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Alixz - thanks for your post.   That wasn't a link.   It is their internet address.   Just type it in to the address bar and you'll be home and dry.


Excellent - thanks, Robert.   From this point of view, the bridge in question would be on the right.


Welcome New Users! Read 1st please. / Re: Why was my post deleted?
« on: February 27, 2008, 11:31:33 AM »
Ella - we ALL know it wasn't you.

I can understand why people might be proprietorial about their posts, but no man/woman is an island, and these matters must be viewed globally.

How about getting off Rob's back?   He's had a rough time over the last two days - please don't make it a third.   He acted entirely appropriately in getting rid of the offending thread.   As for the other one - its gone for whatever reason.    No point crying over spilt milk.   The important fact to log is that neither Bob nor Rob chose to take this action - what interest would they have in despoiling their own Forum?   Just take the lesson and learn.


Welcome New Users! Read 1st please. / Re: Why was my post deleted?
« on: February 27, 2008, 11:03:22 AM »
I can vouch for the fact that neither Bob nor Rob had the slightest intention of deleting 'An Author's Obligation' thread.   The three of us had a long conversation last evening about how best to progress with that particular thread and it was Rob who said... 'The book is out there along with all the rest, it should be discussed and judged in the same way.'   The ONE caveat was, that entering into derogatory discussions about people directly involved with this publication, will not be allowed 'Full Stop'.

Bob and Rob have every right to do whatever they like with THEIR Forum.   It has not grown to this size and reputation on the basis of members' threads being unilaterally and inexplicably deleted.   They have been nothing but generous, creative, and hardworking hosts who have devoted years of their time and considerable sums of money to bring this amazing facility into all our living rooms.   So please stop making a mountain about something you know nothing about and, furthermore, is none of your business.

We all know why one thread was deleted.   My posts were deleted there and one of my posts has already been deleted on this thread.   I trust it was Bob or Rob who deleted it, and I am perfectly at peace to see it gone... with that proviso.

What would help would be if Rob could explain as much as he knows about the 'Authors' Obligation' thread.   Moderators do not have the facility to remove posts - only on the threads which they moderate.   I know nothing about computers.   Therefore, it could have been a technical glitch.   If this is NOT the case, Bob and Rob will know who was responsible - either by accident or design.   

One certainly is NOT either of them.   Unless Rob does have an answer, posters will have to reach their own conclusions.


PS:  I have just read FA's last post.   No wonder he is angry.   Anybody who has been around this Forum for the number of years which many of us have been, know that this accusation (at this point I am not aware of who made it) is competely out of order and that Rob, of all people, has every right to be ANGRY.

Whoever wrote that............ an apology is essential -public or private and if not, kindly review your position.

I've met him as well as interviewed him for a British national newspaper.

He managed to convince some members of the Russian Orthodox clergy of the claim - that is how I was introduced to him.   I haven't heard anything of either him or his sister, Irina. for some time.


The Windsors / Re: Diana Enquiry
« on: February 27, 2008, 08:22:03 AM »
joan_d... you should read the piece.   I know it certainly made me regard this long drawn out investigation in a new light.

Conspiracy theorists believed France was the country of choice for the 'assassins' exactly for the reasons delineated in the feature to which I refer.


What I think this book will do, Keith (are you in Scotland - you bear a proud Scottish name?), is slot these various family members and their interaction together.   Thora features strongly since Emily appears to have travelled widely with her.

This is not the appropriate place to relate Emily's impressions of Pavlovsk, but to give a little flavour of the quality of the writing, I will give you a flavour of the interpretation of  Emily's account of her journey from Pavlovsk back to her temporary 'home' at the Alexander Palace -

'With the day drawing in and darkness falling, the two ladies were driven back to the Alexander Palace through the edge of the forest of Pavlovsk.   Workmen were trudging homeward in the dusk.   They passed the barracks as they reached Tsarskoe Selo.   Soldiers going about their evening duties were silhouetted in the lamp-lit rooms and there was the sound of hooves on cobbles and the steamy smell of the horses being bedded down for the night.   In the darkness the warm glow from the villas and houses lined their way before they reached the comfort of 'our Palace.'

I really must stop 'dipping' and settle down to absorb the book in its entirety.


PS:  For those interested, copies can be ordered via the internet at -


or from -

Brough House,
Milton Brodie,
KINLOSS             (Ella - Bob will have heard of RAF Kinloss - these is where we were 'stationed')
IV36 2UA

Tel/Fax: + ( 0) 1343-850-178

The Windsors / Re: Diana Enquiry
« on: February 27, 2008, 05:02:03 AM »
I wish I had kept an article which I read in the Times of Friday last - 22 February - you might be able to access it.   The staff reporter who has covered the story since the day of the fatal crash in Paris, doesn't blame Mohamed Fayed for the travesty into which the tragedy has collapsed.   He blames the French authorities.   He blames their tardiness.   He blames their reluctance to be more forthcoming with the facts early in their investigation, thus allowing conspiracy theories to develop and proliferate, thus giving Fayed the possibility of coming up with his bizarre theories.


