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Nicholas firstly, wasn´t prepared in any way whatsoever to take on the role of Emperor, considering  his father was such as great man, he didnt exactly prèpare his son for the mighty task ahead.

And Nicholas was a victim of a rapidly changing era, I believe any man placed in Nicholas´s place would have had a tough time. Russia being such a vast country, he was far removed from the poverty of his people.

Also he was a gentle, family man, the great remembered rulers that come to mind were ruthless and deliberate.

So I conclude, he was a victim of circumstance, although I do hold him responsible for some very stupid mistakes, perhaps if he had been better prepared as a politian, he could have evolved with Russia.

Hi Rachael,

This was a spaniel called Jimmy, and as far as I remember it didnt belong to either Grand Duchess´s, they looked after it when arriving at Ipatiev House, didnt it belong to Gilliard????

I havent got any reference books with me to check.

After reading so much from beginning to end, of this much discussed tragic story, I often wonder if Nicholas and Alexandra themselves discussed, during years in captivity, their role in their own downfall and the end of Tsarism. As prisoners they had much time on their hands, to reflect and realise their mistakes .
And the children, especially the two older girls, who were actually educated young women at this time, would they not have questioned their parents about their imprisonment and the foreboding implications of it.

Just a thought!! Im just as fascinated as everybody else!!

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