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Alexandra Feodorovna / Re: Alexandra and her Health
« on: May 29, 2005, 08:11:14 PM »
What an interesting thread! I apologize if this has come up before -- I've been skimming the last few pages in my eagerness to post  ;)

I've wondered seriously about Alix and panic disorder since I was diagnosed with it myself a year or more ago. But with all her other physical ailments, I also wonder how fuzzy the line between her physical and mental troubles might be?

While many folks get hit with panic attacks out of the blue, my experience has been in response to specific trigger situations, sometimes ridiculously specific situations (ie: I'd ride shotgun anywhere with my parents, grandparents, and two particular friends, but the idea of getting into a car with anyone else would put me over the edge). From what I recall of Alix's panic-like symptoms, they occurred when she was under the gaze of high society, but not so much so in the presence of the public or her family. The more reclusive the family became, the less evidence I recall noticing of anxiety attack symptoms. Could her anxiety have been situational, like mine? I hesitate to blame the symptoms on shyness, considering how willing & eager she was to interact with the general public during her charity bazaars in the Crimea, innumerable hospital visits during the war, and the public appearances during the tercentenary celebrations. Even the Coronation, which would have made me an absolute wreck, seems to have been a pleasurable experience for her.

That said, the trouble she had with her heart in later years makes me also wonder about the possibility of a more generalized anxiety disorder as her worries over the war and Alexei's health took their toll. Has anybody run across a descriptions of what Alix experienced physically on a day when she rather vaguely described her heart as feeling "enlarged"? (Which creates in my mind a semi-comical vision of her heart expanding and deflating like a little red souffle...) Heart attack-style symptoms are, after all, a manifestation of panic in some people. I think it's possible that once the social triggers for panic attacks faded out of her life, the anxiousness may have eeked its way out of her in a more constant, low-key manner.

But criminy, when we add all the other straightforward stuff she dealt with -- sciatica, migraine headaches, the physical toll of 5 pregnancies -- it's tough to know just where those borders might lie.

Any thoughts?

Oh, and a ridiculous sidenote:
You know what I do to distract myself when my anxiety threatens to get completely out of hand? I recite the script of Rasputin (the Alan Rickman version) in my head!  ::)

Books about the Romanovs and Imperial Russia / Who's read what?
« on: May 29, 2005, 07:01:56 PM »
Since I'm kinda new around here, and generally impressed with how much you guys know about the Imperial Family, I'm wondering who's read which books on the Romanovs. I'd like to compare notes, so-to-speak, and find out what to read next. (Maybe I can also figure out where you've found those photos I've never seen and the anecdotes I've never heard!) Here's my list:

Anastasia's Album
Anastasia: the Last Grand Duchess, by Meyer (Royal Diaries)
Anastasia: the Riddle of Anna Anderson, by Kurth
Angel on the Square, by Whelan
At the Court of the Last Tsar, by Mossolov
At Home with the Last Tsar (the exhibition catalog)
Camera & the Tsars, by Zeepvat
Fall of the Romanovs, by Steinberg & Khrustalev
Fate of the Romanovs by King & Wilson
House of Special Purpose, by Trewin
Kitchen Boy, by Alexander
Last Days at Tsarskoe Selo, by Beckendorff
Last Days of the Romanovs, by Wilton
Last Days of Tsardom, by Bykov
Last Diary of Tsaritsa Alexandra
Last Empress, by King
Last Grand Duchess, by Vorres
Last Tsar, by Radzinsky
Last Tsar, by Yermilova
Left Behind, by Buxhoeveden
Life & Tragedy of Alexandra Feodorovna, by Buxhoeveden
A Lifelong Passion
Lost Tales: Stories for the Tsar's Children, by Botkin
Memories of Alexei Volkov, by Volkov
Memories of the Russian Court, by Vyrubova
Nicholas & Alexandra, by Massie
Nicholas & Alexandra: the family albums, by Prince Michael of Greece
Nicholas II, by Lyons
Nicholas II: Twilight of the Empire, by Lieven
Once a Grand Duke, by Alexander Mikhailovich
Once a Grand Duchess by Van der Kiste
Private World of the Last Tsar, by Grabbe
Rasputin: a life, by Furhmann
Rasputin: the Man Behind the Myth, by Barham & Rasputin
Rasputin: the Saint who Sinned, by Moynahan
Rasputin's Daughter, by Alexander
Real Romanovs, by Botkin
Real Tsaritsa, by Dehn
Romanov Autumn, by Zeepvat
Romanov Family Albums, by Massie & Swezey
Romanovs: the Final Chapter, by Massie
Romanovs: Love, Power & Tragedy
Royal Russia, from the James Blair Lovell Archive
Six Years at the Russian Court, by Eagar
Thirteen Years at the Russian Court, by Gilliard
Tsar: The Lost World of Nicholas & Alexandra, by Kurth

Bits & Pieces:
Complete Wartime Correspondence of Tsar Nicholas II and the Empress Alexandra
Jewel Album of Nicholas II, by Solodkoff
Lost Splendor, by Yussupov
Nicholas & Alexandra: the Last Imperial Family of Tsarist Russia (from the exhibition)
Nicholas II: As I Knew Him, by Hanbury-Williams
Pered Rasstrelom, by Nepenin (in Russian)
Quest for Anastasia, by Klier
Rasputin File, by Radzinsky
Rasputin: Satyr, Saint or Satan, by Myles
Tsesarevich (in Russian)
Vospominaniya o Tsarskoi Sem'e, by Botkina (in Russian)

I agree, this is an excellent book. For those of you still contemplating picking up a copy, here's something I don't think anyone else has mentioned:

A great many of the photos are formal portraits, so even if you're hog-wild about the Romanov family albums, you're likely to find something new here.

I got a copy for about $25, which I think is well worth it, however,  also I've seen copies for upwards of $165, which to my mind is NOT worth it at all!

I particularly appreciated the photos of the Standart's interior, and the fun shot of the Imperial family in their raincoats on deck. Also, the excerpts from Vyrubova's Memories of the Russian Court are plentiful enough that I don't feel a need to track down a copy of her book for my collection.

It all depends on what sort of person you are -- are you happy accessing the photos on the Yale online archive and reading Vyrubova's book online as well? (Incidentally, the online sources I mentioned will actually give you more info & more photos!) If you've just got to hold the book in your hands, then dish out the dough -- it's worth $40-50, on my budget anyway  ;)

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