

A&E: "Secrets of the Romanovs"
National Geographic "Russia's Last Tsar"
Biography A&E: "Anastasia"
"The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty"
NOVA: "Anastasia: Dead or Alive"

If anyone has any information about these, re: whether or not they are worth spending money on, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks everybody! have a good night

ahh I am so excited, at my univeristy i just found out that they have a copy of this rare manuscript in their basement and they said that I can check it out! I know that it was published a long time ago but I am just excited anyway because I have never read this book and I have heard so much about it.

Does anyone have anything to add about it? I will tell you about it when I read it..

I am going over to the library in a few hours to pick it up!

Hi, I wasn't sure if there was a thread about this book, but I searched all the pages here and I didn't see one, so I thought I'd open this up to anyone who has or has seen this book because I just bought it off Ebay. (It was a narrow win for me too! Were any of you here bidding against me?  ;)) anyway, I heard that it was a pretty good book with some rare pictures so I was very excited when I got it. Does anyone know anything about it, or is it kind of lame? Thanks in advance!

Books about the Romanovs and Imperial Russia / Re: S S Oldenburg
« on: July 20, 2004, 04:02:43 PM »
hI, I just recognized the title of this thread as the last name of the author of a book on Ebay I just saw. I was thinking about getting it but it is in Russian and is not mostly photographs so I think I might pass. Looks interesting, though:

I am tempted to buy this, but it is expensive. It is all stories, right? All of them true? Are there any pictures? Thanks!

This board is so great. It is like a mini consumer report!

Books about the Romanovs and Imperial Russia / Rescuing the Czar
« on: July 09, 2004, 05:26:04 AM »
Has anyone else heard of this book, or read excerpts from it? It is mentioned heavily in Shea McNeal's "Secret Plot to Save the Tsar" and in Guy Richards "Hunt for the Czar" and "Rescue of the Romanovs". It appears that mystery surrounds this book because it is written in the form of two diaries, haphazardly put together and quite jumbled. It reveals that an American secret agent and someone else, probably Russian, evacuated the Romanovs out of Ipatiev house through a water cistern underground which led to a British consuate in Ekaterinburg, and from there supposedly they were whisked off to many other countries, including Hong Kong...

No one knows who wrote it, and it appeared in big-name libraries like the Library of Congress and Yale in 1920 and there was no promotion of the book whatsoever. Hearing all this, I thought it was intriguing, but then I read some of it in Richards' "The Hunt for the Czar" and I thought, what a bunch of crap!

:-/ "Rescuing the Czar" reads like an Ian Fleming novel, at best! Our "rescuer", a Mr. Fox, is a guard in the Ipatiev house who stages a rescue attempt after he knocks one of the guards unconcious and leads the family out of the house and into a tunnel underground (conveniently, no mention of any of the guards on the roof or sentries noticing this--hard to beleive) and they crawl for long hours in a dirt tunnel. He describes how Alexei bleeds and Alix bandages his wound, and he flirts with Maria...all of it is written in an almost humorous way, like he is poking fun at the Bolsheviks and having a daily jaunt. No serious undertones at all.

I can't beleive anyone would take this book seriously, or even CONSIDER it, as McNeal did, as grounds to claim an escape.

It is impossibe to obtain in entirety, unless you want one of the 1200 copies ever published- and are prepared to pay a price... for example, online at this bookstore:

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