There is absolutely no evidence of Alexandra's balcony.   What once was the cultivated garden beneath the balcony is rough terrain, contained behind fences and not accessible.   Paths, which local residents use as shortcuts, will take you to the 'Garden' side of the palace, i.e. to the Semi-Circular Hall.   The balcony, ballustrade and steps are still there.   You can see them, from behind a tall barbed wire fence, but cannot access them.   Every oak tree you see was there when the last Imperial Family was in residence.   You will see some very old oak trees whose branches are supported by metal struts.   They would have been well developed during the reign of the last Emperor.   I think you will also be able to find the oak tree you might recall seeing in the photograph of Anastasia smoking.   This is situated beside the path which runs alongside the Children's Pond.   Because of the soil and the latitude, oaks grow very, very slowly.   I am always acutely aware that the oak trees I see in the park were in those precise spots when the family walked and played in the park.   Inevitably a number will have died or been destroyed during the nazi invasion/retreat.   

If you stand with your back to the Semicircular Hall and look down the alley to the twin bridges, the bridge on the left side is where the photographs were taken.   This was the eastern - and northern - boundary beyond which the family were not allowed to walk during their period of house arrest.

I hope you manage to go to Pushkin in the summer.   I'm sure you will enjoy every second.


After two rather fraught days on the Forum, I did some late night shopping in Borders bookshop - best form of relaxation - and getting rid of money - I know.

The book is a private publication and quite extraordinarily the lady who has authored the book lives right beside where I used to live.

The title is -

                                                                                The Memoirs of

                                                                                 EMILY LOCH

                                                                             Discretion in Waiting

A synopsis -

'Emily Loch knew Alix, Princess of Hesse-Darmstadt, the last Tsasrina of Russia, from her early years.   Emily was associated with the family of Helena, Princess Christian, Queen Victoria's fifth child and was lady-in-waiting to Princess Christian from 1883 until the Princess' death in 1923.

'During these years Emily kept a diary recording daily events, both important and trivial, which together build up a picture of life in and around the courts of England and Germany during the end of the Victorian era.

'Emily Loch's friendship with the future Tsarina grew through visits to the Hesse family in Germany and when they visited their grandmother, Queen Victoria in England and Scotland.   During the winter months of 1897 - 1898 Emily accompanied Princess Helena (Thora), Princess Christian's eldest daughter on a visit to Tsar Nicholas and the Tsarina in Russia.   Her friendship with the Imperial Family is reflected in the many leters, cards and gifts which they exchanged until early 1917.

'The author, wife of Emily's great, great nephew, has masterfully edited her diaries to give us a unique insight into the close family relationship and life at court during this important period of our history.'

I've had a brief look inside.   In the inserted pages of photographs their are illustrations, cards and text written and sent by the Empress which I have never seen  before.   I cannot wait to begin, but after these two rather dark days, wished, first of all to pass on a little glimpse of what promises to be something rather special.


Books about the Romanovs and Imperial Russia / Re: Duplicate Books
« on: February 25, 2008, 09:01:32 AM »
Rob, the problem is that members of this Forum who, in good faith, subscribed to Mr Beeche's 'publishing house', shelled out over $500 each in January 2007 - i.e. over a year ago, are failing to get any response from Mr Beeche.   If truth be told, they fear confrontation and reading these posts and the ones on the other thread, one can fully understand why.   HelenA is fearless and loyal and I LOATHE injustice (as well you know) - so what's our alternative?   

As a result, in extremis, they have been left with no alternative but to bring the subject into the public domain - the Alexander Palace Discussion Forum - in the hope of being reimbursed by their debtor.

Don't get me wrong, Rob, I feel terribly, terribly sorry for you and for Bob having to cope with this extremely unpleasant issue... and issue  which has been thrust upon you and which is of no fault of either your's or Bob's.  In fact I KNOW how upset both of you will be and I want everyone else who comes here to know that too.   

Both of you are victims of injustice - just like the people who too have trusted and are paying a high price.



Alexandra Feodorovna / Re: Alexandra's Personal World
« on: February 25, 2008, 08:46:06 AM »
Were books the only items you had the opportunity to work with?

Yes. I would liked very much to have worked with photographs and/or letters, but that was another department  ;).

That 'department' is run by Anatoly Kuchumov's granddaughter - Victoria.


The Alexander Palace / Re: Alexander Palace Restoration
« on: February 25, 2008, 08:41:54 AM »
Nikolai is the smaller, dark haired gentleman - camera right in Vladimir's photographs.   He was first deputy director of Tsarskoe Selo Museums at the time.   Unfortunately when the Family Wing was officially opened, Ivan Petrovich Sautov, Director of Tsarskoe Selo Museums was recovering from a heart attack and therefore was unable to be present.

A few years ago Mr Nagorsky left TSM to become Director of the historic churches of St Petersburg - St Isaacs, Kazan, Saviour of the Spilled Blood, St Nicholas, and etc.   About a month ago, Mr Nagorsky died very suddenly.   He was 62 years old.


Tsarskoe Selo Palaces / Re: St. Petersburg imperial country residences news
« on: February 24, 2008, 01:44:07 PM »
Vladimir - thank you for thinking of us.   You're making me 'homesick'.

The last photograph is remarkable.   It looks almost like a black and white photograph with the coral branches of Cameron's Chinese Bridge displayed to great advantage.   

Is that the Squeaking Pavilion I see in the background?   Has it been restored?


The Alexander Palace / Re: Alexander Palace Restoration
« on: February 24, 2008, 01:32:16 PM »

I have no idea what I have done with my photographs - one day I'll find them.   Yes, we approached by Danini's gates, so we must have been somewhere behind the dignitaries, but out of shot in your photographs.

Its sad to see poor Nikolai Nagorsky.


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